10 Best Ski Resorts In Washington State


Regardless of the time of year, there are plenty of recreational opportunities to be had in Washington State. In the warm summer months, the most common activities that you will find on the mountain slopes include biking and hiking.

However, when the winter season arrives, the slopes come alive with skiers and snowboarders of all experience levels. There are many world-renowned ski resorts in Washington offering some of the best skiing in Washington State experiences that you can find. Just make sure you know how to get on and off ski lifts.

These are the 10 best ski resorts in Washington State.

1. Mt. Baker Ski Area

Mount Baker receives the most snow of all the resorts in Washington State with an average of 600 inches every season. With common powder days, there is nothing left to do but enjoy the slopes.

Mt. Baker ski area is found in northern Washington and you can reach there by taking an hour’s drive north of Bellingham. The ski resort is situated next to the North Cascades National Park. Offering over 1000 acres of skiable area, you can enjoy the scenery as you ride down the slopes between Mount Shuksan and Mount Baker.

Mount Baker has everything that a skier would need while catering to all experience levels be it beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers. The ski season here is long with up to 150 days, and with well-groomed runs and a terrain park, it is no wonder that many winter athletes consider the Mt. Baker ski area as the best ski resort in the State of Washington.

Why we love Mt. Baker ski resort

    • High amounts of snow
    • Smooth powdery runs
    • Long ski seasons

2. Steven’s Pass Ski resort

One of the most interesting features of Steven’s Pass is that it will even cater to non-skiers. There is the Cascadian kitchen to look forward to with plenty on the menu to choose from. And when you want to extend your time on the slopes, you will enjoy the night skiing in Washington State. This occurs each day, especially during the peak winter season.

Stevens Pass is a favorite for ski and snowboarders alike. There are 3 slopes to choose from and these are split between two mountains. The snow is reliable with the area receiving up to 450 inches of snow each season making it among the best Washington State skiing resorts.

Stevens Pass ski resort will cater to experts as well as beginners with its 1200 acres of skiable terrain. Any of the 10 high-speed chairlifts will get you to the top of the mountain quickly so you can enjoy your run down.

Always make sure that you know what to wear skiing before heading to the slopes.

Why we love Stevens pass resort

    • Skiable terrain for all level skiers
    • Plenty of accommodation and dining options
    • Lit passes when it gets dark

3. The Summit at Snoqualmie

The summit at Snoqualmie is popular for having some of the best-groomed Nordic trails that lead away from the resort and span over 50 kilometers. This is certainly the place to be for any adventurous skier or snowboarder.

Being so close to Seattle, many skiers from Seattle will visit the Summit at Snoqualmie. This is a world-class ski resort that comprises four fountain peaks. These include summit east, summit central, and summit west.

Whether you an experienced skier or are just starting to learn, you can have the time of your life at the Summit at Snoqualmie. That said, what draws people here in the winter terrain and the quality of the snow. You’ve got plenty of options with more than 100 runs and a huge skiable area of well over 2000 acres.

Note that ski boots can be the difference between having a great time on the slopes and leaving with injuries. Make sure that you are wearing the best ski boots.

And people from Puget sound are not the only visitors here as draws skiers from all over the world.

Why we love the Summit at Snoqualmie

  • Close to Seattle
  • Plenty of ski runs
  • Long groomed trails
  • Huge areas of skiable terrain

4. Crystal Mountain ski resort

Crystal Mountain resort is situated very close to Mount Rainier national park so you know the views are going to be spectacular especially when the weather is clear. It features the biggest skiable area in Washington with more than 2600 acres of skiable terrain, an eight-passenger gondola, and with the 10 chairlifts, get ready for the time of your life.

Performing the 10 best ski exercises will keep your body physically fit for the skiing adventure ahead.

Reaching Crystal Mountain ski resort is easy. Whether you are located in Seattle or Bellevue, it is a 2-hour drive. It is a popular ski destination and it gets busy especially over the weekends. However, with so much skiable terrain, this certainly is not a problem.

Why we love Crystal Mountain ski resort

  • Biggest skiable terrain in Washington
  • Excellent views of the surrounding landscape
  • Great runs for the advanced skier

5. White Pass Ski Area

If you are searching for a ski resort in Washington that offers a variety of different activities and experiences consider White Pass ski resort. It is among the most well-known resorts in the State thanks to its huge diversity of activities and offers among the most varied terrain in Washington.

White Pass Ski Area mostly draws people to the nearby Yakima town situated just 50 miles away. You can locate the ski resort near Mount Rainier at a distance of 25 miles. This is by no means a small ski resort with 1500 aces of snow-covered terrain to ski on. You have a choice of the 6 chairlifts.

There are plenty of routes to choose from. Beginners, intermediate as well as advanced skiers can find the perfect run. Even then it is important to understand the skiing dangers and risks so you can best avoid them.

But the fun doesn’t end at the slopes. There are plenty of different events to look forward to. One of the most popular is the winter carnival that is suited for the whole family.

