ATD1 Backpack Review


One of the most frustrating aspects for the outdoor activity lover or enthusiastic traveler is that you end up having to get a different bag for each type of adventure that you have. The ATD1 backpack aims to solve that by having a versatile bag that is perfect for a wide variety of situations.

It’s a bag that achieves that aim remarkably well, as it ticks all the boxes of what makes a great backpack. It’s highly durable while still being able to excel at being comfortable and spacious with a high level of usability.

It has many features that you expect to see on several different types of backpacks and brings them all together in one solution but does so without the backpack feeling like it is trying to do too much. It’s that high level of adaptability that helps to make it such an attractive product as it will cover many activities and last you for many years.



This is a backpack that has a wide range of great features to allow you to have the convenience of something like a day pack but with the adaptability of a tactical MOLLE backpack. It also has those features in a backpack that has a high amount of style but without being too showy or pretentious. Here we will look at some of the greatest features which help to make this backpack stand out.

  • Roll-top for high weather protection
  • Highly secure for traveling
  • Numerous handles for easy carry
  • Internal stretch pockets
  • MOLLE attachment loops
  • Compression straps for a close fit
  • Water-resistant
  • Comfortable padded foam



Size: 50-70 x 30 x 26cm

Weight: 3.3 pounds

Capacity: 20-55 liters

Fabric: 500 deniers PU coated Cordura

Support: 10mm closed cell Evazote foam

Closure: Roll top

User Experience

The fit: This is a backpack that is going to be able to give you a large amount of comfort whilst being easy to wear and still holding a lot of gear. Even when fully stocked the backpack isn’t going to feel too heavy due to the way it is designed and also the level of padding.

It has a high level of adjustability in both the shoulder straps and also the compression straps too. That will help keep the bag tight to your body without being too restrictive, allowing you to easily move without the backpack moving around.

The thick PU coated Cordura material will ensure that the bag remains highly durable but it is also coated with DWR which will be able to give it a good level of water resistance. That allows the backpack to excel in several different environments.

This is a backpack that you are going to be able to wear all day without feeling uncomfortable. The 10mm padded foam will be able to give you a good level of cushioning, not only in the shoulder straps but also in the back of the backpack too.

If you are going on a specific adventure, then it’s great to look into the likes of hiking backpacks and roll-top backpacks to see what they can offer. Having a specific backpack for your trip will ensure that you can get the most out of your adventure.

Usability: In terms of its overall quality, this backpack excels in usability as it can be used for a vast number of different activities due to its large number of different features that it has. Part of that usability comes from its high level of water resistance.

It is also a very secure backpack which makes it a great travel backpack. Not only will the roll-top closure keep your contents secure but there is no access to the main compartment on any front or side panels, to give you confidence when you are in large crowds.

The backpack is very well designed with its internal capacity as it maximizes the amount of space that it has. That allows you to easily pack out the bag and take everything that you need. There is plenty of stretch in the backpack too, which will allow you to make the best use of the bag.

This is a backpack that would work as easily on a hiking trip as it would for a surfing adventure. Aspects like the MOLLE loops, which are also available on most tactical backpacks, will allow you to attach accessories and the internal stretch pockets would be able to fit a hydration bladder for long trips.


  • High level of water resistance
  • Shoulder and back padding
  • A large amount of capacity
  • High-quality materials
  • Various pocket options
  • Expandable space


  • Minimal outside pockets
  • Lack of color options

Overall Rating

This is a product that can tick off a lot of boxes. It seemingly aims to appeal to a large number of activities but does a great job at covering many bases. Here we look at its overall ratings in four different categories.

  • Price: 90% – This isn’t going to be the cheapest backpack you could buy, nor should it be. It is made from great materials and offers a great fit and a high amount of usability. Overall, it is very fairly priced for the quality on offer.
  • Material: 90% – The PU coated Condura can give the backpack a high amount of durability and abrasion resistance. It also has a DWR coating to give it water resistance and will also make it very easy to clean. The nylon lining is also durable and should make your bag last for years.
  • Design: 100% – The design on this bag is very impressive as it excels in versatility and usability as well as comfort. It can be used for a variety of different tasks, everything is in easy reach and it will comfortably fit on your back for a whole day.
  •  Overall: 95% – The ADT1 backpack isn’t going to cover all of the bases in terms of a specific use but it does a very good job at being a great all-around bag. If you’re the type that loves doing a range of different activities then this would be the ideal bag for the outdoor adventurer.

Globo Surf Overview

Some people need backpacks for specific reasons and therefore will look for a product that caters to their specific needs. Others will look for a bag that is more general in use and able to work brilliantly for a wider range of different activities for them to just have one bag instead of multiple different ones.

This is defiantly a backpack that falls into the latter category as it is going to be ideal for many different uses and even works perfectly for every day carry. It’s a product that you will certainly get value for money for after many years of use.

It is going to be able to last for a long time due to the high level of durability that it has which comes not only from the high-quality materials that have been used but also from the general build quality of the backpack. That build quality links in with its overall design as everything is accessible and very easy to use.

Overall, the ATD1 Backpack has an impressive range of different qualities. Whereas some backpacks specialize in areas such as weight, durability, or space, this backpack can excel in all of the key areas to leave you with a product that would be perfect for all users.

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