10 Best Ski Resorts In Iceland


Describing Iceland as a tourist location is one of the hardest tasks one writer can deal with. The reason is simple – describing the thrill and the feeling a person gets during some of the trips through this Nordic country located in the North Atlantic can’t be done by simply using words.

It is not just mystic, but it is also dramatic, unbelievably photogenic with some of the most breathtaking sightseeing places you’ll ever encounter… And you may even run into a reindeer!

All of these make Iceland one of the most attractive, yet unspoiled locations for skiing. In this article, you’ll get the chance to read about the best resorts for skiing in Iceland and snowboarding in Iceland.

1. Bláfjöll Ski Resort

Also known as the Blue Mountains, Bláfjöll, located about 33 kilometers from the city of Reykjavik, is considered to be one of the most popular resorts for skiing in Iceland mostly because of the ease of access. It doesn’t take more than half an hour to reach Reykjavik, and as soon as the temperature falls, this place becomes the center of all happenings.

Bláfjöll has around 15 kilometers of track, out of which 10 falls under the green circle ski level while the remaining five are considered blue square and are great for intermediate skiers. And, if you reach the mountain top, you may be able to enjoy the Northern Lights, as long as the weather allows it. Overall, this ski resort is a great choice for those who seek not only skiing thrill, but an all-around experience and a combination of amazing nature, challenging tracks, and fun nightlife.

What Makes It Different

  • Rich nightlife
  • Great for beginners
  • Amazing scenery
  • Ease of access

2. Dalvík Ski Resort

Next in line with the best ski resorts in Iceland is the Dalvík ski resort. Located a bit more than half an hour away from Akureyri, this small but meaningful resort is called “second home” by many ski and snowboard professionals from Iceland. It has only two lifts and about 5 kilometers of ski tracks, but you’ll get the chance to feel what it’s like to be a skier in Iceland. What makes this resort even more special is the fact that it is still unique and offers you the chance to meet the Icelandic culture as it is while you admire the view from some of the tracks that groomed many former World Cup and Winter Olympics competitors.

The best part of Dalvík, however, comes from off-piste trails and a pretty out-of-this-world backcountry skiing experience.

What Makes It Different

  • Dynamic off-piste trails
  • Often visited by professionals
  • Direct insight into the culture of Iceland

3. Ísafjörður Ski Resort

With around 9 kilometers of ski trails spread among easy (50 percent), intermediate (28 percent), and difficult (22 percent) slopes, Isafjordur has some of the steepest slopes on the island, which makes it popular locations for snowboarding in Iceland. Besides this, Isafjordur is also famous for lots of astonishing backcountry skiing trails. And to make it even more fun, the fact that it is located in the Westfjords region makes it quite attractive due to fact that you’ll be able to take a boat trip around Iceland and enjoy the view from the waters. So, have your camera on stand by.

What Makes It Different

  • Located near the sea
  • Perfect backcountry trails
  • Steep slopes for skiing experts

4. Oddsskarð Ski Resort

Some call it “Fjord Alps”, others regard it as a real eastern Iceland ski jewel, but one thing is certain – Oddsskard should be on the top of your “to visit” list when it comes to Iceland. It is located between the villages of Eskifjörður and Norðfjörður, so you’ll be able to feel the real Icelandic culture and enjoy their local cuisine. It is small, with a single ski lodge of a capacity of 40 people in sleeping bags, so you’ll most likely have to try to find accommodation in some of those two villages, but once you step on one of the runs or start your cross-country skiing adventure, you’ll be glad you’ve decided to check this ski resort out. And if you’re lucky enough, you may encounter an Icelandic fox or some other domestic wild animal along the way.

And another thing that separates this ski resort from the others – out of 9 kilometers of ski trails, 4 kilometers are considered difficult, so it will, without a doubt, provide you one of the biggest challenges a skier can meet.

