10 Best Ski Resorts In Utah


The Greatest Snow on Earth – this is Utah’s nickname. The snow quality in this state is superb, so it is no longer surprising that it is on the winter bucket list of many people. With a massive skiable terrain and a great selection of luxury and affordable resorts, skiing in Utah is an unforgettable experience.

Aside from being the home of the largest ski resort in the United States, Utah also has the most consistent snowfall in the country. Budget-conscious travelers will also love how it is affordable compared to its neighbor, Colorado.

Clueless about the best ski resorts in Utah? We’re here to help you out. Read on and let’s have a quick rundown of the best places worth checking out.

1. Snowbird

Snowbird has 2,500 acres of skiable terrains, a summit of 11,000 feet, and a base elevation of 7,760 feet. Annually, the snowfall is 500 inches on average, which is one of the biggest in terms of volume amongst the ski resorts in Utah.

The resort is located in Little Cottonwood Canyon, which is a part of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. It is about 29 miles from Salt City International Airport.

One of the highlights of Snowbird is its tram, which carries 125 passengers at a time. The tram can also take you to the Summit Restaurant, which is 11,000 above sea level. This is the perfect place to enjoy scenic views while experiencing a gourmet feast.

While there are terrains suitable for everyone, most are for experts. Snowbird has open bowls and challenging runs perfect for powderhounds. Beginners might find the transition of the terrains to be abrupt, so be cautious!

For those who are just learning how to ski, check out Snowbird’s Mountain School.

If you are looking for socialization, however, you might end up being disappointed. Snowbird does not have an active after-ski scene.

Reasons Why We Love Snowbird

  • Modern facilities
  • Long ski season
  • Excellent snow quality and volume
  • Great restaurant

2. Alta

Open since 1938, Alta is one of the oldest ski resorts in Utah. Despite being old, it is still one of the favorites of both locals and tourists. One of the reasons for this is because it enjoys 551 inches of annual snowfall on average.

Alta is known as a skier’s mountain. It has a diverse terrain that is perfect for all. 15% of the runs are for beginners, 30% for intermediate skiers, and 55% for advanced skiers.

Going around the Alta ski area will be easy with its six main lifts, including those that provide exclusive lodge access. Even if the resort is massive at 2,000 skiable acres, you won’t have a hard time getting to a specific area. Regardless if you are based in Wildcat or Albion, there is a lift that can serve you.

Like Snowbird, Alta can be disappointing for those who are looking for a vibrant nightlife. While the base village has a handful of accommodations, it does not offer much when it comes to eating, drinking, and even shopping.

Reasons Why We Love Alta

  • Lots of activities to enjoy
  • A paradise for experienced skiers
  • Reliable snow
  • Purist skiing experience

3. Deer Valley

If you are planning a ski trip in Utah, Deer Valley is another resort that should be on your radar. Only 38 miles away from Salt Lake International Airport, the resort is an award-winning property that attracts the most discerning travelers.

At Deer Valley, there are 103 runs for its visitors to enjoy. Out of these runs, 25% are for beginners, 43% for intermediate skiers, and 32% for advanced skiers. There are more than 2,026 skiable acres for everyone to enjoy.

Deer Valley is also the perfect place to test the best beginner skis. The resort is home to a popular skiing school.  Many open groomers are ideal for learners, although, there are also plenty of steep slopes for those who are up for the challenge.

There are plenty of activities to enjoy even when it is not winter. During the summer months, mountain biking is popular. There are also summer camps and outdoor events, including concerts and festivals.

Reasons Why We Love Deer Valley

  • Exceptional facilities
  • Award-winning ski school
  • Upscale accommodations
  • Great customer service

4. Park City

Many things make Park City a popular choice for skiing in Utah, including the fact that it is the largest ski resort in the US. The resort covers an expansive area of 7,300 acres. Whether you would like to ski steep slopes or have fun powder skiing, there is a spot you will love.

Park City is home to 348 trails for every skier. There are plenty of terrains for the whole family, even if the slopes are not as challenging as those you will find in Snowbird.

The snow is often fresh and dry with excellent flotation. Aside from its geographic location, the snow quality is great because of the technologies that Park City utilizes. Their extensive snowmaking facilities improve the accessibility of the terrains. There are more than 40 snowcats throughout Park City every night to groom its snow.

There are also terrain parks to access in Deer Valley. For large bonks and jumps, 3 Rails is where you should head.  For an intermediate terrain park, on the other hand, go to Pick Axe Park.

Reasons Why We Love Park City

  • Largest ski resort in the country
  • Extensive snowmaking
  • Lots of trails
  • Has a golf course

5. Snowbasin


The locals describe Snowbasin as “the last best mountain in the USA,’ and it is easy to understand why. From the quality of customer service to the dining options, it is one of the top ski resorts in Utah.

Snowbasin has a summit peak of 9,350 feet, a vertical drop of 2,900 feet, and a base elevation of 6,450 feet. As for the trails, this may not be the best place for beginner snowboards and skis. Only 7% of the runs are for beginners. Meanwhile, there are 37% intermediate runs, 47% advanced runs, and 9% expert runs.

