10 Best Ski Resorts In Russia

Russia offers snow hobbyists a vast selection of mountain resorts and ski areas to have fun and adrenaline-filled adventure. With well-groomed slopes and spots for off-piste skiing, this place is perfect for any ski enthusiast looking for a unique experience on the slopes. It is also one of the most budget-friendly places to ski.
The most popular resorts for skiing in Russia are located in the Italian Alps but areas like Sheregesh, Dombay, and Rosa Khutor in Sochi also make for a great ski vacation destination.
Here is our list of the 10 best Russian ski resorts you need to check out!

1. Rosa Khutor

Located in the Krasnodar Territory, 1700 km from Moscow, Rosa Khutor ranks among the most popular spots to ski and snowboard in Russia. Though the resort remains open all year round, the ski season runs from October to April.
Rosa Khutor has trails ideal for skiers of all levels. There is also an off-piste area for experts looking for more challenging opportunities. People who are just getting started with skiing and those looking to perfect their skills can take snow sports classes at the ski school available in the resort.
At Rosa Kids Club, your little ones will get acquainted with the basics of skiing with the help of special kids’ slopes and magic carpets.
Apart from skiing and snowboarding, Rosa Khutor also pampers tourists with plentiful non-ski activities and experiences including skating, shopping, spa treatments, and fine dining.

Why We Love Rosa Khutor

  • Perfect for skiers of all levels
  • Great place for kids
  • Ski school available
  • Off-piste skiing
  • Plenty of off-the-slopes activities

2. Sheregesh

Sheregesh settles in the Kemerovo region, about 4000 km from Moscow. Winter comes early here and ski lovers can enjoy the mountains as early as September.
Perhaps one of the reasons why snow sports fanatics are lured to this area is the unique terrain and snow quality. There is not a single time you will find powder freezing in Sheregesh, which is why this is one of the best places for powder skiing in Russia.
Sheregesh accommodates all types of skiing and ability levels. And due to its location in the central region of Siberia, the ski season can last up to seven months.
To get here, fly to Novokuznetsk and then use public transportation to the resort. Well, the 200 km stretch from Novokuznetsk may feel quite long but the unique experiences that await you will make the trip worth your while.

Why We Love Sheregesh

  • Accommodates skiers of all levels
  • Ski season starts early
  • Powder skiing

3. Dombay

If you are looking for a more challenging skiing experience, then Dombay could be the place for you. Dombay Ski Area is reputed for its scenic location, surrounded by picturesque mountains and three rivers.
Its highest peak, Mussa Achitara boasts 12 pistes of varying difficulty levels. For expert skiers looking for some off-piste fun, the place offers heli-skiing where you can bounce downhill on untouched snow.
However, as with all uncontrolled areas, off-piste skiing in Dombay is dangerous due to the risk of snow slides. That’s why heli-skiing is only allowed by the company of a professional guide or experienced instructor.
There is a ski school for adults in the resort. Kid’s ski courses are also available, which makes Dombay yet another great destination for people who wish to teach their kids to ski.
To access Dombay Ski Resort, take a flight from St. Petersburg or Moscow to Mineralnye town, then use a bus to get to the ski area.

Why We Love Dombay

  • Great for skiers of all levels
  • Heli-skiing
  • Ski school for both adults and kids
  • Stunning backcountry

4. Bolshoi Vudyavr

In the northern region of the Arctic Circle, a few kilometers from Khibiny Mountain hides Bolshoi Vudyavr Ski Area, a natural gem that attracts thousands of skiers to Russia.
Of all Russian ski resorts, this one is the hardest to reach but this is probably a good thing because it means there are fewer crowds. You will have 9 runs at your disposal, 6 reserved for beginners and the rest for intermediate and expert skiers.
Bolshoi experiences the longest winters in the country, lasting up to nine months. The temperatures here can get quite low too, so come prepared with extra winter clothing. If the cold gets unbearable, grab a hot meal from one of the restaurants and warm yourself up.

Why We Love Bolshoi Vudyavr

  • Quiet and tranquil
  • Perfect for skiers of all levels
  • Longer winters

5. Cheget


The Cheget Ski Area sits in the southern part of Elbrus, welcoming skiers and snowboarders of all levels. However, the spot is mostly ideal for expert skiers due to its high altitude. The ski season starts in November and runs till May.
Cheget resort began its operation in 1960 and since then, it has provided skiers with some of the most thrilling experiences including ultra-extreme skiing. There is also a snow park where you can have some off-the-slopes fun.
Those who come to beat the untamed off-piste terrain are handsomely rewarded with the stunning views of Elbrus, Russia’s highest mountain.
Photographers are also welcome here because the backcountry has plenty to offer. So next time you are visiting let your skiing camera be the second thing you pack, well after your skis!

