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Want to know how to ski? Before you think of getting to an actual ski resort and trying this fun winter sport, it is crucial that you first learn about its fundamentals, which is possible through ski instruction videos.

We are living in a digital era when learning something new is possible with just your smartphone or laptop. With the ski instruction videos that are available online, you will have a primer on the things that you need to learn before you try it out in the real world.

Where and how can you find online ski lessons? Read the rest of this post to find out!

Google is Your Best Friend

Without a doubt, this is what most people will do. All that you have to do is to open Google and type “online ski lessons,” and for sure, it won’t take long before a long list of choices will bombard you.

Whether you are looking for tips on how to cross-country ski, a guide on buying ski gear, or advice about what to wear skiing, Google won’t disappoint.

However, be careful with what you click to avoid wasting time. Choose those from authority websites to be confident that you will learn a thing or two.

Other Places to Find Ski Instruction Videos

Even on Facebook, you can find online ski lessons. In the search bar, type “ski lessons” and you will see some of the best options that are near your area. Often, you will be directed to a private page of a person who teaches skiing or on Facebook pages with online materials for anyone interested to know more about skiing.

YouTube is another default option for anyone who is looking for online ski lessons. However, most of the time, you won’t find premium lessons on YouTube since you have to pay to access such content.

You can also search for specific online classrooms and programs that are designed specifically to teach skiing. For instance, the Professional Ski Instructors of America constantly teams up with different organizations to produce online video classes. Often, these are spearheaded by authority figures in the world of skiing, so you can be sure that you will be taking home a valuable lesson.

What to Look for in Ski Instruction Videos

Now that we have briefly talked about where you can find ski instruction videos, let’s look at some of the important considerations.

The most crucial is for the video to be easy to understand. Whether it is learning how to turn on skis or how to ski steep slopes, things can be complicated, especially for the uninitiated. So, you need to find user-friendly tutorials. From the language to the delivery, find lessons that are designed with the needs of beginners in mind.

More than being easy to understand, ski instruction videos should be engaging and entertaining. It is good if it is infused with elements that make the viewer hooked, such as humor or graphics. If it is boring, the video or lesson is sure to be uninteresting.

Another important thing is for the online ski lessons to be taught by someone who can be considered an authority in the sport. It is hard to believe someone who talks about off-piste skiing if that person does not seem to be reputable at all. From the face to the voice, the lessons should come from someone who looks trustworthy.

As you try to Google ski instruction videos, you also need to consider your experience and skills. You need to include them in your search queries to narrow down the results. For instance, for more specific results, type “ski lessons for beginners” or “ski lessons for pros” to trim the list. Even if you are already a pro, you can still take online lessons!

What To Learn in Online Ski Videos


There are countless things that you will learn through ski instruction videos. First, you will learn more about the equipment needed. If you need help choosing the best all-mountain skis, ski poles, ski goggles, or ski helmets, these videos can extend a helping hand.

Online ski videos will also let you know some of the best places where you can go skiing depending on your skills. Regardless of the type of skiing that you need to do, these videos can point you out in the right direction. Some videos can even provide suggestions on where to ski depending on your budget.

Most important, ski instruction videos will allow you to learn basic and advanced techniques. You will learn by example. Meaning, as someone explains how to do a specific technique, the video visually shows how it is done in real life. You will not only master basic skills, but you will also learn about the mistakes that you must not commit, and some hacks shared by those who are experienced in the sport. Plus, you will also be taught about injury prevention, so you can be more confident the next time you ski!

Not a Replacement to Real-Life Lessons

Before we end this post, we would like to point out that while online ski lessons provide convenience to the learner, this is not a replacement for actual lessons. At the end of the day, there is nothing better than face-to-face lessons. The approach is more hands-on compared to doing it online.

Online lessons should complement actual classes. If you are at home and far from a place where you can ski, it is good to brush up on learning by viewing online materials that will enhance your knowledge about skiing.

Ski lessons are expensive, so to make the most out of them, make sure to supplement your learning with online ski videos. They are easy to access, and most of the time, even free!

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In today’s digital era, you can learn skiing even in the comfort of your own home, which is possible through online ski lessons. To find ski instruction videos, Google, Facebook, and YouTube are some of the best platforms.

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