10 Best Ski Resorts In India


You might not think of India as having some of the best ski resorts in the world. After all, this is a warm tropical destination. However, some snow-covered mountains and slopes offer a fun escape for skiing in India. The ski exercises will help get your body in the best shape for the adventure ahead.

Even in the summer months, there are still plenty of skiing opportunities in the mountains and the slopes situated right under the mighty and regal Himalayas. The ski experience in the northern part of India is simply remarkable.
These are the 10 best ski resorts in India.

1. The Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa

This luxurious ski resort is situated in the Pir Panjal area of the Himalayas. Surrounded by coniferous forest it features 85 rooms that offer spectacular accommodation and dining and with world-class cuisine.

What sets the ski resort apart is the world-class accommodation including the homeopathic spa treatment which you can look forward to after a long day of skiing. The quality of snow here has had the ski resort voted the 7th best skiing destination in Asia and among the best for skiing in India. Other activities to look forward includes guides through meadows, as well as treks and walks.

The infamous ski lifts will transport you to the Kong doori mountain situated close to mount Affawat. This point is at an elevation of 13,780 feet which is, in fact, the highest ski location for skiing Himalayas.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced skier, there are different ski packages on offer for an unforgettable experience. You can rent high-quality skiing gear and have access to top-notch instructors that will teach you how to ski if you are starting.

When planning a trip to the Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa, ensure you go through a skiing checklist to make sure you have all you need.

Why we love Kyber Himalayan Resort and Spa

  • The surrounding natural beauty
  • High altitude
  • High-quality snow

2. Clifftop club

What sets Clifftop club apart is its high altitude being the second-highest ski resort in the world. It stands 10,000 feet above sea level. It is a popular resort for skiing Himalayas and draws in crowds when hosting the annual winter games.

The terrain here is inhospitable and this only adds to the magic of the ski resort. If you are brave enough to push your way to the resort, you will be rewarded with spectacular mountain views and vistas. And when the weather clears under the sunlight, it creates the perfect conditions for wearing sunglasses for skiing. This is good news for people who prefer not wearing a ski helmet.

Some other activists to look forward to includes sledding, skating, and of course, skiing and snowboarding. There is also ski training for beginners. For the accommodation, you can choose between a single room, studio as well as family suites if you are traveling here with your family members.

Even better is the fact that you will receive 24/7 support in case you need any help.

Providing an excellent backdrop is the Gorson Reserve Forest that contains some rare wildlife such as the snow leopard, hyenas, and black bears.

Why we love clifftop club

  • Plenty of diverse activities
  • High altitude
  • Gorson Reserve Forest is close to the resort

3. Hotel Highlands Park

You can easily locate Hotel Highlands Park situated in Gulmarg thanks to its popularity. It offers plenty of diverse activities including skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. One of the main highlights of the Hotel Highlands ski resort is its cable car being the longest in India and starting from Gulmag meadow to Apharwat.

There are 9 luxury rooms to choose from all bearing a traditional design. You can also pick any of the 26 double rooms. The Hotel Highlands resort has a main building as well as 8 cottages. All of these offer you a front view of the ski area.

There are many steep slopes which are great fun to ski. However, such slopes can be hazardous to the inexperienced skier. It is therefore important to always brush up on the skiing dangers and risks. This will keep you safe and leave you to experience an amazing time at Hotel Highlands Park.

After a good long day of fun skiing, you will need to fill up on some tasty food. You can find delicious Indian, Chinese, and other international cuisines.

Why we love Hotel Highland Park

  • Plenty of diverse activities
  • Easy to reach the resort
  • High-quality snow

4. The Solang Valley Ski resort

The Solang Valley ski resort offers luxurious world-class accommodation.  The surrounding landscape is simply breathtaking with the mountains adding a stunning backdrop.

Wi-Fi facilities and big cozy rooms are part of the experience at the Solang valley ski resort. You can also enjoy the open-air outdoor food amenities located near the river. There is also a huge range of activities available to keep you well entertained and engaged.

Skiing here can take place at any time of the year thanks to the year-round supply of snow. There are expert teams that can teach you how to ski if you are a beginner. Temperatures can get quite chilly especially in the evenings so keep yourself warm with the best base layers for skiing.

However, when the temperatures rise, you can switch your skiing from the Solang valley to the Rohtang pass.

The slopes are ideal for both beginners, intermediate, and experienced skiers.

Due to the varying terrain, there are plenty of other activities that you can enjoy at the Solang valley ski resort. Rock climbing is a definite attraction and this is possible thanks to the mountainous terrain. The hills in Manali have many rock faces that you can explore.

River rafting is another common activity for skiers to enjoy. The river bees provide excellent rafting opportunities where you can pick between a 6 kilometer or a 13-kilometer rafting trip.