Why We Love Cheget

  • Ideal for expert skiers
  • Beautiful views of Mt. Elbrus
  • Plenty of non-ski activities at the snow park

6. Volen

Volen is one of the most popular ski resorts near Moscow. It is located only 55 km from Moscow and anyone can get here by taxi or any public transport.
There are plenty of runs here, for both beginners and experts. On the days you are not skiing or snowboarding, go ice skating, snowmobiling, drive a buggy, or run on the luge track – the opportunities are endless.
You kids can take snow sports classes at the ski school as you explore the slopes. When you are done, take them out for lunch or dinner at one of the stylish restaurants near the resort.
Sure, Volen may not compete with the Alps in terms of infrastructure but is one of the few places you want to check out if you get a free day in Moscow.

Why We Love Volen

  • Accommodates skiers of all levels
  • Easy to access by public means
  • Great for people with kids
  • Plenty of off-the-slopes fun

7. Sobolinaya Mountain

Sobolinaya Mountain Ski Area may not be among our top three but still is a great spot for skiing in Russia. If you ever visit Lake Baikal during winter, make sure to come here for a few days.
There is enough snow at Sobolinaya Mountain and the fresh Siberian air will make each glide down the slopes even more delightful. Your eyes will also have plenty of magnificent landscapes to feast on too. The best time to visit will be between April and May; it’s usually known as the velvet season.
Sobolinaya Mountain offers trails for all levels of skiers, but due to poor roads and infrastructure, not many skiers come here. Hence, the spot is perfect for anyone looking to escape the crowds or to explore untouched snow.

Why We Love Sobolinaya Mountain

  • Accommodates skiers of all levels
  • Fewer crowds
  • Beautiful scenery

8. Mount Elbrus Azau

Mt. Elbrus Ski Area is located in Caucasus (Kabardino Balkariya region) 140 km from Nalchik town. Ski runs are on the southern slopes of the mountain and like in most Russian ski resorts, runs here accommodate all levels of skiers.
You will love skiing here especially when you know that this is one of the most beautiful places in Russia. Expert skiers, in particular, will love the ride on the off-piste side of the resort.
The only problem with Elbrus Azau is that there aren’t as many accommodation options as you would find in other resorts. Yes, it’s a shame especially when the area has the potential to rank among the most popular places for skiing in Russia and the whole of Europe.
Ski and snowboarding season begins in November and ends in May.

Why We Love Mt. Elbrus Azau

  • Great for skiers of all levels
  • Beautiful views of Mt. Elbrus
  • Off-piste skiing

9. Solnechnaya Dolina

Solnechnaya Dolina a.k.a Sun Valley is located in the southern Urals 1700 km from Moscow. With gentle slopes and a 250-meter elevation drop, the area is perfect for beginner skiers. First-time snowboarders also come here to take lessons from the snow sports school available in the resort.
In addition to these two activities, Solnechnaya Dolina Ski Area offers husky sledding and horse riding. There is just so much to do and so many areas to explore in, around, and outside the resort including Chelyabinsk, Lake Turgoyak, and Zlatoust.

Why We Love Solnechnaya Dolina

  • Perfect for beginner skiers
  • Plenty of non-ski activities
  • Many places to explore

10. Zavyalikha

The Zavyalikha Ski Area has been welcoming skiers and snowboarders since winter 2000. Located in Chelyabinsk, 1600 km from Moscow, Zavyalikha is famous for its gentle slopes, which allow beginner snow hobbyists to find their feet.
The lift system is mostly cable cars – no chairlifts like in most of the resorts, so your nose will not get frostbitten.
Zavyalikha is hard to access, which minimizes the number of skiers you find here. But that has not stopped the area from boasting some of the best accommodations and eateries in the region.
The ski school is available for people who wish to brush up their skills. There is also a park where you can try a few off-the-slopes activities like horse riding, sledding, and ice skating.

Why We Love Zavyalikha

  • Fewer crowds
  • Perfect for beginner skiers
  • Ski school
  • Plenty of non-ski activities

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The secret to enjoying any ski trip is choosing the right spot and having the right gear. If you are headed to Russia, the above list will be a good place to start. All these places are great for skiers of different levels and will give you a vacation of a lifetime.
But you need to plan and settle everything including flight and hotel bookings ahead of time to avoid last-minute inconveniences. Also, make sure to bring the right gear if you don’t want to waste money on equipment rental.
Furthermore, if you will be visiting an avalanche-prone area, be sure to take an avalanche awareness course. It would also be wise to choose a slope that aligns with your skill level.


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