3 Best Ski Resorts In Nepal


Nepal hosts some of the world’s tallest snow-covered peaks. The gorgeous Mt. Everest and the mighty Himalayas are the perfect destinations for anyone looking for a thrilling and unforgettable ride down the slopes.

However, due to economic challenges, the country is still struggling to make skiing a well-known sport to the locals. The sport is therefore not as developed as anyone would expect it to be when compared to countries that experience similar snow conditions.

But this has not stopped avid foreign skiers and snowboarders from flocking to the Roof of the World to get their share of the pleasure and excitement that comes from sliding on these reputed slopes.

Most skiing in Nepal happens in Mt. Everest and the Himalayas, and the enchantment of jumping and turning on skis in these snow-clad slopes is indescribable. If you are a beginner skier, you will cry, scream, and laugh at the same time as you speed downhill, but if experienced, you will savor every moment you bounce on the challenging slopes.

In this post, we highlight the three best Nepal ski resorts that will give you a vacation of a lifetime. Let’s dive in!

1. Ski Mera Peak

Located right next to Everest, Ski Mera Peak can be a great destination for strong skiers and snowboarders looking for a challenge.

There are guides to walk with you up to the mountain. Sure, your legs may not love the hike to the summit too much, but the interrupted views of the picturesque Everest is something you will remember for a long time.

Bring your ski camera and capture the scenic Makalu, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, and Kanchenjunga, another set of the world’s highest mountains that will be right in front of you. After the amazing, adventurous walk up the slopes, you will click into place and embark on the most adrenaline-charged ski descents on the planet.

A trip to Mera Peak will be a memorable one, whether you are going alone or with a group of friends. But the trekking experience will be even more fun when surrounded by people who keep you motivated to keep ascending, so tagging one or two of your buddies won’t be such a bad thing.

You will cross rivers, laugh at some of the silly beginner skier mistakes you have made in the past, and marvel at the stunning views of the mountains. Before you know it, you will have ascended the 1500-meter slope and ready to hit it hard!

Your journey downhill will be graced by the beautiful and clear view of Everest. Trust us, not many skiers or snowboarders have experienced such delight.

Why We Love Ski Mera Peak

  • Spectacular view of Mt. Everest
  • Great for expert skiers
  • Beautiful backcountry

2. Annapurna

Annapurna base camp has good slopes for skiing too. The trek to the top of Mt. Annapurna is a breathtaking walk through a diverse landscape rich in beautiful mountain vistas, stunning vegetation, quaint Gurung villages, and terraced fields. Moreover, you will reach your destination through Mt. Machapuchhre, which is admired by the locals for its matchless beauty.

The terrain in Annapurna is perfect for skiers of all levels. And once you are done skiing, soak in one of the natural hot springs near Jhinu Danda. Locals say that the waters in these springs have some sort of healing power, so they would be a great way to ease away your pains and aches.

Why We Love Annapurna

  • Accommodates skiers of all levels
  • Beautiful backcountry
  • Plenty of natural hot springs

3. Kuri

In the monumental Himalayas lies Kuri, another yet amazing spot for skiing in Nepal. Unlike Mera Peak and Annapurna, this one accommodates both beginner and expert skiers and snowboarders.

The surface has enough powder, which makes it ideal for anyone who fancies powder skiing.  The area has plenty of lodges too, that fit different budgets, so those long days on the slopes will be well rewarded with a relaxing soak in a hot tub and a comfortable slumber.

Looking for a little bit of après ski? No problem. Kuri’s got your name written all over it. You see, when night sets in, most of these lodges provide a campfire where you can dine, drink, and dance till dawn.

Why We Love Kuri

  • Powder skiing
  • Ideal for beginners and experts
  • Affordable accommodation
  • Après ski fun

When To Ski In Nepal


Most ski expeditions will be conducted in April and October, Nepal’s spring and autumn seasons respectively.

However, the peak season is October because there is more snow in the ski areas than in April. And of course, more snow equals more reliable skiing conditions. Keep this little piece of information handy for when going skiing in Nepal so you can book your trip when conditions are right for skiing.

Risks And Challenges

Nepal ski resorts are quite different from the Alps resorts or other skiing areas in the world. Well, even though skiing down these gigantic mountains can be majestic, it can be dangerous too.

High altitude sickness can be a lethal risk if one doesn’t take proper safety measures. One way to prevent altitude sicknesses would be to ascend slowly. If you are a novice skier or boarder sliding/riding a high mountain, always have an experienced guide with you. A professional ski instructor should be able to help you overcome high altitude sickness risks and ski safely.

High altitude sickness aside, skiing in Nepal puts you at a higher risk of avalanches. This is because, all ski resorts are located in off-piste terrain, meaning, there is little control of the snow. Coming here will require you to have a vast knowledge of avalanche safety, just in case.

Globo Surf Overview

Even though Nepal boasts some of the highest and most magnificent mountains, it still got a long way to go in terms of making it a top destination for skiing in the world. However, the above three spots show that there are still good Nepal ski resorts that offer a remarkable getaway for anyone looking to have some off-piste fun. So if this is what you are into, these can be a great place to get started.

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