There used to be nothing special about Snowbasin until a billionaire purchased it. Since then, it went through a series of upgrades and now offers a luxury experience that you will not find in its neighbors. The best thing is that despite the upscale vibe, Snowbasin remains affordable.

When the time comes that you want to retire from the slopes, there is an exciting apres scene at Downtown Ogden.

Reasons Why We Love Snowbasin

  • Excellent customer service
  • Varied dining options
  • Affordable
  • Diverse terrains

6. Brighton

Brighton is uncrowded and unpretentious, which is exactly the reason why many people love it. This isn’t one of those resorts where there are long lines or crowded lifts. There are no high-rise accommodations or luxury cottages. It is the perfect destination for those who are on a budget.

The resort occupies 1,050 acres, which is separated into four distinct areas – Great Western, Snake Creek, Crest Express, and Milly Express. Getting from one area to another is easy with its four high-speed quad lifts. For your safety, make sure that you know how to get on and off a ski lift properly.

On average, there are 500 inches of snow in winter. The light and fluffy snow make up well-groomed terrains that are varied for all ski levels. It has 21% green runs, 40% blue runs, and 39% advanced runs.

Want to try night skiing in Utah? Brighton is the place to be! 200 acres of the terrains are dedicated to night skiing. Don’t forget your night skiing goggles for maximum visibility.

Reasons Why We Love Brighton

  • Free for kids under 10
  • Not as crowded as other resorts
  • Great for night skiing
  • Affordable

7. Powder Mountain

The Guardian once called Powder Mountain a utopian club for the millennial elite, which speaks about the kind of crowd it attracts. The resort is an exclusive and socially-conscious community. The tickets are limited to only 1,500 people a day, even though there are 8,400 acres of skiable terrains.

Powder Mountain has three main bases, two of which sit on the top of the mountain, making it unique. The summit has an elevation of 8,900 feet.

The resort is home to 154 runs with 25% for beginners, 40% for intermediate skiers, and 35% for advanced skiers. Whether you are just learning how to ski steeps or already a pro with extensive ski training experience, there is a trail you will love.

There’s no need to distinguish between artificial and real snow. At Powder Mountain, they don’t need fake snow. This is unlike other resorts that need extensive snowmaking facilities. The resort enjoys 12.7 meters of annual snowfall.

Reasons Why We Love Powder Mountain

  • Intimate environment
  • Luxurious skiing experience
  • Diverse runs
  • Does not need artificial snow

8. Solitude

At Solitude Ski Resort, you will enjoy uncrowded slopes even if it is the peak of the ski season. It is a popular choice for those looking for peaceful and quiet ski resorts in Utah. One of the mottos of the resort is “their ignorance, your bliss,” which speaks about how intimate the environment is.

With a total of 80 runs, not a lot are ideal for beginners. In fact, only 5% of the trails are marked green. The blue terrains are 45% and the advanced terrains are 50%. It has a lot of challenging runs ideal for high-end ski bindings and ski poles.

Despite the size of  Solitude, there are many ski resort activities for non-skiers. There is a decent selection of restaurants and shops. There is also a spa. You can also play golf go on a hike, or ride a mountain bike!

Reasons Why We Love Solitude

  • No big crowds
  • Good snow quality and quantity
  • Terrains for all skill levels
  • Reasonable price

9. Sundance

Sundance Ski Resort is partly popular because of its celebrity owner, Robert Redford. The resort also made a name for itself because of its eco-friendly practices, making it a great choice for a green holiday.

Looking for something different to enjoy? You should try the Winter Zip Tour, which takes you 3,870 feet above a scenic view. There are two cables, so you can ride side-by-side.

While skiing is the highlight of any trip at Sundance, there are other activities that you can enjoy. In the summer, you can go biking, horseback riding, and hiking, among other activities. It also has trails for cross-country skis. Visitors will also love snowshoeing and snowboarding.

The Tree Room, an award-winning restaurant, is another asset of Sundance. It serves seasonal mountain cuisine in a romantic setting, assuring a gastronomic experience for its patrons.

Reasons Why We Love Sundance

  • Eco-friendly ski resort
  • Scenic zipline
  • Good terrain parks
  • Lots of activities beyond skiing

10. Brian Head

With a skiable area of only 650 acres, Brian Head is smaller than most of the destinations mentioned in our recommendations for the best ski resorts in Utah. Despite being small, the resort does not compromise the skiing experience.

Brian Head is home to 71 runs, most of which are uncrowded. Most of its trails are blue runs, making it a paradise for intermediate skiers, especially the ones that you will find on the Navajo side. If you are looking for expert trails, on the other hand, Engens is the steepest, which has a vertical of 1,161 feet. To ski these steeps, make sure to master how to pole plant while skiing.

Skiing is not the only thing that draws people to Brian Head. The resort is also a popular destination for mountain biking. You can enjoy complimentary bike tours during your stay. The breathtaking scenery is also a plus.

Reasons Why We Love Brian Head

  • Spectacular Red Rock scenery
  • Easy access to national parks
  • Affordable
  • Uncrowded

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Skiing in Utah is an experience you should not miss. It is home to incredible and scenic ski runs, which are perfect for all levels. The snow is reliable throughout the ski season. Plus, you will have a diverse selection of ski resorts in Utah, whether you are looking for an affordable lodge or a luxury hotel.

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