Solid Gray Adult Backpack Review


The Solid Gray Adult backpack is built to make a statement. It boldly chooses to go in a direction that not many would follow by proposing a hard shell, instead of a soft and bendable bag, shaped as if it comes straight from the future. Striving to break new ground in what has been done regarding backpacks so far, the Solid Gray sets the bar very high for innovation and design.

By now, we all know what to expect from a backpack. Sure there might be some pockets placed in a strategic spot we hadn’t thought about or shaped in a peculiar way we had not anticipated, but apart from that, we know what we’re going to get if we choose to buy one. They come decorated and arranged for all occasions but, unless you’re going for something really specific, they are all variations on the same basic model.

The Solid Gray Adult backpack stands out because of the bold choices it makes, giving you a hard protective shell and a completely flat back, features which some may adore while others may question. Whatever may your case be, you can’t deny that a backpack such as this will make many heads turn in the trendy cities, and for some people, this is exactly what they want from their everyday accessories. 


The Solid Gray Adult backpack stands out from any other backpack you’ve ever set your eyes on because of its hard shell design. Both the backplate and the main section of the backpack are made from very tough plastic, but the whole bag remains lightweight and easy to carry. The two plastic side parts hinge together at the bottom and when they are brought close, they can be quickly and easily fastened thanks to clipping smart locks. These produce a loud “snap” when they are fastened so you will be sure they are securely closed.

Inside the bag, the space near the back panel is reserved for a laptop. The bag is built to accommodate computers up to 15.6 inches diagonally and these can be fastened to the bag with straps, preventing them from moving around the backpack. The panel is also padded to avoid scratches from friction against the plastic surface. Two internal compartments are also present to let you organize your small items or phone and a very nice touch is the inclusion of a foam padded document clip, to keep individual pieces of paper locked into place. The whole backpack is sized to meet the requirement for carry-on luggage of most of today’s airlines.

Another ingenious feature of the Solid Gray Adult backpack is the ability to switch shoulder straps since these can be attached and released with a single click. Multiple color options are available both for the bag and for the straps, opening the door to multiple combinations that you can quickly change to best fit your outfit for the day. Finally, a hidden handle made from the same high-quality plastic is built on the top of the bag and can be quickly extracted should need to be. The backpack is proudly entirely made in Amsterdam, with special attention to building quality and ethical labor. Here is a complete list of features of the Solid Gray Adult backpack.

  • Entirely plastic body
  • Boldly innovative design and stylish look
  • The tough exterior provides excellent protection to items inside
  • Lightweight
  • Removable and interchangeable shoulder straps
  • Fits laptops up to 15.6 inches
  • Two smaller internal compartments
  • Suits airline cabin requirements
  • Internal document holder
  • Hidden top handle
  • A wide array of stylish color options
  • Entirely made in The Netherlands



Exterior dimensions: 500 x 320 x 200 mm / 19.7 x 12.6 x 7.9 inches

Weight: 1.3 kg / 2.866 pounds

Volume: 15 litres / 915 cubic inches

Body material: Polymer plastic

Rivet Material: Aluminium

Maximum load: 10 kg / 22 lbs

User Experience


Comfort and usability: As far as usability goes, the Solid Gray Adult is still a pretty good backpack. It manages to carry a very respectable amount of items and is portable enough to not get in the way of your everyday routine, despite its non-flexible design. Laptops feel well taken care of thanks to the straps and the padding while the smaller compartments are exactly right for phone, headphones, keys, or all sorts of portable items. The document holder is also a smart way to hold pieces of paper firmly in place, but the rest of the inside space is empty, and this means that items are subject to hitting the rigid walls of the bag as you walk around. Another thing to consider is that the bag can start to feel slightly uncomfortable due to the lack of padding on the shoulder straps and the back. There is the option of adding a padded layer to the back, but it remains one solid straight piece of plastic that will not adapt to the shape of your back. 

Design: Style and design are areas where the Solid Gray Adult backpack strikes new highs since we haven’t seen anything looking quite like this ever before. The hard plastic shell is inspired by the natural armor that crustaceans and insects have and makes it look like something straight out of a science fiction movie. The backpack will blend perfectly with a modern, minimal, and even androgynous look, and is one of those items that aims to set the standards for what the future will look like. Many heads will turn on the street since the backpack is designed to make you stand out and does so perfectly, so any fashion lover who is willing to make a statement will find in the Solid Gray Adult backpack a perfect tool for the job.

Overall Rating


Comfort and usability: 92% – The Solid Gray Adult backpack remains a capable bag, but it does force you to make numerous compromises that lead it to be best suited to an urban environment. The volume you can bring along is respectable, but the limited number of internal sections means that you won’t be able to organize your stuff in the way that suits you the most. The possibility of it banging around the side also has to be taken into consideration, so those looking to fill the backpack to its maximum may prefer another option. If, on the other hand, all you need to carry is a laptop and a few other things, the Solid Gray Adult is a valid option that you’ll enjoy carrying around your city.

Design: 99% – Design and style are what you buy this backpack for, and it deserves extremely high marks because of its boldness and esthetic choices. The tough plastic shell looks like nothing else on the street and combines perfectly with the latest fashion trends that focus on minimal, contemporary lines with a hint of the future. The design mimics extremely well the feeling of having a shell on your back the likes of which crabs would, which is where the inspiration came from. This pushes the boundaries of what we are used to seeing in a backpack, paving the way for new, exciting possibilities and combinations that have yet to be invented. The Solid Gray Adult backpack is a confident and challenging step forward for the fashion of the new millennium, and we can’t help but applaud the innovators that have designed it.

Price: 93% – If you’re into fashion you’ll probably expect it, but the Solid Gray Adult backpack does not come cheap. Granted, it’s not just a backpack, and it incorporates design elements that require high performing minds to develop, but the price tag may be hard to swallow for some. For those who are already accustomed to designer items, the price will come as no surprise and they might well be prepared for it. 

Overall: 94% – The Solid Gray Adult backpack is a good choice as a backpack, but the boldness of the choices it makes will divide customers. Simply put, this is an item you will either love or despise. Those who want more functionality and versatility won’t be impressed by the futuristic design, while the more fashion aware will probably love the inspiring look and be willing to sacrifice some usability to bring it with them. The build quality is all there and the backpack is excellent, you just have to figure out if it speaks to you or not.

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Most backpacks we think of focus on the function rather than the form, and end up looking very similar to one another. The Solid Gray Adult backpack boldly chooses a different way, delivering a package that will challenge your pre-established ideas about what a bag should look like. Love it or hate it, it will all come down to personal preference, but we can’t help but respect the courage and ingenuity that stand behind this product.

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Solid Gray Adult Backpack Review
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