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Going through the info of spa manufacturers that have been around for a long time is always a good place to start when thinking about buying a hot tub. The main thing you want to pay attention to is the features that different hot tub manufacturers offer. Think about the features you need and those you can do without narrowing the potential list of sellers.

There are different hot tub options to choose from, so you can pick the one that will suit your needs the best. Besides, determining how you are going to use a hot tub is really important to decide on the type of hot tub you need. Also, the price is always an important factor. With all of the above said let’s check out some of the best manufacturers!

1. Jacuzzi

Jacuzzi is all about high-quality products that are extraordinary and stunning. It is so popular around the world that people often think that any hot tub is a ‘’jacuzzi”. The brand has been around for quite a long time – since 1965, to be more precise. This is why this brand is number one on this list, there’s really no other competitor that does what Jacuzzi does.

Jacuzzi puts a lot of time and effort into making long-lasting and high-quality products. People from the company usually comment that their tubs provide a great balance between ease of use and several options. A great thing about these tubs is that you can use essential oils in the water when you’re using it without causing any damage to the system. This is because air is mixed with the water with the Jacuzzi system.

Also, maintaining a water temperature is really easy since the system uses the waste heat from the motor – lowering the amount of energy you will waste over time. Walk-in hot tubs are also one of the Jacuzzi’s well-respected pieces. This is a good option if you have space constraints or if you need a tub for your hydrotherapy.

2. Hot Spring Spas

Hot Spring Spas is a tub manufacturer that bases its story on providing unique products with amazing quality. Their upper-level hot tubs have a very specific design, which is one of the main advantages of the brand. Designworks is one of the companies that Hot Spring Spas has been working with to enhance their design and comfort. This just further assures you that you won’t have any discomfort with the seat design. Spa manufacturers usually mention the seat comfort of their products since that’s one of the most important elements.

Hot tub owners praise the availability of spare parts and their fast delivery times. This also counts for the older models that are not under warranty anymore, but people still keep using them due to their durableness. Another feature that is unique to this brand is the number of saltwater systems they offer. It is much easier to sanitize and clean a saltwater system than a traditional system. Of course, other hot tub manufacturers offer saltwater hot tubs, but Hot Spring Spas is among the most popular.

3. Sundance

Sundance is a tub brand that has been specifically developed to provide you with outstanding massage and relaxation. The company has been providing the customer with high-quality hot tubs since 1979 and they have a huge group of dealers by their side. Some of the best models of hot tubs are made by this company, which speaks for itself. The trust that this company has from the users is very similar to the above-mentioned ones. They have been active; they achieved great results, and are offering great hot tubs. Still, these hot tubs have their own designs and unique features. So when it comes to choosing a perfect hot tub, you will have to pay attention to your weight and height at first.

The UV water treatment system is a common thing in hot tubs nowadays. But, Sundance had this feature almost before everyone else, and they kept developing it and improving it over the years. The filtration system has tubs with UV lights that can eliminate bacteria in the water. This leads to a less chemical, more natural experience in a hot tub There are many dealers in the world working with Sundance, so getting your hand on new parts is fairly easy.

4. Bullfrog

Bullfrog boasts of innovation and creativity, as well as astounding quality. People who have been in the hot tub business for a long time know that there haven’t been many changes, at least not some major changes. Still, this is one of those spa manufacturers that’s able to produce jaw-dropping innovations. Their interchangeable jet packs were something that was never seen before when they released it. This is why they are on the top end of the scale, thanks to a dedicated team of engineers and successful marketing. A lot of people are huge fans of the interchangeable jet pack since this feature provides a hydrotherapy option for every seat you desire.

 So, about the jet packs. These are jet models that have a unique design and you can change them for other types of modules. It totally depends on how you’re planning to use the hot tub. The main idea is to provide enough customizability while reducing energy costs. The amount of plumbing used is lowered, therefore the energy wasted is reduced too.

5. Cal Spas


Cal Spas offers phenomenal top-quality products with a very long tradition. They’re considered to be at the top of the ladder when it comes to recreational products. Cal Spas has 48 patents and 28 trademarks to its credit. Besides, they offer nearly 300 spa and hot tub products in their assortment, including both swim spas and hot tubs. Different molds and sizes they’re offering are there to fit the needs of every family. Also, the company has a lot of hot tub accessories you can buy along with the hot tub. Their hot tubs are aimed for families and recreational use.

