10 Ski Resort Activities For Non Skiers


You and your friends are planning a weekend getaway to cool your minds off after a busy week. Your buddies are ski junkies.

Yourself? Still new to the game. The last time they dragged you into it, things didn’t turn out too well, so you are not head over heels about hitting the slopes.

So, you mentally rule out ski resort as a potential destination, trying to think of someplace else that would equally get everyone pumped up.

Hold it right there buddy! Who said you got to be on skis to stay entertained in a resort? There is more than enough awesome stuff to do in the snow world to keep you active and tickled all weekend long!

We have listed not one, not two, but ten ski resort activities for non-skiers that you could find amusing during your vacation. Ready?

1. Try Snowshoeing

If you are just learning to ski, it might take you a while to become a pro. But snowshoeing? You probably won’t even need any training. If you can walk, you can snowshoe. It’s as easy as that.

It is super cheap too. You don’t need any fancy equipment. Just pack your winter boots and you will be good to go. Most ski resorts rent out snowshoes and snowshoeing poles, so don’t worry much about these.

You can either do a guided hike or just walk on your own. You will be giving your body an amazing workout as you enjoy the picturesque snowy scenery.

2. Take Some Winter Photos

Maybe you once came across some mind-blowing winter shot and asked yourself, “How the heck was this captured?” Well, your weekend getaway could be your only chance to learn a thing or two about the intriguing winter photography.

So whatever you do, don’t leave your hiking camera behind. Nowadays, we even have cameras for skiing that work pretty well in the stunning snowy areas.

Believe it or not, photography is one of the most exciting activities to do on non-skiers winter vacations. Why? Most attractions that are usually crowded during summer are almost deserted at this time.

Also, you get to capture moments like, snowboarding, skating, or skiing that can hardly be captured in summer. The skies are usually much clearer in winter too, providing great opportunities for both day and night photography.

3. Know What Lies Beyond The Resort

Just because you are not skiing doesn’t mean you have to stay in the resort the entire day. Unless the place is remote, plan a trip to the nearby villages or town.

Go shopping, visit cultural attractions and museums, check out local festivals and events, and interact with the locals. Most towns will have museum passes as well as food and walking tours to help you enjoy your visit to the max and get more out of it.

If possible, make a stop at some of the local tourist information offices you come across during your tour. These will be great places to learn about local tourism, special events, and things to do.

4. Go To A Spa

After a long day of snowshoeing, photography, or shopping, your aching muscles will be begging for some pampering. What better way to indulge your body’s only need than relaxing with a massage, taking a hot bath, or soaking in a hot tub?

And if you are not into skiing or your idea of a ski vacation involves things like lying on the side of a pool or spending time in a facial or massage parlor, we have no doubt a spa will keep you “busy”. Just make sure to head to a resort with one or has one located nearby.

5. Perfect Your Skiing Skills


You probably don’t want to hear it but this could be a good opportunity for you to learn to ski. Just because you failed last time doesn’t mean you won’t succeed this time. So make use of the time you are spending with your friends to perfect your skiing skills.

You can just watch them as they carry on their business or get them to teach you. But if you feel like you need professional training and you got money for it, just pay for a lesson.

Almost every ski resort will offer lessons and could be a great place to get started. However, if you consider this option, check out the reviews first, to see what those who have trained with the resort have to say about the quality of the lessons.

6. Do Things You Love

What do you love to do during your free time but never actually get to do because of work? Your non-skiing winter getaway could just be the perfect time to catch up with it.

If you love reading, pack a few books, e-readers, novels, and magazines and curl up at a fireplace and read as your friends hit the slopes. Knitting, making photo albums, doing crossword puzzles, watching movies, writing letters, or any other task that gets your mind relaxed could also be a great pastime.

However, these activities must be enjoyable. Don’t just plan things and end up feeling like you have been working all day – it’s a vacation, not a workstation.

Hobbies are great ski resort activities for non-skiers and skiers alike. Trust us, nothing beats the relaxation that comes from reading a good book, playing cards, or watching a film after a long day on the slopes.

7. Take A Walk

You don’t have to ski on steep slopes or pull the most dangerous stunt to make your stay in a ski resort memorable.

Something as simple as taking a walk can account for some of the most cherished moments. You will be in a different environment and just seeing new things will be a great adventure for you.

Just make sure to carry a hiking GPS or obtain a map of the resort so you can easily find your way back. Remember to keep your body fueled up too, so put a bottle of water and a few snacks in your ski backpack.

8. Catch Some Fish

Some winter destinations will allow ice fishing, so if you find fishing a nice way to pass time, you may want to add it to your list of things to do. Though many people do it in groups, you could also try it alone as long as you have the equipment.

Ice fishing can make a great activity for non-skiers winter vacations. You will need a fishing pole, ice drill, lures, fishfinder, and of course, a frozen water body.

If you are eyeing ice fishing, find out whether your potential destination allows it. And depending on where you plan to go, you may also be required to obtain a fishing license.

9. Go On A Snowmobile Tour

If you love traveling long distances, you could try snowmobiling before your friends get back from their ski adventure. Snowmobiling is one of the most thrilling ways to cover and explore longer distances.

Take one up the mountain slopes to enjoy a drink in the mountainside restaurants or ride to those places you are not able to cover snowshoeing or walking.

A snowmobile can be ridden by either one person or two people at one time. You can either hire one or pay for a guided tour.

It doesn’t take much time to learn the basics of snowmobiling. However, you need to be careful, as the machine can flip or get stuck in the snow.

It is also recommended that you go at a pace you are comfortable with. If possible, tag one of your friends, just in case something happens on the way and you need some help.

10. Do It Like It’s Your Last

If you don’t get much snow where you live, try to have as much fun as you can during your getaway. This is one of the few times when you can release your inner 5-year old without being judged or feeling guilty.

So, make snow angels, throw snowballs to your friends, build snowmen, and bury yourself in powder (if you are dressed for it). There are a million things that you can do on a trip like this. You came to have fun and if going back in time helps you achieve this, then be it.

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Just because you can’t ski doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy being in a ski resort. As you can see, there are so many activities that can make your stay pleasurable and worth your while.

You can walk to the nearby adventure parks, practice winter photography, learn the culture of the locals, or just soak in a hot tub with a good book.

So next time you are planning for a winter vacation, don’t cross off ski resorts. You can always find something to do here – even if it’s catching snowflakes on your tongue!

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