10 Best Ski Resorts In South America


Although it works at a different pace compared to North America or Europe, skiing in South America is something worth thinking about and checking out once the opportunity to try it occurs. In this article, we’ll introduce you to 10 of the best South American ski resorts, so you know which one suits you the best even before you begin your trip. Every one of these offers a different experience, so find the one that suits you the most and pack your stuff!

1. Portillo Ski Resort – Chile

Since 1966, when it was used as a host city of the World Skiing Championship, Portillo is one of the best and most beloved ski resorts for the vast majority of experienced skiers. One of the main strengths of Portillo Ski resort is its unbelievably steep slopes that offer a great sense of excitement, which places it on the top of locations for skiing in South America.

Portillo also offers a one-of-a-kind ski in-ski out experience, and it is not as crowdy as some other places thanks to the fact that avalanches occur regularly, but if you’re an experienced skier seeking an adrenaline rush and the place to develop your skiing knowledge even further, this is the right one for you. Especially if you choose to try heli-skiing.

What Makes It Different

  • Slope steepness
  • Challenging nature
  • Great, ski in-ski out accommodation and service
  • Amazing local food
  • Easy to reach
  • State-of-the-art groomed tracks
  • It is not crowded most of the time

2. Nevados De Chillan – Chile

Although it may sound scary thanks to its location, Nevados de Chillan is just the opposite – probably one of the greatest places to learn how to ski. But first, about the location…

Nevados de Chillan ski resort is located between Viejo and Nuevo volcanoes, so you’ll get the chance to tell the story about the time you’ve skied on the rivers of lava. Extinguished, yes, but still, lava is lava! However, if you’d prefer to skip the off-piste challenge, you’ll be greeted with lots and lots of free space to practice your skills on probably the best powder in the whole of South America. Combined with skiing schools, Nevados de Chillan offers you a great chance to learn how to ski.

And that’s not all. Besides great ski slopes, this ski resort is unique among South American ski resorts thanks to the fact that it was previously known by the name of Termas de Chillan. The name has changed, but the purpose is still the same, so you’ll be able to visit spas and relax your muscles before going out on dinner in some of the most amazing local restaurants.

What Makes It Different

  • Great backstory
  • Lots of quality snow
  • Lack of crowd
  • Spas
  • Great food

3. Valle Nevado – Chile

Valle Nevado is one of the most popular ski resorts in Chile among local people, but it has gained some popularity among foreign skiers in recent years, so it is now considered to be one of the main ski attractions in South America.

What makes it so great are well-groomed intermediate level slopes, while it offers challenging but safe slopes for beginners. It is also regarded as the best ski resort for the whole family. There are lots of activities for kids, great restaurants, plenty of places to have fun during the night time, so it offers one of the best overall skiing experiences. Not to mention the fact that you’ll get the chance to enjoy a great view and to ski on one of the best terrains you’ll see. The possible downside is the price because Valle Nevado is one of the most expensive ski resorts in South America, but on the bright side, you’ll get what you’ve paid for, so you’ll be in for a pretty impressive ski trip from every aspect imaginable. Especially if you’re a beginner or intermediate skier seeking to improve.

What Makes It Different

  • High standard of accommodation
  • Great service
  • Fantastic terrain for intermediate and beginners
  • Great resort for the whole family

4. Cerro Catedral – Argentina

Although the vast majority of Cerro Catedral visitors are either beginner or intermediate level, what makes this place and its Bariloche ski resort so great are its advanced and off-piste ski tracks. Not only thanks to a great powder but also because of its pretty out-of-this-world-looking tracks. And when you reach the area where you’ll be able to see Lake Nahuel Huapi you’ll most likely stand still and admire the beauty of the sightseeing for at least a couple of minutes.

Cerro Catedral is one of the few ski resorts in South America with a base village, it has more than 3,000 acres of skiable terrain, but the most impressive fact is this – more than half of those 3,000 acres are off-piste terrains! When it comes to grooming slopes, out of 120 kilometers about 25 percent are advanced and expert tracks. This resort is also famous for its tree skiing, so if you plan to visit this place, make sure to learn how to get out of the tree well. It is also one of the busiest ski resorts in South America while staying really inexpensive.

What Makes It Different

  • Great off-piste terrains
  • Amazing for advanced skiers
  • Inexpensive
  • Chance to learn how to ski among trees
  • Beautiful terrain
  • Lots of space
  • Fun base village with great food

5. Cerro Bayo – Argentina


Not so famous, Cerro Bayo is slowly but surely becoming a huge hit among skiers in South America. Located in Argentina, this ski resort offers one of the most interesting experiences of skiing in South America. It is not as big as those resorts we’ve mentioned before because it has only 25 runs, but it offers the chance to check your skills on some of the most challenging South American advanced runs.

