Nicaragua’s Telica Volcano Hike Beginner’s Guide


The purpose of hiking is to take us somewhere unusual and let us experience something unique and different enough to help us create memories we’ll never forget. One of those unforgettable locations is the Nicaragua-based volcano named Telica. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know for your Telica volcano hike, so you can be ready for this specific trail, while it can also be useful for overall hiking in Nicaragua.

Telica Volcano Information

Telica volcano is located in Nicaragua’s Leon department. It has 3,481 feet elevation with a double crater at the top, 2296 feet wide, and 394 feet deep. It is one of the most active volcanoes in South America which makes hiking in Nicaragua even more exciting. The most recent small-scaled eruption happened on June 21, 2018, but there were no injuries or casualties. Before that, Telica was active from May 7th, 2015 to September 23rd, 2015, with a series of 64 explosions, while the last violent eruption happened in 1948.

Telica volcano falls under the stratovolcano category.

What Makes Telica Volcano Hike So Special?

Telica volcano has many things that make it a really attractive location, but two of them will bring the hike to a completely different level and make this trip one-of-a-kind:

  • Telica sunsets are one of the most romantic views you could see. If you’re lucky enough to hike the trail on a sunny day, then when you reach the top and the sun starts to set you’ll be able to witness something extraordinary, so get your camera ready.
  • Fresh magma is the second and probably the most thrilling thing about this hike, and it is without a doubt a special treat. Again, you’ll need a bit of luck because the combination of humidity, ash, and smoke can hide the magma. You can contact local authorities and ask whether you can expect to see the magma or not.

Is Telica Volcano Safe?

Although it is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Telica is regarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations and it is considered being a true gem of hiking in Nicaragua. This means you’ll get the chance to hike up an active volcano at the minimum risk.

That being said, there is a slim, but existing chance that something will go south. To stay safe as much as possible in all the circumstances here is what you should do:

  • Gather all the latest information about any unusual activities on the volcano from the local authorities and hiking societies.
  • Once you reach the destination, follow every rule and limitation provided by the authorities without questioning them. This will not only help you avoid any possible punishments or conflicts, but it will also help you stay safe. Also, learn about proper hiking etiquette.
  • If something does happen while you’re on the trail, follow the instructions provided by tour guides. They know the area better than you.
  • Don’t start your hike without a first aid kit and a survival kit.

How Long Is The Telica Volcano Hike?

Many local agencies offer organized two-day hikes up to the craters and back. The average time needed to get to the top is about 5 hours, with a similar time needed to get back to the bottom. It is not too challenging, but it does require a bit of preparation and strength, so you should start your strength-building workouts at least one month before your trip.

Possible Telica Volcano Hike Problems


There are a few possible issues you’ll run into as you move uphill:

  • The temperatures can be quite high during the dry season that goes from December to August and it can be unbearably hot, so it is good to have your lightweight gear with you.
  • If you find yourself hiking during the wet season, from September to November, it won’t be too hot, but there is a great chance you’ll get soaking wet thanks to heavy rains.
  • There are no many water sources, so you’ll have to make sure you’ve spread the water so you don’t end up with a dry bottle before you get back to the base camp.
  • The trails have not been marked the way they should be which could lead to a bit of confusion, which is why you should have a local guide with you to avoid going on some other trail and getting lost along the way.

Telica Volcano Hike Beginner Tips

Hiking up the Telica volcano can be complicated, but equally fun. Here are some tips that will help you minimize the stress and maximize the fun:

  • Purchase a local map. It will not only be quite helpful, but you’ll also get one of the best souvenirs from your trip.
  • Calculate your time properly. If you go on your own, make sure you have a few hours to spare, just in case you get lost and you have to go back, or if you have to find someone to help you with the directions.
  • The official language in Nicaragua is Spanish, and being a rural area, many locals speak only Spanish, so it is recommended to learn some of the basic expressions or to have someone that speaks Spanish with you.
  • Gather all the available information before you go. Pay special attention to the weather.
  • Bring as much water as possible with you.
  • Make sure your tent and other equipment are ultralight.
  • The night hike is another spectacular option to consider, especially because lava will be even more visible than during the day.
  • If you’re into trekking, the Telica volcano is a great place for this activity, also.
  • Check out our hiking checklist.

Telica Volcano Wildlife

As you hike up, you’d probably run into many different bird species, bats, cows, but the special treat for any animal lover will be wild horses. You can also ask around the area if some hiking expeditions will help you observe local flora and fauna along the way.

Globo Surf Overview

Telica volcano hike is one of the best hiking adventures you could imagine and one of the best places for hiking in Nicaragua. It is thrilling, fun and it offers many interesting and fun stuff to do and to learn as you go up to the crater where you’ll be able to see lava and enjoy the magical sunset. What more can you ask for in a hike?

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