How To Swim Like A Mermaid: Beginner Guide


Mermaids are mythical creatures that move with amazing grace and power.  Luckily, learning how to swim in a mermaid tail is easily achievable. All you need is some time and motivation to master these mesmerizing movements.

Remember that is important to build confidence when moving through the water before practicing. If you don’t give up, you will be moving smoothly in no time. In this article, we will show you how to swim like a mermaid even if you are a beginner. 

How to Swim Like a Mermaid 

1. Get Used to the Water

It is crucial to feel comfortable in the water and to warm up your body before you begin the practice. Make sure you are confident as well as comfortable, and you are also wearing an appropriate active swimsuit. Get into the pool and then swim a few laps without touching its sides. Practice treading floating on your back.

If you are unable to complete this warm-up, you may need to brush up on basic swimming skills. To learn how to swim in a mermaid tail, you need to learn the dolphin kick. Besides, you need to be able to hold your breath for some time without any problems.

In case you feel nervous, try working on your confidence. You can even hire a professional coach to help you become more comfortable. Using swimming headphones can be a great way to relax or feel more motivated, depending on the type of music you choose.

2. Learn the Basics

Once you are more comfortable, you should try floating on your stomach while you are holding your body in a straight line. Bear in mind that your head and your body need to be parallel to the bottom of the pool. Your arms can either be stretched out in front of your body with your hands clasped, or they can stay at your sides. 

Using a kickboard can be of great help when practicing these movements. Make sure you keep your legs together. Besides, pay special attention to your feet. They should always be pointed and kept together. Also, not locking your knees is important when it comes to learning this swimming style.

3. Practice the Movements

Press the chest into the water and then slowly release. Your core should always be tight and your arms and shoulders should be still. Make sure you press the hips at the same time when you release the chest. Slightly bend your knees while your legs are following your hips when completing the downward motion.

Release the hips and press your chest into the water. As your hips are releasing, extend the knees and let your whole body flow. To swim like a mermaid, you need to snap your feet. However, the movement should not be jerky. Make sure everything is fluid and it resembles a whip cracking.

Imagine there’s an undulating motion of a wave passing through your hips, legs, and toes while you are swimming. Once you get the basic idea behind this swimming style, you should continue the practice. When your chest is pressed down, your hips should be going up. Likewise, when your hips are pressed down, your chest should be moving up. Your legs need to follow your hips as well.

4. Get a Monofin 

Practicing with a monofin can be a great way to practice before learning how to swim in a mermaid tail. To achieve the best possible results, you need to choose one that is not too heavy and that also fits correctly. If your monofin is too heavy, it can cause you to get tired quickly or weigh you down.

Women should typically go with a fin that is one size smaller than their actual shoe size. On the other hand, men should choose a monofin that is the size of their shoes. If the monofin is pinching you or rubbing your feet, you should try a bigger size. If it moves around when you shake your feet, you should go with a smaller size. 

5. Get a Custom Tail

Once you are feeling confident in your skills and comfortable in the pool, you can even get a custom mermaid tail and complete your transformation. Make sure the tail fits you well and is made from quality material.

Besides, it is important to check whether it is allowed to swim with additional equipment in your pool. If it is, you should simply repeat the steps you have previously learned to swim gracefully.



Q: How Do You Swim Like a Mermaid?


Make sure you keep your core tight. Also, your feet and legs should be kept together. Press your chest into the water and release it. Then, press your hips while you are releasing the chest and make a continuous movement through the water.

Q: Is it Hard to Swim in a Mermaid Tail?


It may be harder to swim in a mermaid tail than without additional equipment. The tail can soak and fill up with water. That can make it heavy and in turn, limit your movements. It is important to get out of the water whenever you notice any difficulties.

Q: Do Public Pools Allow Mermaid Tails?


You need to check whether your pool allows mermaid tails since not every pool is the same. If you are not an experienced swimmer, using a mermaid tail is not recommended. Mermaid tails can soak and become heavy, making it difficult to move freely.

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Learning how to swim in a mermaid tail can step up your swimming game. The movements of a mermaid are graceful and powerful at the same time. Luckily, this is easily achievable with some time and dedication.

It is a good idea to first learn the dolphin kick without any equipment and then continue your practice with a monofin or a tail. Always make sure your pool allows the usage of additional equipment to keep everyone safe. 

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