Returning To Skiing After A Long Break


Sometimes life makes us pause our skiing career. That pause can last from a few weeks to a few years, even decades, but you may eventually decide to come back to this beautiful sport. To make things easier, we’ve made you a guide that will help you get back to skiing after a long break


Depending on the time you’ve been out of the sport, you may have to change your equipment, especially if you didn’t ski for more than a few years. It may be a good idea to rent that equipment before you decide to buy anything, just to make sure that specific brand and type suits you. And if it’s been a while since you’ve last been on a track, there is a great chance something has changed, so here are the basic equipment parts you’ll need for your successful return to ski after a long break:

Skis And Poles

If you have your old skis, you should wax them. Besides that, if everything is OK with your old skis, you probably won’t have to buy a new pair of skis, at least for now. Same goes with ski poles – if they are in a good shape, use them freely.


Just to be sure, take your ski bindings to a professional to check them out and set them up so you don’t risk your safety while you’re on a track. They directly depend on your body weight, so you may have to alter them. And if you have to, buy the new ski bindings.


They have to feel comfortable. If they don’t, buy a new pair. Also, make sure they are not worn out. If they are barely used since you bought them, there shouldn’t be any problem in using them again. If you need new ones, here are our suggestions for the best ski boots you can find.


The helmet is one of the newest additions to ski safety, so if you return skiing after a long break, you probably don’t have one. Even if you do, however, you should get a new one because of the improved safety aspects that come with their development over the years.


Buying ski goggles should follow the purchase of ski helmet as it should fit the helmet itself nicely.

Ski Clothes

There are two things you’ll have to look for when it comes to clothes as you make your comeback to skiing after a long break – it has to be comfortable and it has to be warm. If you can get into your clothes you’ve been using in your earlier days, then feel free to go with it. If you can’t, here is the list of ski clothes you should consider buying so you don’t have to think about comfort or the outside temperature.


Before you get back to the mountain, make sure your body is in good shape. There are a few different workouts that build strength. If you have a swimming pool near your home, you can check out our strength-building training guide, while you could also try some dry training with the help of fitness instructor, just to get your muscles in the shape to endure any possible stress.

Time To Refresh Your Memory

No matter how good you were back in the days, you’ll most definitely need some time to take the rust off and get back in the rhythm you’ve had before. You won’t have to learn how to ski all over again, so this shouldn’t be much of a problem. You could use this time to go through certified training. This way you’ll get the chance to learn something new as you make your way back to the track.

Take Your Time

If you don’t feel the same as you used to, that’s because both you and your body have changed over time. That’s why you shouldn’t rush anything but take your time instead and practice until you feel comfortable enough to completely control the situation on track.

Choose Period Wisely

First of all, what you’ll want to skip, at least for now, is a jam-packed ski resort. Not only you’ll have more time and space for yourself, but you’ll also spare yourself from a possible disappointment from seeing other skiers doing what you once could while you try to get back to basics.

And secondly, consider the weather. Before you choose your resort, check out the weather patterns and forecast. You’d love to skip the fog or harsh weather. For now, you’ll need as good weather as possible combined with groomed trails. Leave the challenges for later.



Yes, the thrill of going back and (re)conquering all the difficult, double black diamond trails are real but don’t rush and chose your destination according to your current level of form. Wherever you go, you’ll find trails for beginners and medium level skiers, so it comes to what do you want from your trip. Ski resorts in California or Alaska offer you many different types of activities, on the other hand, if you want to experience something different and more exotic, you can check out Iceland or India, or check out other possible ski resort destinations to find the ski resort that suits your needs.

Our suggestion is to look for a smaller, less popular ski resort that offers a large variety of beginner runs. Remember, this is all about getting back to basic and (re)learning how to ski. You’ll go for more advanced runs later, but now it is important to master all the forgotten techniques.

Have Fun

Do your best to remind yourself why fell in love with skiing in the first place. This is probably a crucial step as you return to ski after a long break.

Other Tips

  • Start slowly and don’t forget about the safety
  • Build confidence in you and your actions
  • Practice turning
  • Warm-up before going to a trail
  • Skiing after the long break should all be about the fun
  • Drink lots of fluids and bring energy bars with you in your backpack
  • Learn your limits and respect them
  • Rest

Globo Surf Overview

Return to ski after a long break is no easy task, but with this guide, you’ll know how to start. And that’s the most important part of skiing after a long break. The rest will come naturally.

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