Snowboarding Guide: How To Nose Roll


Doing tricks on your snowboard is the essence of having fun on the ice. And one of the main tricks that you can perform is the nose roll. While it may seem difficult it is an easy trick to learn. What’s more, you can use it on any type of snow whether hard or soft.

When you want to make your snowboard turn on a dime, the nose roll is one trick that will help you achieve just that. Note that it is crucial that you first learn how to snowboard. This snowboarding guide teaches you how to perform a nose roll.

The nose roll technique

Before you can perform the nose roll however, you need to first ensure that your weight is distributed evenly on top of that snowboard. You can do this by flexing your knees. Then take the weight off the tail end of the snowboard and turn your front foot sharply, rotating it. This will roll the nose or front end of the board and you will turn on a dime.

Once the turn is complete, you will land low again. Sometimes you may need to allow the board to scoot so that the tail end is loaded and it doesn’t slip.

Doing the backside nose roll

As with any other trick you have learned so far, practice makes perfect so it’s a good idea to perform the nose roll often. Once you get the hang of it, you can proceed to learn the backside nose roll. Check out the snowboarding tips and tricks guide to see what else you can include in your bag of tricks.

You will use the same rotation only this time you will be doing it in the opposite direction. Let the snowboard roll over on the snow while still maintaining contact with the snow.

Granted this can be quite tricky compared to performing the forward nose roll as you are likely not seeing where you are going.

There are also other variations of the nose roll.

The switch butter nose roll-360


To perform the switch butter nose rolling you will be riding your snowboard on the switch as you ride down that snowy hill on the hillside. Then when you are ready to perform the butter nose roll it’s all about shifting your weight on the board from the back to the front slightly.

Then in one move you will move and rotate the shoulders such that your body makes a complete 360-degree turn. Note that the switch butter nose roll 360 is not for changing direction. It is, however, a cool trick to add to your arsenal.

When your body is just about to turn, and you are also just about to turn the snowboard, this is when you need to pop the nose of the board. This allows the board to move clean off the snow and turn a complete 360 degrees.

Note that you will be landing in the very same direction that you started. always ensure that you have the right snowboarding gear including the best snowboarding goggles.

The butter

The butter is where you balance on the nose of the snowboard and turn a complete 180 degrees. It is the best way to practice the nose roll.

The first thing to do when practicing butter nose rolling is to practice doing manually the right way. While you are on flat snow, start off by raising the nose of the board off the ground and then twist your torso to spin the board.

Make sure you are in a comfortable position before you start spinning and also move in the direction which you are most comfortable with.

Once you get your more comfortable direction right, then you can start practicing in the other direction.

Remember that you are spinning on your tail. Also, it is crucial that you have the best snowboarding boots. These will keep your legs and feet safe when trying to nose roll.

Then you can graduate to the slopes. Start off by finding a gentle slope and repeat the steps while sliding down the slopes. You will start by your tail manual, then make a complete 180-degree spin and then land in your switch position. After doing this a few times you will start to get the hang of it and the move will come naturally to you.

Then you can move on too much steeper slopes.

Globo Surf Overview

Perhaps the best way to perfect the nose roll is to learn how to butter. While some believe that there is a difference between the butter nose roll and the nose roll, others consider them quite similar. The trick, however, is to practice and develop the skill.


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