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Learning tactical flashlight self-defense should be one of the absolute top priorities for everyone who wants to start camping, hiking, fishing, or performing any similar activity. Remember, hiking trails, campsites, and fishing spots may take you in many different directions and you may eventually find yourself in a situation when you have to act to defend yourself. In this article, we’ll show you some of the basic self-defense flashlight tips and tricks, so you don’t feel helpless when you find yourself in a threatening situation.

What Is And Why Should You Always Carry A Tactical Flashlight?

Tactical flashlights are made for tactical use, which means they are way more durable compared to regular flashlights while being smaller and providing much stronger light. These are exactly the reasons you should always have it within a hand reach, especially if you’re at a campsite, or still hiking with low to almost none light available. 

A tactical flashlight is small enough so it doesn’t bother you in your pocket or your backpack, and it provides enough light so you expose anything within 20 or more meters, depending on its range. And last but not least, a tactical flashlight is, thanks to its hardness and durability, can serve as an excellent self-defense tool that is allowed everywhere, so knowledge in tactical flashlight self-defense can be used anywhere.

How To Use Tactical Flashlight In Self Defense

A tactical flashlight has several different functions that can be used for self-defense. If you’re curious about how to use a flashlight in normal situations, read about it in our guide.

1. Identifying Threat

The main purpose of the flashlight is to provide us with enough light to see what’s going on around us. This way, identifying any threat in an environment with low to nonvisibility will become easier, and simple identification can be enough to scare the potential attacker away, back into darkness.

2. Causing A Disorientation

Another self-defense flashlight use is to cause disorientation. You’ve probably felt unease and discomfort during night-time driving when the vehicle that is coming from the opposite direction has its long lights on, and it took a few moments before you managed to regain normal sight. That is a normal reaction of a human eye to a sudden change of light, which also means you could take it to your advantage when in danger. Turn your flashlight towards the face of the attacker and you’ll cause them to either cover their eyes instinctively, or you’ll cause disorientation for a few moments, that is more than enough time so you can either run away or react in defense.

3. Tactical Flashlight As A Weapon

If any of the first two ways don’t work, or you’ve managed to disorientate the attacker but you can’t run away from the spot, you can use a tactical flashlight as an improvised weapon. This means that you could use the flashlight to hit the attacker with it. Thanks to its hardness and durability, it can be quite effective in these situations.

Steps On How To Use A Tactical Flashlight In Danger

Here are some of the best tactical flashlight self-defense tips. Although it may sound simple, you should avoid keeping your flashlight on all the time. The best way to use the tactical flashlight is this way:

  1. Turn the light on by pressing the switch to the on position.
  2. Scan the room, look for possible threats. If you spot one, point the light as quickly as possible to their eyes and either flee or attack.
  3. If there are no threats, turn the light off by turning the switch to off position.
  4. Move to the next point.
  5. Repeat the sequence.

Keeping the light on all the time will give your enemy the time to see you and adapt, and you’ll also become easy to spot, so the fleshlight will become your weakness instead of your strength. With the sequence described above, it will be harder to locate you and you’ll have more space to improvise.

How To Find The Best Self-Defense Tactical Flashlight?

Finding the right tactical flashlight may not be as easy as it sounds because there are so many options, so here are some tips and pieces of advice that will help you find and buy the tactical flashlight that suits you the best:

  • The smaller the self-defense flashlight, the better. Ideally, a tactical flashlight will fit into your pocket so you can carry it with you all the time. 
  • The strength of light should be at least 120 lumens.
  • Easy to use. Some tactical flashlights have many additional features, but the best option is the flashlight with the simple on/off switch and nothing more. The key is to find the one that will allow you to activate it and turn it off as easily as possible, without having to worry about missing a button or a position of the switch. You can learn how does the flashlight work here.
  • Make sure it is waterproof. Remember, hiking, camping, fishing any outdoor activity will eventually lead to you getting wet thanks to the rain, so making sure the flashlight is waterproof will prevent it from breaking down due to water effects, so care and maintenance will be much easier.
  • Go with the toughest but lightest metal. It should be endurable to withstand all the stress you’ll put it through, while it stays as light as possible, so it doesn’t bother you to have it with you. 
  • It should be easy to hold so you don’t drop it.
  • If you have an option to go with an LED instead of an incandescent flashlight, do it. Lightbulbs tend to break easily, so to avoid this from happening, turn to LED as it is not only more endurable but LED flashlights also last longer and you won’t have to change anything as frequently as you’d with an incandescent one. 

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During camping, hiking, or any activity that includes going through unknown terrain and meeting wildlife or other people, it is possible to find yourself in a situation where you’d need something you could use as a defense weapon. A tactical flashlight can serve that purpose extremely well. In this article, we’ve shown you some self-defense flashlight tips and tricks, so if you find yourself in a situation where you feel threatened, tactical flashlight self-defense may be the one thing that will help you stay unharmed and safe.

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