10 Best Ski Resorts In Alaska


Alaska boasts the most mountainous terrain in the United States, long winters, and serious snowfall. All these create opportunities for intense skiing.

If you visit Alaska in December, skiing should be possible for at least 7.5 hours every day. If you pack your ski gear and head to the state in April, you should be able to ski for a stunning 16 hours a day.

If you have never used your all-mountain skis in Alaska before, you may not know where to go skiing in Alaska. To help you make your decision, we will show you the best Anchorage skiing areas you should consider visiting.

1. Eaglecrest Ski Area

Eaglecrest, the only ski resort in the southern section of the Alaska state, combines skiing with a scenic view of the towering mountains and the bay. The area for skiing in Alaska lies approximately 12 miles west of Juneau, on Douglas Island.

4 chairlifts lend skiers access to 640 acres of skiable terrain. Of the 36 runs available on the terrain, 40% are ideal for experts, 20% for novices, and the remaining 40% for intermediate skiers.

People who like to use their ski poles and cross-country skis are not left behind either. Eaglecrest has 6 kilometers of lower Nordic trails.

The ski season at Eaglecrest spans approximately 5 months. It starts on the first weekend of December and ends on the second weekend of April. This gives you enough time to explore all the corners of the ski resort.

Why We Love Eaglecrest Ski Area

  • Accommodations are easily accessible.
  • Ski equipment rentals are available.
  • The ski area is just 25 minutes from the Juneau airport.

2. Alyeska Resort

Alyeska Resort is quite expansive, covering more than 1,400 acres in the Chugach Mountains and National Forest. With its location up in the north, the ski resort features longer than average winters.

To service its 2,500 vertical feet, Alyeska features 6 chairlifts. A 60-passenger aerial tram is also available – this can get you from one hot spot to the next.

Novices can use 11% of the ski runs. 37% and 52% of the runs are ideal for advanced and intermediate skiers respectively.

The ski powder in Alyeska is generally deep. The resort gets an average of 631 to 741 inches of snow each year.

Alyeska offers a unique opportunity for night skiing. Night skiing starts at 4 pm and runs until 9 pm, with high-quality bulbs reflecting the snow throughout.

Why We Love Alyeska

  • Perfect night skiing.
  • It is the only sea-level ski area you can find in North America.
  • It allows you to ski the AK terrain without having to rent a Heli.

3. Arctic Valley

Arctic Valley appeals to Alaskan tele-skiers, riders, and alpine skiers who would like to feel as if they are exploring the backcountry, but with the convenience and safety of a ski area.

The 25 kilometers of slopes available on the Anchorage skiing area cater to the needs of intermediate to advanced skiers. 20% of the runs are rated blue while red and black slopes share the remaining 80%. Beginner ski runs are not a drawcard at Arctic valley.

4 lifts will take you from the base elevation of 2,500 feet to the summit elevation of 3,898 feet. With a vertical drop of approximately 1,398 feet, the area for skiing in Alaska offers some of the best downhill skiing experience.

Why We Love Arctic Valley

  • The resort is family-friendly.
  • It is far less crowded
  • The ski resort is well-served by ski lifts.

4. Moose Mountain

Moose Mountain has southern exposure as one of its main drawcards. This exposure protects the skiers from the northeasterly winds, increasing their chances of staying warm in their normal ski jackets.

The ski resort offers snow hobbyists an opportunity to pack in several hours of fun during the day time. The resort opens at around 10 am and then closes at 4 pm much of the season. During the shorter days, the resort closes at 3 pm.

The 200 acres of skiable terrain feature 35 trails. 15% of the trails are ideal for beginners, 65% for intermediates, and 20% for advanced skiers. The longest run is approximately 7,920 feet.

The lifts are basically Turbo Tram buses that drive guests up the slopes and drop them off at the top of the trails. People who do not want to use the lifts can always explore the cross-country ski area and the terrain park.

Why We Love Moose Mountain

  • Kids aged below 6 years and adults over 70 years are allowed to ski for free.
  • As long as you are not an absolute skiing beginner, you should find a ski run ideal for your skill level.
  • The terrain is also ideal for snowboarding.

