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There is no denying the fact that other Alpine countries, including France, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria, do feature longer ski seasons and higher mountains than Germany. However, Germany still has a lot to offer people who find white piste appealing.

Whether your goal is to try your beginner skis for the first time or you have been using your ski helmet and ski pants for a long time, you can find slopes ideal for your skill level in Germany. The country’s well-managed slopes offer breathtaking views and make each ski holiday memorable. To ensure that you have fun skiing in Germany, we have gathered the ten best German ski resorts.

1. Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in Bavaria, shot to fame back in 1936 when it hosted the Winter Olympic Games. The ski resort was also the venue for the 1978 and 2011 Alpine Ski World Cup. The ski resort boasts more than 37 miles (60 kilometers) of ski slopes, impeccably-groomed slopes, and 17 cutting-edge ski lifts.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen features 3 skiing mountains – the Hausberg, the Kreuzeck, and the Alpspitze. Hausberg (4,395 feet/1,340 meters) is ideal for children. Kids often have a blast in Kinderland, located next to the Hausberg cable car top station, under the watchful eyes of instructors.

Alpistze peak (6,726 feet/2,050 meters), gives skiers access to the perfectly-groomed and spacious slopes of Längenfelder and Osterfelder. After donning your ski jacket, gondolas will give you access to the Kreuzeck peak which features an altitude of 1,651 meters (5,415 feet).

At Garmisch-Partenkirchen, approximately 17 miles (28 kilometers) of cross-country ski tracks await you. These tracks are groomed daily and are free to use. After packing your cross-country skiing equipment, you can reach the tracks via hiking, public transport, or a car.

Why We Love Garmisch-Partenkirchen

  • A slope ideal for kids is available.
  • It is well-served by ski lifts.
  • Available pistes cater to the needs of every skier. The resort features 4 black pistes, 25 red pistes, 10 blue pistes, and 3 green pistes.

2. Grainau

Lying in the shadows of Waxenstein (2,277 meters) and Zugspitze (2,962 meters) in the Wetterstein mountain massif, Grainau gives skiers access to an incredible 4,431 feet (1,351 meters) of vertical descent.

The ski resort features direct access to approximately 116 kilometers of downhill skiing. After mounting and adjusting their ski bindings, skiers can access the resort’s 44 marked pistes via a total of 14 ski lifts.

Grainau is more ideal for intermediate and beginning skiers. Of its 44 marked pistes, 21 are rated red, 13 are rated blue, 8 are rated green while 2 are rated black.

Why We Love Grainau

  • 150 kilometers cross-country skiing tracks.
  • Snowmaking on 7 kilometers of the ski runs.
  • The resort features a variety of Terrain and snow parks.

3. Fellhorn – Kanzelwand

The most southerly ski resort in Germany, Fellhorn – Kanzelwand is one of the more popular German ski resorts. The area for skiing in Germany hosted Nordic Ski World Championships in 1987 and 2005.

28 ski lifts lend skiers access to more than 44 kilometers of downhill skiing. The ski lifts whisk a total of 29,200 skiers up the slopes every hour.

If you are 100% new to skiing, the ski resort may not be ideal for you – it doesn’t have green slopes. Of the 38 marked pistes available on the resort, 14 are rated blue, 21 are rated red, and 3 are ideal for advanced skiers. Cross-country skiers can explore 70 kilometers of Nordic trails.

Why We Love Fellhorn – Kanzelwand

  • The ski resort is family-friendly.
  • Ski lift lines are usually non-existent.
  • It features 650 meters ski cross trail with half pipe.

4. Arber

Featuring an elevation of 1,465 meters, Große Arber is the highest mountain you can find in the Bavarian Forest. It is not uncommon for skiers to refer to the mountain as the “King of the Bavarian Forest”.

6 lifts give skiers access to 11.5 kilometers of slopes. 4.5 kilometers are rated blue, 4 kilometers are rated red while 3 kilometers are rated black.

Families should be able to feel at home between the Sonnenhang and Thurnof lifts. If you are an advanced skier, you can have fun in the middle section up to the challenging peaks beneath Große Arber.

At Arber, the fun does not end with skiing. The ski resort does feature winter hiking paths and cross-country trails. A floodlit toboggan runs directly through the ski resort.

Why We Love Arber

  • You can teach kids how to ski at the resort.
  • A wide range of winter sports.
  • Modern ski lifts.
  • The area for skiing in Germany has snowmaking capabilities.

5. Ofterschwang/​Gunzesried – Ofterschwanger Horn


Lying in Hörnerdörfer, Ofterschwang/​Gunzesried – Ofterschwanger Horn features some of the most modern cable car lifts. The cable cars can bring guests from the idyllic surrounding villages to the winter sports resort.

7 ski lifts allow skiers to access 16 kilometers of slopes featuring a base elevation of 880 meters and a summit elevation of 1,405 meters. 23% of the skiable terrain is rated blue, 61% is rated red while 16% is rated black.

Märchenwiese, which is the longest run featuring a length of 4 kilometers, can be accessed via the Gipfel and Ossi-Reichert lifts. Weltcup (World Cup) slope is the most difficult slope and features a length of 2 kilometers.

Why We Love Ofterschwang/​Gunzesried – Ofterschwanger Horn

  • 90% of the slopes feature snowmaking capabilities.
  • Valley runs are available.
  • Night tobogganing is offered every Saturday.

