Sundried Monte Viso Women’s Padded Jacket Review


The Sundried Monte Viso women’s quilted jacket is an excellent lightweight yet warm puffer jacket for the spring and fall where a heavy-duty winter coat would be too much but you still need a jacket. It is warm enough for chilly spring and autumn weather without being too bulky or getting too hot and sweaty when you’re active. The hybrid sports casual design makes it versatile and the flexible arms and raglan sleeves provide freedom of movement whether you’re running, driving, golfing, or fishing.

As a lightweight puffer jacket, it also packs down well and you can fold it and stash it in your bag when the weather is changing between cold and warm or stuff it in a suitcase when traveling. With the premium construction and a slim silhouette, the Sundried quilted jacket is a stylish jacket that looks flattering on the feminine frame. The fitted fit pairs well with leggings, pants, jeans, and other casual and travel wear.

The lightweight feel, full range of motion, and wind and water-resistant exterior make the Sundried Monte Viso a great jacket for outdoor training, racing, camping, cycling, hunting, driving, walking, golf, fishing, backpacking, hiking, climbing, skiing, and traveling. It is also fashionable enough for everyday casual wear when walking the dog, commuting, or strolling through city streets. If you’re looking for an affordable, lightweight puffer jacket, keep scrolling to read the full Sundried Monte Viso women’s padded jacket review and learn more about what to expect with it.

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What Makes This Women’s Padded Jacket Stand Out?

  1. Lightweight comfort and padded warmth for fall and spring weather
  2. Warm puffer design with hybrid sports and casual design
  3. Wind and water-resistant outer shell protects against the element
  4. Three secure outer zip pockets and two discreet interior pockets
  5. Stretchy, flexible arms and raglan sleeves for a full range of mobility
  6. Great travel jacket that packs down well
  7. Stylish and flattering feminine cut
  8. Fashionable and practical for everyday wear
  9. Transparent, ethical, and sustainable production

Model Specs:

Type: Hybrid Sport Casual Puffer Jacket

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Color: Black

Seasons: Spring and Fall


Sundried is a British brand that makes premium ethical outerwear designed to protect from the elements while enhancing performance. Made for unpredictable weather in the spring and autumn, the Sundried Monte Viso Women’s hybrid padded jacket is made lightweight yet warm enough to provide warmth and weather protection without sacrificing comfort.

As an activewear jacket for training, racing, hiking, biking, fishing, walking, golf, riding, and other outdoor activities, it is also designed to allow full freedom of movement. Every aspect of the jacket is well thought out and the following features enable it to offer the needed warmth, protection, comfort, and performance:

  • Lightweight design for a bulk-free feel in the spring and autumn
  • Puffer jacket design for warmth on cold and windy days
  • Fleece lining on the arms provide warm and luxurious comfort
  • Water and wind-resistant exterior fabric
  • Stretchy and flexible arm design allows you full freedom of movement
  • Raglan sleeve design means that the jacket doesn’t ride up when you raise your arms
  • Full zipper closure, high collar, and elasticized hem and cuffs seal in warmth and seal out harsh elements
  • A compact streamlined silhouette that is flattering on the female form



Code: SD0197-Parent

Type: Hybrid Sport Casual Puffer Jacket

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Seasons: Spring and Fall

Color: Black

User Experience


Weather Protection: With the padding and weather-resistant exterior, The Sundried Puffer jacket has what it takes to function well on a chilly day in spring or fall. The lightly insulated jacket design and warm fleece-lining on the arms provide great insulation against the cold of spring and autumn. As for winter or extremely cold conditions, this slim jacket works well as an inside layer underneath a parka coat or skiing jacket.

The outer shell has water repellent properties and is an effective shield against wind and light rain or short-lived downpours. Sufficiently long sleeves, a full zip closure, a stand-up collar, and elasticized hem and cuffs do an amazing job of sealing out the elements ensuring you stay warm and cozy even when it is windy.