5. Skiland – Mt. Aurora


This ski resort boasts of being the northernmost ski resort in North America. Some of the resort’s major attractions include forested ski runs and perfect views of the Aurora Borealis.

2 surface lifts and 1 double chair give skiers access to more than 40 hectares of skiable terrain. 40% of the runs available on the terrain are ideal for beginners, 52% for intermediates, and 24% for experts.

Why We Love Skiland – Mt. Aurora

  • Exceptional night skiing.
  • It has a rental shop.
  • Multi-day discounts are available.
  • Kids under the age of 6 can ski for free.

6. Mt. Eyak

If your goal is to go rustic – just you, your family, and minimalistic skiing –you should consider heading to Mt. Eyak with your ski bindings and ski helmet. This area for skiing in Alaska is a part history lesson and part wilderness adventure. The single chairlift that allows you to access 30 ski runs is a 1939 American Steel and Wire lift, a historic, but well-maintained, item.

If you do enjoy heli-skiing, visiting Mt. Eyak should be worth your time and money. Points North Heli-Adventures Inc., makes heli-skiing along with the Chugach Mountain range a reality.

The Mt. Eyak region offers more than just skiing. When you are not carving down the slopes, you can always visit the Cordova Historical Museum and Ilanka Cultural Center to learn about the local history.

Why We Love Mount Eyak

  • It is ideal for heli-skiing.
  • A historical museum and cultural center are nearby.
  • It is possible to access untouched snow at Mt. Eyak.

7. Hilltop – Anchorage

Covering approximately 30 acres, this Anchorage skiing area is more ideal for skiers who are interested in a quiet ski vacation. 1 chairlift lends skiers access to approximately 12 runs and about 294 vertical feet.

If you would like to introduce your kids to skiing, Hilltop should be an ideal destination for you and your family. The resort offers skiing lessons to both kids and adults.

The Hilltop ski area lies on the Anchorage outskirts. This offers skiers a diverse choice when it comes to vacation rentals – you won’t have to worry about accommodation if you intend to spend more than 1 day in Hilltop.

Why We Love the Hilltop Ski Area

  • Private and group lessons inside the ski resort.
  • It is only a quarter-hour away from downtown Anchorage.
  • You can use your all-mountain snowboard on the slopes.

8. Fort Wainwright/Birch Hill

With mountains featuring a height of 1000 feet above sea level and more than 33 acres of skiable terrain, Birch Hill is an ideal destination for anyone planning a family skiing vacation. The ski resort features a vertical drop of 160 meters.

3 lifts give skiers easy access to 1.8 kilometers of skiable slopes. 83% of the slopes are rated easy while the remaining 17% are perfect for the intermediate skiers. If you are an expert or advanced skier, visiting Birch Hill may not be an ideal option for you.

Why We Love Fort Wainwright/Birch Hill

  • A resort sponsored skiing and snowboarding school.
  • A friendly guest lodge is available.
  • Dog sled rides ideal for the whole family are available.

9. Hillberg Ski Area

With an elevation of only 80 meters, this ski area is only ideal for the beginning and intermediate skiers. 74% of the 1.2-kilometer slopes are ideal for novice skiers while the remaining 26% are ideal for intermediate skiers.

The ski area features ample ski lift infrastructure for its size. Guests are transported to the slopes of their choice by 3 lifts.

Why We Love Hillberg Ski Area

  • Ski lessons are available for ages 3 and up.
  • Accommodation is not a problem. Lodges are available.
  • Skiers get to use a chairlift, T-bar lift, and surface lift.

10. Skeetawk – Hatcher pass

Skeetawk is managed by HAX (Hatcher Alpine Xperience), a non-profit and member-driven organization. The resort is ideal for both skiers and snowboarders.

The alpine ski destination features 10 kilometers of trails and a vertical drop of approximately 375 meters. The ski runs available on this terrain can be accessed via 3 chairlifts.

Why We Love Skeetawk – Hatcher Pass

  • It is well-served by ski lifts.
  • Good snow coverage during the winter season.
  • The skiable terrain is big enough.

Globo Surf Overview

On top of being home to some of the most scenic zones in the world, Alaska is home to some of the best ski resorts. This article should help you find ideal resorts for skiing in Alaska. The Anchorage skiing areas listed in this article should cater to your needs irrespective of your level of experience.

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