How To Lose Weight With Swimming


If you’ve decided it is time to start working out to lose some weight, you’re at the right place. This article will cover the topic of swimming weight loss and show you some of the basic and easiest swimming to lose weight workouts you could find.

Remember – swimming activates all of your muscles and makes you work hard so you can move through the water. The swimming workouts can be really refreshing and they are without a doubt amazingly effective, but if you’re a beginner at swimming, it is recommended visiting a doctor and talking to a professional before you start your training because it can be really challenging- If you’ve got a green light – let’s go!

How Safe Swimming Is?

When we talk about swimming safety, it is important to learn that swimming, unlike most of the other workouts, is being done in a joint stress-free environment, which significantly lowers the possibility of injury if you’re overweight.

There may be some problems with soreness you could remove with the help of foam rollers, and it can be a bit problematic for your shoulders, so it is good to learn how to prevent swimming shoulder injuries, but for all the other aspects – from your heart, lungs to your skin and muscles, swimming is an amazing activity that will help you get back into the shape.

But! If you’re a beginner, or even if you have some experience, it is a good idea to listen to your body and not to force it if you start to feel you have to slow down. It is always better to take a break and continue later when your muscles are ready for a workout, rather than to risk it and end up being injured because you didn’t allow your muscles to regenerate and rest enough. Go step by step and you’ll get where you want to be.

Best Place For Swimming Beginner – Where To Go?

Although the basic logic says that you could swim wherever you find the body of water deep enough to move through it, some places are more suited for beginners than others.  You could do it indoors, outdoors, at the private or public swimming pools, local lakes, sea, but the best choice for beginners is by far the pool. Most public pools offer swimming classes both for the kids and the adults, so if you’ll be able to practice different strokes and master them.

The other plus aspect of the pool is the fact that you’ll always have a swimming instructor and a lifeguard nearby, so in case something goes wrong or you have any questions, they will be there to help you or assist you.

Why You Should Take Swimming Lessons?

When done properly, swimming weight loss workouts are the best option. This is why it is good to take a few swimming lessons in case it’s been some time since you’ve been swimming last time or to do the whole course if you’re a beginner.

During the swimming course, you’ll be learning how to properly do all the swimming strokes. With exercises and workouts for each stroke individually you’ll be able to find the best one for you. For instance, when you start your practice you probably won’t be able to do a perfect butterfly, but pulling a breaststroke shouldn’t be a problem.

Also, by practicing all the strokes and mastering them, you’ll get your body in shape along the way, so once you start a more serious workout it will be basically just to take a step forward and to upgrade what you’ve done so far.

Pool Rules

Before you start your workout, make sure you’ve learned all the rules and the etiquette the pool you’re about to start visiting regularly has. It is recommended to follow them so you avoid any confusion or possible problems. Some will ask you to shower before you enter the pool so the water remains clean.

Sometimes there will be rules regarding swimming lanes. Simplified, this means there are most often 8, sometimes even 10 lanes and every one has its own pace, so there could be lanes for fast swimmers, lanes for moderate, and lanes for slow swimmers. For the beginning, it is recommended to stick to the slow one.

When there are other swimmers in your lane and you have to share it, make sure you get into the one where you can follow the pace. Most often, in these situations, the rule is to swim on your right side of the lane, so the others could pass without collision. Think of it as a highway – if you go right, you won’t make a mistake.

Swimming Gear – What You Need

It may sound funny and irrelevant if you think about swimming as an activity where you simply swim from one side of the pool to the other, but proper swimming equipment could easily make a difference between enjoying that workout and cursing the minute you’ve decided to start working out because something doesn’t feel right. Keeping things comfortable will make your workouts more enjoyable and help you achieve your goal way faster. So, here is the list of all the swimming essentials you’ll need for your swimming workouts:

  • Swimsuit or wetsuit. Choosing the right one will make your strokes easier and more efficient while keeping your body temperature stable. Besides that, it can seriously affect your comfort level to the degree that your swimming workout could go from being completely comfortable to fully unmanageable. Try the different swimsuit types on and find the one that serves you the best, so you could concentrate fully on your swimming tasks, without having to lose time, energy, and focus on thinking about comfort.
  • Swim cap, so your hair stays protected from the chlorine and the other chemicals, and to ease up your swimming by streamlining your body in the water.
  • Swim goggles serve to help you see under the water so you don’t hit someone, and they also help you properly orienteer while your head is in the water. Make sure they don’t fog up, and they also should fit your head well.
  • Kickboard (if not supplied) is a great tool to help you practice your kicks. Many pools will have them available, but if yours doesn’t, don’t worry. They are cheap and you could purchase the one online or at the local pool gear store, and it is recommended to have them with you because they can be quite handy and useful.
  • Pull buoy serves as a buoyancy device that will keep your legs afloat so you can work on your upper body technique. Same as a kickboard, most pools have them but you could also get your own.
  • Swim fins are not recommended for beginners, but you could try them on because they provide more water resistance and this way force your muscles to work harder and help develop stronger muscles. Although overusing them could lead to injury, so be careful.
  • Paddles are used to readjust and improve stoke mechanics, but same as with swim fins, they are not recommended for beginners.
  • Earplugs can be useful if you tend to develop a swimmer’s ear. They will prevent the water from reaching the inside of your ear and prevent any pain.
  • Water bottle, because you’ll be sweating a lot and you’ll need to constantly hydrate to keep your organism running properly.



Now the main part of this article – swimming workouts that will help you lose weight. Remember – don’t overdo and force your body if you feel you can’t keep up with the pace. Don’t be afraid to slow down and take a break – successful rest is as important as the workout itself; because it helps your muscles regenerate for the next practice.