Freedom of Movement: This lightweight quilted jacket offers warmth and protection from the elements without the bulk. The arms feature a stretchy fabric and a flexible design and raglan sleeves that give you a full range of motion and allow you to lift and move your hands freely without the jacket riding up your arms.

The stretchy hem and cuffs also allow for easy movement. This makes it a great activewear jacket for walking, running, training, fishing, climbing, hiking, cycling, golfing, working in the field, and other outdoor activities, as it won’t hinder your movements.

Comfort: In addition to the comfort you get from the warmth, protection from the elements, and freedom of motion this jacket offers, the arms are lined with a fleece material that feels warm and luxuriously soft against the skin. This and the lightweight design make the Monte Viso a cozy jacket you can wear all day without discomfort. You won’t find yourself getting too hot or sweaty even when active and you can always unzip the jacket for more comfort. The shorter collar won’t rub against the face.

Pockets: This quilted jacket is equipped with five well-designed pockets so there is no shortage of secure and easy-access storage space for the items you want to bring along. The zippered outer pockets are perfect for items such as keys and gloves while the discreet pockets on the interior of the jacket provide a secure place to keep your mobile phone, wallet, keys, and other valuables. These pockets give you peace of mind that your pockets are secure and also leave your hands-free for walking, running, cycling, or climbing. You can also use the two side pockets to keep your hands warm.

Durability: Sundried makes high-quality outerwear using premium materials and this jacket is designed to offer long-lasting comfort and performance. The exterior shell is made of a tough and durable fabric that weathers outdoor elements well. The stitching is strong and the zippers are heavy duty. The hem, sleeves, and cuffs are sewn well. With proper care, this jacket will serve you for years.


  • Incredibly lightweight and comfortably warm
  • Supports a full range of motion
  • Hybrid sports and casual design
  • Wind and rain resistant outer shell
  • Warm and luxuriously soft fleece-lined arms
  • Five spacious zippered pockets for secure storage
  • Travel-friendly, easy to pack and carry
  • Premium quality jacket made to last
  • Stylish and flattering feminine cut
  • Ethically and sustainably produced


  • The Monte Viso is definitely not for extremely cold weather on its own. It’s thin and lightweight enough to wear under a coat or snow jacket when it is extremely frigid though
  • It doesn’t come with a hood
  • Currently only available in black

Overall Rating


Based on our assessment of the Sundried Monte Viso women’s padded jacket, here are our ratings of the most important aspects.

Design: 95% – The design strikes the perfect balance in warmth and weight. The hybrid sport casual design is both practical and fashionable for activewear as well as everyday wear. The lengths of the jacket and the sleeves are perfect. As for style, it is cut to flatter the female silhouette and the classic cut lends it a timeless, versatile style.

Materials: 95% – The material choices are on point. A tough and wind and water-resistant nylon fabric on the exterior, stretchy material for the arms, hem, and cuffs, light insulation, and fleece lining on the arms offer warmth, weather protection, mobility, and comfort.

Price: 95% – As a lightweight puffer jacket, the Monte Viso is affordably priced and a great value given the premium design, quality, and versatility. We’re pleased with the quality and style of the jacket for the amazing price.

Overall: 95% – This Sundried Monte Viso women’s padded jacket is just right for the unpredictable weather in the spring and fall seasons. It is warm enough to keep cold air and breezes off you yet lightweight for comfort and packability. We like that it is designed for mobility and won’t hinder your performance whether you’re casting flies, swinging a golf stick, or climbing. The quality and pricing are also on point.

Globo Surf Overview

If you’re searching for a lightweight quilted jacket for outdoor activewear in the spring and fall where it is impossible to predict the weather, the Sundried Monte Visor Women’s padded jacket is exactly what you need. It is high-quality, good looking and the hybrid sports casual design makes it a versatile jacket that works well in a wide range of conditions and activities.

It will provide the warmth and protection you need without sacrificing comfort and without hindering your performance when training, racing or having fun in the great outdoors. Since it is a stylish jacket with a slim feminine cut, you will also be able to wear it as casual wear when running errands in the city.

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