What Makes It Different

  • Known as Iceland ski jewel
  • Best cross-country location in Iceland
  • Lots of wild animals

5.  Hlíðarfjall (Hlidarfjall) Ski Resort


Now the time has come for the real deal that will get your blood pumping through your veins. If you ask any skier which part of Iceland is the best for skiing, the vast majority will, without missing a heartbeat, point to the North. On the Northside of Iceland is a town called Akureyri. This ski resort is considered to be one of the main Icelandic attractions thanks to the mix of high-quality snow, breath-taking surrounding, and some of the best runs you’ll ever get the chance to ride.
This location is regarded as one of the main centers when it comes to skiing in Iceland and snowboarding in Iceland and it is home to many different competitions, but you’ll also be able to learn a lot about skiing and snowboarding Icelandic culture and magnificent history. Also, it is the biggest ski resort in Iceland with almost 15 kilometers of groomed runs.

What Makes It Different

  • Largest resort in Iceland
  • High-quality snow
  • Home to many ski and snowboard competitions

6. Siglufjörður Ski Resort

Many recent generations grew up reading Harry Potter books or watching movie adaptations, so you’re most likely familiar with trolls and elves. By visiting Siglufjordur, you’ll get the chance to see for yourself the place where trolls and elves used to live. Located in Trollaskagi, or Troll Peninsula, Siglufrordur is mostly famous for backcountry ski trails and off-piste skiing. Some people love to call this area a natural phenomenon thanks to the fact that it is surrounded by volcanoes, rocks, fjords, waterfalls…

But, that’s not all. After you’ve finished skiing and decide to relax in a local pub, don’t be surprised if you run into someone willing to tell you some of the famous local legends and tales that will make you realize the historical value of that specific location and want to book your trip for the next year as soon as possible.

What Makes It Different

  • Unique off-piste experience among rocks, volcanoes, fjords…
  • Surrounded by waterfalls

7. Lake Myvatn

Although not a ski resort, Lake Myvatn is one of the most attractive locations in Iceland. It is located near Akureyri which means it is easily accessible from Dalvik or Hlidarfjall and has many different snow and ice activities offered. What makes it even more attractive is the fact that a part of Game of Thrones was filmed on Lake Myvatn, so as you hit the trails during your cross-skiing adventure or feel the wind in your hair while on the dog sled you can say that you’ve been following the footsteps of Jon Snow.

This area is also one of the richest when it comes to history, legends and myths, so make sure your camera is ready to capture all those moments you’d love to keep with you forever and ever.

What Makes It Different

  • Famous for dog sledding
  • Great for cross-skiing

8. Ski Resort Húsavík

Probably the best place for skiing beginners, Husavik is also quite popular among snowboarders and it is regarded as one of the best places for snowboarding in Iceland. There are many interesting and challenging trails for snowboarders which makes it a favorite, while it also has something interesting to offer for freestyle skiers.

If you prefer to slowly investigate surrounding and love to participate in cross country skiing, place Husavik on the list and prepare yourself to take on the lava fields of Aðaldalur or the Botnsvatn lake. This location may not be as challenging for regular skiing, but you’ll most definitely get the chance to learn and experience something new and unusual.

What Makes It Different

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Cross-country skiing over lava fields

9. Ski Resort Skálafell

Same as Blafjoll, Skalafell is located about half an hour away from the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. At the age of about 1,8 million years, this ski resort lays on the remains of the inactive Sarladur volcano and it is connected to Esja mountain. There are many different slopes on 7 kilometers of groomed ski runs that are available from February to April.

What Makes It Different

  • Astonishing terrains
  • Beautiful view
  • Great for novice skiers

10. Stafdalur Ski Resort

When they talk about Stafdalur ski resort, located near the village of Seyðisfjörður, many skiers love to use the term “excellent”. This resort has 5 kilometers of groomed trails, but it doesn’t stop there – you can check out many different off-piste trails, try backcountry or cross-country skiing, snowmobiles, or any other ski-related activity you can think off. And last, but not least, Stafdalur is regarded as one of the most popular locations for snowboarding in Iceland.

What Makes It Different

  • The best overall skiing in Iceland resort
  • Great snowboarding in Iceland location
  • Chance to try any ski-related activity you can think of

Globo Surf Overview

Skiing is fun in general, but skiing in Iceland and snowboarding in Iceland, thanks to its mysterious, dramatic, and unique nature, will make the whole experience one-of-a-kind. With this article, you’ll know what to expect – now all you have to do is pack your bags and hit the nearest airport – season is just around the corner!

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