6. Mitterdorf (Almberg) – Mitterfirmiansreut

The family-friendly Mitterdorf ski resort lies on the 1,139-meter-high Almberg. On top of being snow secure from Christmas to the end of March, the ski resort features snowmaking capabilities on almost every slope.

6 ski lifts lend skiers access to more than 5 kilometers of skiable terrain. 2.5 kilometers are ideal for beginners, 1.9 are perfect for intermediate skiers, while 0.6 kilometers are perfect for advanced skiers.

For beginning skiers, the highlight is usually at JuniorSkiZirkus. This area is ideal for absolute beginners and children.

Why We Love Mitterdorf (Almberg) – Mitterfirmiansreut

  • It is one of the few German ski resorts offering night skiing.
  • Snowmaking is available on most of the skiable terrain.
  • The resort features access to an expansive cross-country trail network, toboggan runs, and winter hiking paths.

7. Sudelfeld – Bayrischzell

Extending from the Bayrischzell village to the Sudelfeld and the Vogelsang, Sudelfeld – Bayrischzell ski resort features 31 kilometers of slopes. With a base elevation of 850 meters and a summit elevation of 1,563 meters, the ski resort will offer you a 713 meters vertical drop after you put on your ski gloves.

Over the years, the ski resort has seen significant improvements in its amenities. Investments made in the 2014/2015 winter allowed the construction of the Waldkopf six-person chairlift, a rental station, and heated ski depot at the Unteres Sudelfeld. In the 2017/2018 winter season, the eight-person Sudelfeldkopf chairlift, one of the fastest chairlifts you can find in Germany, was installed. The chairlift links the Sudelfeldkopf and the Grafenherberg areas.

Today, the Sudelfeld – Bayrischzell is served by a total of 14 lifts. The modern lifts reduce the chances of dealing with long lines.

Why We Love Sudelfeld – Bayrischzell

  • Modern ski lifts.
  • It offers beautiful panoramic views of the Bavarian Alps.
  • The resort features cozy mountain inns and huts.

8. Oberjoch (Bad Hindelang) – Iseler

Completely modernized in 2015, Oberjoch (Bad Hindelang) – Iseler features snowmaking equipment and chairlifts with weather protectors. This allows skiers to explore the 32 kilometers of snow-reliable slopes with ease.

Of the 32 kilometers of skiable terrain, 6 kilometers are ideal for beginners, 24 kilometers are perfect for the intermediates, while 2 kilometers are rated black. When heading to Oberjoch (Bad Hindelang) – Iseler, you should not live your kids behind. As long as you have kids’ ski jackets and kids’ ski pants, the young ones should be able to have fun at Schneekinderland.

The ski resort features Nordic trails to satisfy cross-country skiers. Most of the trails are located beneath Iseler.

Why We Love Oberjoch (Bad Hindelang) – Iseler

  • Family-friendly ski areas.
  • Snow-reliable slopes.
  • 4 chairlifts feature weather protectors.

9. Brauneck – Lenggries/​Wegscheid

Lying above Wegscheid and Lenggries, Brauneck is one of the best German ski resorts, especially in the Bavaria area. The traditional-steeped holiday village is just sixty kilometers from Munich. 16 lifts lend skiers access to 34 kilometers of slopes.

The ski resort allows skiers to have fun on the white peaks of the Karwendel Mountains and the Bavarian Alpine foothills. While skiing the optimally groomed and varied slopes, you can treat yourself to a perfect break at one of the numerous rustic ski huts serving a wide range of Bavarian delicacies.

Over the years continuous improvements have been made to the ski resort. The Milchhäuslexpress, which was built for the 2014/2015 ski season offers more comfort with its weather protectors and seat heaters.

Why We Love Brauneck – Lenggries/​Wegscheid

  • Expansions made to the resort’s snowmaking capabilities offer snow reliability.
  • The resort is just 60 kilometers from Munich.
  • Numerous Bavarian delicacies are served on the slopes.

10. Spitzingsee-Tegernsee

The easy access of Spitzingsee-Tegernsee from Munich (just an hour drive) and the scenery offered by the resort’s ski runs make it an ideal option for anyone looking for a quick German ski break. A free night ski bus usually takes skiers from the Neuhaus and Schliersee train stations to the resort and back.

Of the 20 kilometers forming the skiable terrain, 8.5 kilometers are perfect for absolute beginners. 7.5 kilometers and 4 kilometers are ideal for intermediate and advanced skiers respectively.

Stümpfling (1,484 meters) features a varying selection of intermediate slopes. Several times during the ski season, the lights at Stümpfling are turned on for floodlight skiing. Expert and advanced skier should love Roßkopf (1,580 meters) which features challenging slopes

Why We Love Spitzingsee-Tegernsee

  • Free transport from the train station.
  • The resort is well-served by ski lifts. It has 10 modern lifts.
  • The Stümpfling features floodlight skiing.

Globo Surf Overview

The majority of German ski resorts feature a special blend of beautiful sceneries and a friendly southern charm. Although the areas for skiing in Germany may not feature the same grand scale as some of the ski areas lying in neighboring Austria, the country does have some impressive slopes.

If you are planning a German ski vacation, this article should help you pick an ideal ski resort. Most of the resorts feature runs ideal for all skiing abilities.

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