How To Rig A Swimbait Detailed Guide


One of the best tools in a fisherman’s arsenal, next to a proper fishing line are swimbaits. The best of these will imitate baitfish in both features and feel. Game fish will see this and make a beeline straight for them. Quality is the number one thing that you need to consider when choosing a swimbait. Get this right and you will find that you can catch more fish.

This detailed guide teaches you all you need to know about swimbait rigging.

How to rig a swimbait

While some swimbaits may come pre-rigged, there are three main methods that you can use on how to rig swimbaits. These are the weedless method, the exposed top hook, and the bottom treble hook method.

With the exposed top hook method, simply put the hook through the nose or mouth of the bait and out through the back of the bait. In this way, the base of the hook should be lying against the nose of the bait.

Always make sure that you have the best fishing tackle to serve you through different scenarios.

You will use a similar procedure when rigging the swimbait weedless. However, you are going to push the hook deep enough such that the point of the hook is against the back of the swimbait. The method is very much like doing the Texas rig.

Then there is the treble hook method. Here you will place the treble at the bottom of the swimbait by using the screw-lock. However, you can still use a top hook together with this method as well.

Best Swimbait colors

When deciding on how to rig swimbaits, picking the right swimbait with a natural feel is just one part. You also want to pick a swimbait that mimics the natural colors of the baitfish that your target fish will go after.

If you are fishing in an area where you are not very certain of this, then going with a white swimbait is always a good starting point.

A good fishing backpack will help you store your swimbait and carry other fishing gear.

For some people, however, white may be a bit too boring. In this case, you can go for bait that is white and gold as most baitfish will have these colors. Fish will always be interested in such colored swimbait.

When to use swimbaits

Note that you can use a swimbait any time of the year. However, there are those times that you will have even greater success. For example, during late winter and early spring, the game fish will be actively hunting for food.

Since you can move the swimbait slow or fast, it will be easy for the game fish to mistake these as another slow swimming fish and go for it.

If you are fishing in saltwater, always use a saltwater fishing rod.

Where you can cast swimbaits

The great thing with swimbaits is that you can use them practically anywhere. Whether you are deep fishing, shallow water fishing, or even fishing around structures, the swimbait will work just fine.

However, for the most success when fishing especially if you are going after bass, you want to pick a spot when the bass is schooling up as they hunt for baitfish. Once they spot a swimbait floating by, they will go for it without hesitation.

You may find that a baitcasting rod serves you well in these situations.

How to work a swimbait


There are multiple differences in which you can paddle a swimbait. You can roll the bait slowly along the bottom of the river, pop it as you reel and even drag it on the surface when fishing on shallow water.

Simply put, the swimbait is one of the most versatile baits out there. However, it seems to be most effective when it is slowly rolled on the surface of the water.

When fishing in saltwater, you also want to use a saltwater lure.

Rigging swimbaits by categories

There are many different ways to do swimbait rigging depending on the type of fish that you are going after. However, these very same differences mean that categorizing them is not that easy. For example, you may have two swimbaits with similar designs yet they are of different sizes.

The hollow paddle swimbaits

These have a round paddle tail and a hollow body, a round head and they also tend to have realistic eyes. They are often between 3 and 8 inches long. If you are fishing in open water, use a jig head and if you are fishing in grassy areas, use a weedless hook with a wide gap.

The solid paddle swimbaits

These feature a solid body and a boat-shaped tail which hangs under the body. They also either have a round head and a pointed head and are between 2 and 9 inches long.

Among the different swimbait rigging options with this type of swimbait is the weedless rig, using a weighted hook, using an open jig head, and or a weightless rig for waking.

These can be great for going after largemouth bass and can be used in conjunction with other largemouth bass lures.

Line-thru swimbaits

These are larger than the previous two on average and their size is often between 3 and 10 inches. They come with a belly hook that allows the angler to connect the fishing line directly. Some also have a tube that allows the line to pass through the body of the swimbait. The best type of rig is a treble hook.

Top hook swimbaits

These swimbaits have an internal weight and a top hook. They are often used by anglers who target big bass. While they will perform well around cover, they are not the best with a brush or heavy cover.

While you can simply tie a fishing line and use them straight off the package, make sure that you choose a size and weight that is ideal for your target fishing area.

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There are three main methods on how to rig swimbaits and the one you choose will depend on your chosen fishing area. When you are picking swimbaits, make sure you choose the best type and color, and size.

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