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The STAG rack is an innovative travel rack for your car that allows you to easily switch between carrying bikes, skis, or snowboards, depending on what you are planning for the day’s activity. Designed by a group of outdoor enthusiasts, the STAG rack is aimed at those active sportsmen and women who like to be outdoors whatever the season. It is a very versatile tool that is also built with a simple and elegant design, which provides great ease of use.

Attaching a rack to the top of your car has always been somewhat of a pain. Not only did you have to swap it out whenever you want to change whatever it was you were transporting, but you also could not remove it if you did not need it anymore. This had a permanent effect on your car, increasing wind resistance, drag, and therefore fuel consumption even when you’re simply going shopping or for a weekend stroll. On the other hand, not having a rack at all leads you to have to cram all your gear in the back of your car, a space that is not designed to hold it. 

The STAG rack eliminates all these problems in a single stroke, by using vacuum cups to secure the base and release it if need be. Once these are installed, you can decide which kind of supports to fix on top of them so you can transport skis, snowboards, or bikes at your choosing. Not only that, but you can install it on basically any car model you choose. The system provides a level of flexibility never before seen in a bike rack and couples it with a sleek and easy to use design, making it a great tool for a wide variety of sports enthusiasts who want to be on the road quickly when the time is right.


  • Simple base units with two extremely strong vacuum cups each
  • Vacuum cups are pumpable to achieve a better hold
  • Works on every car model
  • No tools required for installation
  • Quick-release rail on base plates to easily switch attachments
  • Holds 2 bikes, 4 pairs of skis, or 4 snowboards
  • Base units are easy to remove if not needed
  • Bike and ski attachments available, others are in the works
  • Included cable lock to tether to the in-window wedge
  • One-year warranty

The STAG rack’s design is simple, and that is the reason why it is so effective. The base units are each made up of two vacuum cups connected by a rail, each made of a half-inch thick HDPE panel. Each cup features a simple pump, easy enough to operate with two fingers, to increase the suction the cup applies to the roof of the car. A red-line indicator is also present to indicate if the pressure in the pump is too low. No tools are required for their installation and once fixed, each of these cups can sustain more than 200 pounds of weight, enough for a full-grown man to pull himself up without moving them. With four base units, this gives you a combined force of over 1600 pounds, which can let you rest assured your gear won’t get lost even if you’re traveling at high speeds. Each vacuum cup undergoes a 48-hour suction test before it is installed and works best on a clean car roof, holding its seal for around 4-5 hours.

On top of the base units, you can choose between the two different attachments available to transport either a pair of bikes or up to four pairs of skis or snowboards. These are easy to click into place thanks to the quick release rail on the bases, then they can be screwed firmly in place with your own bike’s locking mechanism. For extra strength, the two forward base units can be connected with a stabilization bar to minimize movement. The bike attachments need you to remove the front wheel of the bike and clip in the mount, and different attachments are available depending on the width of your mount or will soon be if you get in touch with the manufacturer. For skis and snowboards, the attachment is formed by two hinged parallel bars that squeeze the boards between them. The bars are wide enough to accommodate up to four pairs of skis or the same number of snowboards, with enough height to avoid upside-down bindings from coming into contact with the roof. The inside is made from soft rubber to prevent scratches and is held together with an easy to use and secure locking mechanism.

If you still don’t completely trust the hold of the vacuum cups, STAG also provides you with a window wedge and a cable lock. The wedge is small enough and shaped in such a way that the window is still able to close once you have inserted it, and the cable can wrap around all your gear just to give you that extra bit of security you might feel you need. Despite the rack only being available to carry bikes and boards, for now, the manufacturers have promised that more attachments are coming soon for kayaks and surfboards.



Bike holder

Weight: 13 pounds

Length: 35 inches

Width: 3.5 inches

Height: 1.25 inches

Maximum bike weight: 60 pounds

Ski and snowboard holder

Weight: 12 pounds

Length: 30 inches

Width: 2.2 inches

Height: 4.5 inches

User Experience


Usability: The STAG sports rack is an item that does what it says on the box. Installation truly is marvelously easy, with the vacuum cup sticking to the roof of the car immediately. The pumps work wonders to keep them holding on strongly but some care is needed in carefully positioning them, so they are straight and ready to work. If you do get it wrong, detaching them is also very quick and easy so you can just start the process again. Remember that for a good and secure hold it is recommended that the roof of the car is nice and clean before you attach the rack. If you purchase the ski rack it will come with an included mini spray bottle of ice-preventing formula, to dissolve any layer of frozen water that might come between the cups and the car. Attachments are easy to swap and install and once you clip your gear in you get that nice feeling of quality and security, trusting that it won’t budge an inch. After several hours of driving, our skis were still there, exactly where we left them and without a scratch.

Design: While most bike racks have a significant impact on the look of your car, another exceptional feature of the STAG sport rack is that it doesn’t do that, and can even make it look cooler. When you are carrying around your gear, everything is clean and well thought out, with every corner of the rack performing as it should be. Once you decide you don’t need it anymore, you can simply remove it and go on driving your car as you are used to. Not only will this save you from having to move around with an ugly, empty bike rack on your roof, but will also save you some money since you’ll be free of extra, useless weight, slowing you down and making you use more gas. 


  • Easy to install
  • Very quick to swap between attachments
  • Provides good hold for several hours


  • Limited attachment variety, for now
  • The roof needs to be very clean for best performance

Overall Rating


Usability: 98% – The STAG sport rack delivers what it promises, and this is a statement that cannot be made for a lot of products. The rack is easy to operate and makes you feel secure, giving you enough confidence to overcome the skepticism that naturally arises when one hears the mention of vacuum cups. Installation of the bases is easy, as is the clipping in of your gear. The feeling you get is that of a quality product that never makes you doubt that something is going to happen to your precious equipment.

Design: 98% – Simplicity is an art and the STAG sport rack seems to be a master of it. Sleek and modern, the style blends beautifully with the ease of use of the rack and doesn’t make your car look like some kind of construction vehicle. Basic shapes and well-defined ideas make for a product that looks the part and performs beautifully, as only premium-quality items do. The possibility of using it with any type of car is a delicious cherry on the top of an already excellent cake.

Price: 96% – For this item, the price is a little on the high side of what you might expect when looking for a car bike rack. That being said, it is not far at all from the highest quality options on the market, so it is understandable given the premium features of the STAG. One more thing to consider is that a good bike or ski rack is usually a one-time purchase, and given that the STAG rack can be used for almost any car model available today and will also feature different attachments for other sporting equipment, you can easily see how this might be the only car rack you will ever need to buy and is well worth the price you pay.

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The STAG sport rack is an intelligent and well-designed product that provides a versatile and elegant solution to those avid outdoors enthusiasts who want to be ready to enjoy sporting adventures whatever the conditions may be. Its ease of use and durability make it an excellent ally for so many different athletes, that we can’t help but wholeheartedly recommend you consider buying one.

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STAG Rack | Ski or Bike with Any Car Review
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