Why we love the White Pass ski area

  • Variety of skiing terrain
  • Winter Carnival and parties
  • Located between Mount Adams and Mount Rainier

6. 490 North Mountain Ski Resort

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of the resort is the fact that it is among the largest ski resorts in Washington State. While not as large as Crystal Mountain, it still offers over 2300 acres of skiable area. There are also 50 different runs that you can choose from.

Having the best camera for skiing will help you record all those awesome moments on the slopes.

You can locate 490 North Mountain Ski Resort in the northeast of Washington State. The ski resort is situated less than 60 miles to the north of Spokane. It is a popular ski resort with the snowboarders and skiers in the region.

Let’s not forget the community around the 490 North Mountain Ski Resort. With events such as the Saturday night skiing live event, as well as the annual Hawaiian day celebrations to look forward to, there are plenty of experiences and fun to have at 490 North Mountain Ski Resort.

Why we love 490 North Mountain Resort

  • 50 well-groomed runs
  • Plenty of snow
  • Evening and weekend entertainment

7. Mission Ridge Ski and snowboard resort

Mission Ridge ski resort is situated on the eastern side of the Cascade Range. What makes it stand out is that even while being large, it still offers a small mountain experience. With more than 2000 acres of snowy terrain, this is also one of the main Washington State skiing resorts where you will not find any crowds. If you are a skier or snowboarder who prefers large open spaces, Mission Ridge ski and snowboard resort is the place to be.

There are four chairlifts, and the relaxed atmosphere contradicts the adrenaline-pumping experience of heading down the long pistes at high speed. Ensure you are wearing the best base layers for skiing to keep yourself warm.

And if day skiing in Washington State is not enough for you, why not take advantage of the night skiing that happens at Mission Ridge Ski and snowboard resort every Saturday? Then there is Hampton lodge. You can come here after you have had all the fun skiing the awesome slopes for some great tasting French fries topped with gravy and cheese curd.

Why we love Mission Ridge Ski & Snowboard resort

  • Fewer crowds
  • Very relaxed atmosphere
  • Some very steep runs for the experienced skier

8. Alpental ski resort

Alpental ski resort is among the 4 ski areas that are part of the summit at Snoqualmie. The resort, however, is unique and stands out from the other three because of its location. It is situated on the other side of the interState 90. There are also more challenging slopes making it a great choice for the advanced skier.

This is not the largest ski area on our list having around 800 acres of skiable area. If you are up for the task and the challenge, this is one resort that you want to check out.

The Alpental back bowls offer some great backcountry skiing experiences and are one of the most easily accessible in Washington State.

That is not to say that the beginner skier or snowboarder cannot make the most of their time here. There are still some awesome beginner routes. That said make sure you are conversant with avalanche safety.

When many people think about skiing or snowboarding in the pacific northwest, often it is the Alpetal ski area that comes to mind. With some of the steepest runs, it is crucial that you are well prepared and that you have taken the necessary safety measures.

Why we love Alpental ski resort

  • Great runs for the experienced skier
  • There are the Alpental back bowls that are fun
  • Plenty of ski area

9. Mt. Spokane Ski and snowboard park

Mt. Spokane Ski and snowboard park is situated inside the mt. Spokane National park. This is an easy to locate ski resort situated just 25 miles from Spokane.

There are plenty of factors that make MtSpokane ski and snowboard park among the most popular Washington State skiing resorts. First is the over 1000 acres of skiable terrain and the fact that it receives more than 300 inches of snow each winter ski season.

Ensure that you understand how to stay warm and protect your face when skiing.

What’s more, is that the snow quality at MtSpokane ski and snowboard park is amazing. This also has a huge effect on the popularity of the resort. The snow is fluffy and powdery creating some awesome and fun runs.

You can find MtSpokane ski and snowboard park to the east of Washington State.

Why we love MtSpokane ski and snowboard park

  • Long skiing seasons
  • High-quality powdery snow
  • Clear weather

10. Ski Bluewood

Ski Bluewood may not be the largest ski resort in Washington State. However, with its 4450 feet of base height and the fact that it receives good and adequate snow through the winter, many consider it a gem and a well-kept secret ski destination in Washington State.

You will find that the lift tickets are much more affordable compared to some of the other ski resorts on this list. Having explored the runs, you can enjoy a delightful night’s sleep at the lodges. The accommodating here is also affordable and, surprisingly, there are no huge crowds here.

It is also referred to as the Ski Bluewood ski area by locals and is situated near the Idaho and Oregon border. It comes as no surprise that it draws crowds from both these States. Ski Bluewood is located in the blue mountains in the southeast.

There are plenty of health benefits of skiing all of which can be had at the Ski Bluewood ski resort.

Some of the base facilities that you can find at Ski Bluewood include a snowboard and ski rental department with a full-service operation. There is also a learning center where beginners can learn to ski and snowboard. With its retail shops and patrol services and pub, Ski Bluewood ski resort is among the few self-sufficient resorts in Washington State.

Why we love Ski Bluewood

  • Fewer crowds
  • Plenty of accommodation options
  • Plenty of snow

Globo Surf Overview

Washington State is a great skiing and snowboarding destination. The ski resorts feature some high-quality snow and some such as Alpental also offer some deep and steep runs for the thrill seeker.

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