Up until recent years, Cerro Bayo has been used by locals for family weekend ski trips, but since then it has gained lots of attention among ski enthusiasts seeking some new excitement. And this resort offers just that. Amazing views on Nahuel Huapi lake, steep terrains, astonishing forests surrounding the resort result in one of the greatest overall skiing experiences. Combine it with the lack of crowd and you’ll easily get to learn what makes it so inspiring.

What Makes It Different

  • Breath-taking sights
  • Constant development, so visiting it two times in a row will most likely be completely different in a positive way
  • Uncrowded resort
  • Fresh powder
  • Great for backcountry skiing

6. La Hoya – Argentina

If you’re looking for a place with great powder, challenging rides, and interesting off-piste terrains, La Hoya is the place to visit. La Hoya is one of the most popular ski resorts for families thanks to its easiness and affordable prices, compared to most other ski resorts around. What makes it even more interesting is its shape that leads all tracks into one area.

However, the real thrill of this resort comes with the first step on its off-piste tracks. Great scenery, beautiful tracks, sunny weather, and fresh powder all lead to a pretty impressive experience.  It is also not so popular among the international skiers, so you’ll most likely be greeted by the lack of crowd.

What Makes It Different

  • Great off-piste terrain
  • Great powder
  • Uncrowded
  • Low-cost

7. Ski Corralco – Chile

If you’re not into wild nightlife or don’t seek for much activities unrelated to skiing, Corralco in Chile should be on the top of your “to visit” lists. At this resort, you’ll be able to focus solely on your skiing and to rest and relax completely when done for the day.

What makes this place unique is the total lack of any form of noise, although the question is how long will it stay this way because Corralco is one of the fastest-developing ski resorts, so it is basically a matter of time when the skiing enthusiasts from all around the world would like to try this new and unfamiliar place. Before that happens, if you opt to try it out, you can expect an uncrowded location that is great for children and beginners, and where all the excitement comes solely from skiing – whether regular or backcountry.

What Makes It Different

  • Quiet and calm
  • Great for vacation
  • Great for families with children
  • Nice backcountry skiing areas

8. Chapelco Ski Resort – Argentina

If you manage to get by the Lanin volcano view undisturbed and stay calm, you’ll be in for a great and one of the most attractive locations for family ski trips. Chapelco ski resort is among the best ski resorts for the whole family, with special attention to kids. It offers lots of different facilities and activities for both grown-ups and kids, while it also offers more than enough challenging trails for all levels of skiers. Also, you can check our guide on how to teach your kids to ski.

It has one of the best ski lift infrastructures among all South American ski resorts, so every trail is easily accessible, while besides skiing you’ll also get the chance to participate in many different activities, such as snowshoeing, snowmobiling or to feel the thrill of Iditarod by trying out dog sledding. And when the time comes to relax, you could go out to dine in some of the local restaurants or to chill at local bars to regain energy for your next day on the track. Here you can learn how to get on and off a ski lift.

What Makes It Different

  • Great for children
  • Lots of different activities to try out
  • Great lifts
  • Best value for money

9. Farellones – Chile

Farellones is not a typical ski resort but a small ski area that provides access to El Colorado, La Parva, and Valle Nevado resorts. From Villa Farellones it is easy to get to these three resorts, so it is a great choice for a base location.

What makes this place so great is the fact that, besides great accessibility to those three resorts, Farellones also has a pretty rich nightlife, especially compared to these three resorts, so staying there will give you the chance to party basically anytime you’re off the snow. When it comes to Farellones ski pros, this is probably the best place to learn how to ski thanks to really gentle slops, although you may have to learn Spanish because there are no ski lessons in English. Another thing that makes Farellones special is the chance to really feel the culture of Chile thanks to its more traditional approach compared to most other resorts in South America.

What Makes It Different

  • Ski area made strictly for beginners
  • Great connection to three other resorts
  • Great nightlife
  • A chance to learn about Chilean culture and tradition

10. Las Lenas – Argentina

This Argentinian ski resort is an all-around resort that has it all a skier needs. It has terrains challenging enough for professionals and ski experts, but it also has trails of all other levels, from beginners to advanced skiers. Las Lenas is one of the favorite places for professionals to prepare for important competitions, and it surely offers some of the greatest trails, but most of them are completely weather-dependable. If the weather doesn’t allow, you won’t be able to access these runs.

The powder in Las Lenas is considered to be one of the best in the whole of South America, and it also offers a great range of activities, which is why it is a really popular option for family ski trips. Last but not least, Las Lenas is a place where you’ll get the chance to really meet Argentina and local people and experience one of the best parties of your lifetime.

What Makes It Different

  • Great nightlife
  • Great for families
  • Best place to learn about Argentinian culture
  • Great ski runs for all levels of skiing

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Skiing in South America is one of the most attractive trips you could ever take thanks to beautiful scenery, different culture, and challenging but fun runs. Learn about ski safety, pack your bags, and hit the road – South American ski resorts are waiting for you!

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