How To Fix A Sleeping Bag Zipper


A broken or worn out zipper is the least expected thing while one is out there in the wilderness. There are times when you are out for camping, ready with everything; you have already pitched your tent and your camping gear is all set.

Sleeping time is here and you are trying to get yourself fit in the sleeping bag and ouch! You pull out the zipper and it’s in your hands!

This is one of the worst feelings, having to sleep in an unzipped sleeping bag.  It is actually similar to not having one at all. You will probably spend the entire night cursing the person who sold it for you but, poor quality is not always the case, sometimes it’s just an accident!

Next time you are going out with your crew you will know how to go about sleeping bag zipper repair. So let’s get to it.

What You Need

There are just two possible problems that come along with the mention of sleeping bag zipper. It’s either the zip became too loose to hold everything together and keeps on running down even after closing it, or it is completely broken and needs replacement.

Whatever the case, getting loose or just breaking or wearing out you will need a few tools to get this job going.

  1. A pair of needle-nose pliers
  2. A pair of end nipper tool
  3. A zipper stopper
  4. A zipper slider.

Tightening a sleeping bag zipper

This is just way easier than having to replace it with a new one. It won’t consume much of your time either! The problem here is that the zipper slider may have worn out and it no longer holds the teeth together.

Use your pair of needle-nose pliers to fasten your zipper slider into its original size. However, it’s not guaranteed that this will work. Well, if plan A fails there is always a plan B!

You don’t have to remove the zipper slider, just apply a little pressure on each side of the slider with the needle-nose pliers. Be very careful; the squeezing should be even to ensure that the slider doesn’t very common jam. However, consider this act as temporary because it would be better if you replaced the zipper slider to make the repair permanent.

How To Replace A Sleeping Bag Zipper Slider


Move the old slider down to remove it completely from your zipper. You were obviously not planning to carry on the sleeping bag zipper repair process when the old zipper is still there.

Do you know that stopper at the top end of the zipper? Remove it gently using your end nipper tool. Some of these stoppers may prove to be a little bit difficult to remove because they are made of plastic and could break so easily.

However, this should not worry you much. You can just remove and then replace it with another one from an old windbreaker jacket or with some threads after you are done fixing.

It’s now time to launch the new zipper slider! If it’s unused, introduce it to the zipper from where you removed the stopper. However, if you got it from some old jacket then you may need to adjust the sides a little bit to ensure that it fits in perfectly. This may take a little more time though.

Return the stopper to its position. If the other stopper got broken when you were removing it, you can improvise some threads. It may appear a bit odd but all you want is something to serve the purpose, right?

Get A New One!

The two options above may end up failing. You may find out that the teeth of your zipper are so damaged that neither tightening the zipper slider nor getting a new one will work for this. So you have to get the whole zipper off the sleeping bag and buy another one.

This process may take some time because you may not be able to do it yourself considering that nobody carries a sewing machine while going out there. It may have to wait until you get back home to work on it. But this doesn’t mean that the process is tough. You just need to keenly remove the old zipper from the sleeping bag and sew in the new one.

Globo Surf Overview

Still, wondering how to fix a sleeping bag zipper? Above is all the information you need.

But before you even sit down and pick your pliers to start your sleeping bag zipper repair process first study everything to determine the actual problem. It would feel so bad if you rushed to adjust your zipper slider only to later discover that the teeth of the zipper themselves are the problem.

That is not all! Not just any slider will fit into all zippers; that makes it hard to find a replacement for the old one. Always ensure that you at least have two that match the one that is in the sleeping bag already to avoid too much hassle.

You now have no reason to sleep in an unzipped sleeping bag. Just grab your camping lantern, follow the above tips and your bag will be back in shape in no time.

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