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When getting started with swimming, most swimmers think that all they will require is a pair of swimming goggles and the best active swimsuit. The general swimming gear may work for you in the beginning. However, at some point, you will need to swim training accessories capable of helping you improve your stroke technique.

In this article, we will help you figure out the swimming gear you need to invest in to become better at swimming. If you do not swim, you can consider these swim training accessories to be the best gifts for the swimmer in your life.

Top Swim Training Accessories Every Swimmer Should Own

1. Swimming Snorkel

The swimming snorkel has a wide range of benefits to offer. By eliminating the need to breathe to their dominant side, the snorkel makes it possible for the swimmers to balance out their stroke. This is especially important for the swimmers who want to have a smooth and kayak-like stroke turnover.

The snorkel will offer you the ability to turn both your arms quickly and evenly. This Offers you a smooth stroke that helps you maintain velocity across the swimming pool. Additional benefits offered by the swim snorkel include helping you to scull properly and making it possible for you to do kick work that mimics the body position.

If you have never used a snorkel before, getting used to it may take some time. Push-offs may be a little bit more challenging as the snorkel flaps across your head before you surface. However, once you get comfortable with the swimming gear, its benefits should become pretty clear.

2. Swim Pacing Device

This versatile and simple swimming tool is designed to help the swimmer match his/her individual strokes to the audible tone. Over the years, however, both swimmers and coaches have come up with new ways to implement the swim pacing device into the swimming workouts.

To give you an example, the tool has become extremely crucial for swimmers who are trying to swim faster. For this, coaches use the swim pacing device as a means to ensure that the swimmers are remaining at their desired pace.

After putting on your swim cap, you can set the desired stroke rate on the device and then do quality reps in the swimming pool at your goal stroke tempo. This can be compared to the peak race-simulation. It is a high-grade training that can help prepare you for swimming competitions.

The swim pacing device is one of the swim training accessories which make it possible for you to swim on auto-pilot. After using it to perform your target swim and tempo numerous times, your body will become used to the whole exercise.

3. A Training Journal

Irrespective of whether you are swimming to lose weight or you intend to become an athlete at some point, tracking your swim workout is important. At its core, the swimming workout journal will help you determine what is currently working for you and what is not working.

The journal will help you figure out how fast or how slow you are moving towards your desired goal. By ensuring that you are gauging your swimming workout, the training journal forces you to focus on the training.

One thing to keep in mind is that simply writing down your workouts will not work. Instead, you will need to ensure that you are using the training journal to target the things in your swimming workout which have the ability to produce the biggest improvements.

You can use the training journal to figure out the number of meters you swim at your target race pace. You can also use it to see the number of morning workouts you make in a row. Doing this will make it possible for you to stay consistent and accountable to your swimming goals.

4. Kickboard


Swimming kickboards are generally an inexpensive investment that has the ability to power up the workout routine. Kickboards offer swimmer stability and buoyancy. This allows you to focus on your kicking technique and leg strength.

Kickboards are buoyant devices. They make it possible for you to focus less on trying to stay afloat and more on maintaining an effective form as you propel yourself through the swimming pool.

To become better at swimming, you will need to focus on singular strength, before you work to combine the singular strengths into coordinated and fluid movements. The kickboard will make it possible for you to build and also sustain your kicking capabilities.

While having a powerful kick may not add a lot of propulsion to your swimming, it will have numerous benefits. These benefits include:

  • It will enhance your pulling motion.
  • If you are in a race, it will make finishing easy.
  • It will give you the ability to maintain a better body position.

5. Fins

If there is a swimming gear that you shouldn’t miss in your best swim bag, call it the swim fins. This is one of the swim training accessories which make it possible for you to improve both the performance and technique.

The proper kick technique is supposed to be compact and narrow. The ideal kick should be fast and shorter, rather than big and powerful. The leg power is generated from the swimmer’s hips. By leveraging this leg power, the swim fins can help you improve your up-kick.

The up-kick generally engages a combination of the lower back muscles, glutes, and hamstrings. By adding resistance to this motion range using fins, you will end up improving your technique. The fins help provide positive muscle reinforcement to make the swimmer faster and more efficient.

Adding swim fins to your swimming and kick training can dramatically increase the ankle’s adaptation to a better flutter. The fins will also help improve your position by adding velocity to your stroke and also teaching your body how to increase the pace when swimming on top of the water.

6. Band

To improve your stroke technique, you do need to only invest in high-tech swim training accessories. Even low-tech swimming gear can go a long way in making you a better swimmer. If you would like to add some serious torque and power to your current pulling motion, you should pack a band when heading to your swimming workout.

Using a band, when compared to keeping your goggles from fogging, can be harder. The band forces the swimmer to keep his/her hands moving at an even and balanced rate. It will also force your legs to sink. This ensures that your hips stay high and your face down.

In addition to the power benefits, training with a band around the ankles makes it possible for the swimmer to balance out his/her stroke. It also helps the swimmer increase the stroke rate and reinforces the need to keep the elbows high during the catch.

The band can be thought of as high-level resistance training. This means that any deficiency in the stroke can be made worse by the band. For this reason, if you do suffer from a rabid case of the swimmer’s shoulder, using the swimming band may not be a good idea.

7. Swim Training Drag Socks

If you are currently learning the swim essentials for beginners, you may not be familiar with the swim training drag socks. The swim training drag socks refer to little mesh nets that are usually strapped to the swimmer’s feet. They increase both drag and resistance in the water.

The main purpose of the swimming gear is to help develop both endurance and leg power. It helps power up your swimming.

Strapping a pair of swim training drag socks will allow you to focus on high-intensity strength training. This eliminates the need to do endless meters of kicks to build stronger legs.

As noted earlier, the stroke cycle becomes more balanced with resistance. If you currently have a badly galloping stroke, wearing swim training drag socks when training can help you improve the stroke. Badly galloping stroke can be dangerous, considering that it can lead to muscle imbalances which will, in turn, lead to a swimming shoulder injury.

Once you take off the swim training drag socks, you will end up getting a speed burst. The first time you decide to push off after wearing the swim training drag socks, your body will end up ripping through the water as if you are wearing some swim fins.

While it can be tempting to swim 1,000 meters straight while wearing swim training drag socks, it is worth noting that this may not be as beneficial as you might think. Resistance training will only be useful if it features enough resistance to make sure the swimmer is working for it, while at the same time, being light enough to ensure that your stroke is intact. For this reason, keeping your reps short and including lots of rest in between will give you better strength improvement.

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For any swimmer to improve his or her stroke technique, the right swim training accessories are necessary. With the right swimming gear, you should be able to achieve good results quickly. In this article, we have outlined the top swim training accessories you should invest in.

Getting used to the swimming gear can be tough. However, once you get used to the swim training accessories and learn their benefits, they will become your favorite workout tools.

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