Why we love the Solang Valley Ski Resort

  • 5 start accommodation
  • The open-air outdoor food amenities
  • Diverse activities including rock climbing

5. The Vintage Gulmag ski resort


The Vintage Gulmag ski resort features the highest car cable in Asia. It starts from the Gulmag meadow which is 2,650 meters above sea level to Apharwat at 3890 meters.

Other than the usual skiing in India experience, the resort is also popular for its heliskiing. A helicopter will drop you in some of the most remote and inaccessible spots in the Himalayas where you can enjoy wide open powdery pistes. Going down such steep slopes will require you to know how to slow down skiing as some of them can be quite steep.

The rooms and architecture of the Vintage Gulmag resort are modern and contemporary. What’s more, is that the rooms are differentiated allowing visitors to pick the room that suits them the most.

And for the advanced skier, there are the Himalayan slopes to explore.

The gondola will also help you access the massive steeps slopes. Other activities to look forward to in the summer include golfing, sightseeing and fishing or angling.

Why we love the Vintage Gulmag ski resort

  • Modern rooms and architecture
  • Differentiated rooms
  • The highest car cable in Asia

6. The Himalayan Castle resorts

What sets the Himalayan Castle resort apart is its vicinity to waterfalls and mountain peaks and amazing greenery.

This is a perfect contrast to the snowy white slopes where you will make your way for an unforgettable skiing experience under the regal Himalayas. With plenty of runs to explore, you can ski to your heart’s content. Just make sure that you stay safe to enjoy your full stay at the resort. One of the ways you can do this is by learning how to fall as well as how to get up after a fall

A perfect retreat after a long day of skiing, you can relax in the pool as you enjoy the beauty of nature all around you.

Why we love the Himalayan Castle resort

  • Set close to waterfalls and the mountain peaks
  • Surrounded by stunning forests and natural beauty
  • Easy to access the resort

7. Negis Hotel Mayflower ski resort

Negis Hotel Mayflower Ski Resort is set on regular and reliable snow but perhaps its striking feature is the many steep runs for the advanced skier. What’s more, is that the terrain is varied and there are many runs to choose from offering skiers a diversified experience.

Manali on Himachal Pradesh is a pretty town that draws visitors from all over the world. There is plenty of snow during the winter and the pristine and stunning slopes create a remarkable skiing experience. Whether it’s during the winter season or the warmer summer months, it is an excellent skiing destination with wide open pistes and plenty of well-packed snow.

The Negis Hotel Mayflower ski resort features traditional British architecture. There are also some delish British cuisines offered at the resort. This is a family

Why we love Negis Hotel Mayflower ski resort

  • Traditional British architecture
  • Plenty of snow
  • Less steep slopes for the beginner

8. Manuallaya Ski Resort

Perhaps of all the ski resorts in India Manuallaya offers some of the best blue and red runs resulting in a great destination for beginners, intermediate as well as being an excellent family destination. It has one of the longest runs in the country and the less steep terrain makes it a favorite of many.

Kids can have a great time on the beginner slopes at Manuallaya ski resort. Since kids are likely to fall more times than adults, it’s important to ensure that your kids are wearing the best ski helmets for protection.

That said, some steep runs will cater to the more expected skier.

This is a popular Indian ski resort situated in Manali. It features large rooms with modern interior design and architecture.  And as for the food, you have a wide menu to choose from including Italian, Chinese as well as Tibetan cuisine.

Why we love Manuallaya Ski Resort

  • Modern design
  • Great food
  • Plenty of long runs

9. Fagu Ski resort

What makes Fagu hilltop such a popular ski resort in India is the fact that it is easy to access. The runs here are covered with reliable snow for most of the year giving it among the longest ski seasons in India.

Fagu ski resorts are located on the Fagu hilltop. Situated in Shimla, the surrounding landscape is stunning especially during the cold winter months where everything is covered in thick white snow.

There are plenty of activities to help make the most of your skiing in India trip with lots of runs to choose from.

Why we love Fagu ski resort

  • Beautiful surrounding landscape
  • Plenty of snow
  • Easy to access

10. Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Hotel

The Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam stands out as being the best for budget-friendly skiers and travelers. It is perhaps the most affordable ski resort in India and serves those who simply want to get on the slopes and ski the day away.

There is a ski shop when you can get some of the gear that you will need when riding the slopes. However, you can bring your ski boots, skis, and ski poles, if you prefer.

You can book a room through the ski resort website. There is plenty of lounge area to kick back and relax after a long day of skiing.

The surrounding environment is natural and maintains its pristine condition. It receives plenty of snow, especially during the winter months. There are many runs with varying terrain to choose from all of them offering a remarkable skiing experience.

Why we love Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Hotel

  • Affordable accommodation and dining
  • Easy to get to the resort
  • Plenty of snow and long runs

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While it is easy to think of India as having a tropical climate, its northern part lies next to the highest peaks in the world and is, therefore, the ideal destination for skiing Himalayas. It comes with some of the steepest runs and stunning landscape that you can find.


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