These workouts are great for beginners, they are quite simple and it shouldn’t be any problem to complete them.

Workout 1

  • Start with swimming one full lap using your chosen stroke – this means to the other end of the pool and back.
  • Repeat the lap, but this time while using the kickboard to improve your kick.
  • Repeat the lap, but this time while using the pull buoy between your legs to improve your stroke.
  • Repeat this for 20 minutes.
  • Finish with one slow and relaxing lap of the crawl.
  • Hit the shower.

Workout 2

  • Start your session with one easy crawl lap.
  • Swim your preferred stroke for 5 minutes with 15-second breaks at the end of the pool after every length.
  • Swim using a kickboard for 5 minutes straight
  • Repeat this three times
  • Finish with one slow and relaxing lap of crawl

Workout 3

  • Start your workout with one length of the pool swimming your preferred stroke
  • Walkthrough the water to the starting point
  • Repeat this for 20 minutes
  • Finish with one slow and relaxing lap of crawl

Workout 4

  • Start with 2×50 yards to warm up, rest if you have to
  • 4×25 crawl while counting strokes. The goal is to keep an even amount.
  • 4×50 crawl with 30-second rest after each lap. The goal is to keep the time as close as possible to each other.
  • 4×25 crawl, counting strokes.
  • Finish with one slow and relaxing lap of crawl

Workout 5

  • Open with 100 yards crawl for warmup
  • 4×50 yards crawl
  • 4×25 crawl with breathing on every 4th stroke for the first two, then every 2nd stroke for the last two lengths
  • 2×50 with your chosen stroke
  • Finish with one slow and relaxing lap


If you’re more into aerobic than swimming, ask around your pool and you’ll probably find some form of aerobic performed in the water, called “aqua bic” or “aqua aerobic”. This is, as the name says, a wet version of aerobic, minus the stress it causes to your joints but with added resistance the water provides.

The second one is a bit more complicated because you’ll need two goals, a ball, and at least three more players, but you could eventually try playing water polo. It does require certain skills, but it is great and fun.

Swimming To Lose Weight Benefits

For starters, swimming burns calories, which is an essential part of losing weight. The second equally important part is its cardiovascular benefit. Swimming uses almost all of your body muscles which force your heart and lungs to work harder to produce enough oxygen. While you breathe harder your heart and lungs get stronger, this way increasing your stamina and keep you fresh for a longer period of time. Your heart rate will decrease and cause your blood pressure to drop along the way. Swimming is also useful in reducing the risk of chronic illnesses.

What Each Stroke Brings

As you already know, there are four different strokes – crawl/freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly.

  • Crawl is mostly used and it is considered the fastest and the easiest stroke. It is great for long-distance and both arms and legs. During the crawl stroke, the hands are used to push the water behind, while the legs move up and down, this way acting like propellers.
  • Breaststroke is great for a cardiovascular workout because it focuses on breathing. It is a bit slower paced, but it activates the whole body, which is why it is great for relaxed laps.
  • Backstroke, as the name says, means you’ll be swimming on your back. The main focus is on the back muscles and your shoulders.
  • The butterfly is the hardest and the most demanding stroke there is, it requires lots of both arm and leg strength to be performed properly, but it offers high reward because learning how to do it will do wonders to your body.

What Else Swimming Improves

The number of calories you could burn during one of the half-hour sessions could go from 90 to even 550, but this is not the only change you’ll see, because swimming also improves some additional stuff. And you shouldn’t forget about the calories you’ll lose during the rest while your body regenerates and your muscles rebuild.


During the time you spend in the water, you’ll be faced with constant water resistance, and you’ll have to overcome it to move where you want to go. This way your whole body and mostly the upper part of it will feel the strength being increased.


The second major improvement is your body flexibility. Overweight people most often have problems with this. Constant repeating some of the movements needed to do swimming strokes will improve the flexibility of the muscles and joints.

Other Swimming Benefits

Other than weight loss, there are a few great benefits that could motivate you to start looking for a place as soon as you can:

  • It is great for injury recovery. It causes almost no stress to joints while it helps the muscles to work out and develop, making it perfect for therapies and recovery activity.
  • You could be just with yourself and your thoughts. A great get-away from all the outside activities. All you have to do is to start swimming and let all the problems go away. Swimming headphones could help with this. To simplify, it is relaxing.
  • If you combine it with some other fun activities, it can be way more than simply going from one end of the pool to the other. And all those fun activities burn calories along the way!

Additional Safety And Fun Tips

Once you figure your schedule out, try to stick to it as hard as possible.

Before every practice, warm-up, and stretch! Both your arms, shoulders, and legs should be warmed up and ready for work.

Having an additional motivation in form of a friend is quite helpful, and you could make a competition.

Don’t overestimate yourself, start easy, and increase the distance on a weekly level.

Try different strokes and change them to keep it interesting and let your other muscles rest while the ones you’ve used before work.

Remember to rest! You could, of course, swim non-stop, but it is recommended to let your body take a break from time to time.

If you’re a beginner, don’t leave the depth you feel comfortable in. Don’t do anything that could make other pool visitors feel uncomfortable. Make sure they have enough space for their own workout.

To stay safe, always listen to the lifeguard and follow their instructions without a word. Their mission is to keep you and everybody safe so you could have a great work out and come back for more some other time.

Globo Surf Overview

Swimming is an amazing activity that will help you put your weight in control. It will easily burn your calories while strengthening your muscles and your overall body condition. There are different workouts you could do that, combined with some other fun activities, will lead to fantastic results and get you into the shape you’ve always wanted to achieve.

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