Similar to Bullfrog, Cal Spas offers its customers to choose their own jet pack alongside their hydrotherapy program. You can choose from 10 different jet packs if you decide to go with their system for hydrotherapy. Also, there’s a unique seat for each of the jetting packages.

6. Marquis Spa

Marquis spa focuses on providing the customers with fantastic service and remarkable quality. They have a really good reputation for craftsmanship and quality, and that’s why they are one of the spa manufacturers with the highest ratings. They maintain a function over form mentality and they try to incorporate as many therapeutic aspects in their hot tubs as possible.

There are two unique systems that Marquis introduced to their products that have put hydrotherapy to a whole new level. The first one is the VOLT system (Vector-Optimized Laminar Therapy), and the second one is HOT (High Output Therapy). To achieve a training level in your tub, the systems are made with an idea to add more water flow where it is needed.

Also, there’s a treatment called Microsilk you can choose to be integrated within your spa. Basically, this feature allows a small oxygen bubble to be released into the water. The consequence is softer skin.

7. Canadian Spa Company

Canadian Spa Company’s work ethic is truly extraordinary, providing you with outstanding quality. It is one of the hot tub manufacturers which is well known for their gazebos and saunas. Their inflatable and portable spas received the “plug and play spa” awards in the past. They are also very popular all over the world and you can find their store almost in every box store wherever you go. Lowes, Walmart, and Home Depot are just some places where you can find them in North America.

Their portable and inflatable spas are where they really stand out. Some of these units are specifically designed to be able to put in the trunk of a car. This is why a lot of people prefer this company over any other when it comes to portable units. These are also fairly easy to set up with minimal use of tools.  You can find their products in large box stores, as mentioned above, and in small dealerships, which means they are really big players in the market today.

8. Arctic Spas

Arctic Spas rely on inventing breathtaking and remarkable technology. They were the first ones to invent swim spas for all weather. Their hot tubs and swim spas use the same unique technology to achieve complete enjoyment. Insulation packages and efficient heat recovery systems are among their most developed features. People who live in cold climates are especially interested in this company due to their hut tub efficiency in cold weather.

Besides, this company was among the first ones that developed an app for a smartphone from which you can monitor and control your hot tub. The app allows you to manage sanitation and heat at the same time.

9. Beachcomber

Beachcomber is a brand that takes particular care of its customers, producing marvelous products. It is one of the hot tub manufacturers that are known for their quality and cheaper prices. Some people might consider the look of these hot tubs plain, but this is mainly because the company has its focus on the function and not looks. A good side to this is that it is really easy to maintain this kind of a hot tub, and there are also a lot of options for service. The company has a lot of dealers all over the United States, but also in the world. A lot of users are very happy with their products and the things they enjoy the most is simplicity, molds, and minimalistic designs. There hasn’t been too much complaining about comfort.

Similar to the previous company, Beachcomber deals with colder climates quite well. They produce hot tubs that can withstand northern climates with little to no problems. So, if you’re located in a snowy area, Beachcomber might be the best choice for you!

10. Dimension One Spas

Dimension One Spa is constantly working on its impressive variety of products. They have different designs and high-performance hot tubs and spas, which is why they’re considered one of the best spa manufacturers in the world. The company has a lot of dealers they work with, meaning that their swim spas and hot tubs have big support. Considering swim spa and hot tub brands, D1 is among the favorites for a lot of people.

The variety of molds D1 offers is their biggest advantage over other companies. The company has a policy saying that they will try their best to provide the purest water available to their hot tub customers. One of their most popular systems is the UltraPure. In simple words, this feature keeps your spa as clean as possible by cutting down the number of chemicals in it.

The progressive water care treatment and the hot tub design that this company provides have won many different awards. The heating system is also uniquely designed to run at low energy wastes.

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Choosing the right hot tub can be a very long journey, which may be a bit confusing. To choose the best tub for your needs, you need to consider all the little things that you’re looking for in a spa. Different manufacturers offer different features, designs, and services. So, reading about the best of them is always a good idea before you make your choice.

 If you decide to pick any manufacturer from our list, you likely won’t make a mistake since they are among the best hot tub manufacturers in the world. Just make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for from a hot tub, and determine how you’re going to use it. Good luck with the purchase!

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