What Skis Are Right For Me: How To Rent Skis


If you are planning to go skiing, having the right ski equipment should be your priority. Whether you decide to buy or rent your skis from your local ski shop should be entirely up to you.  But if you can’t swing the cost of a good pair, it would be wise to rent.

In this post, we are going to give you tips on how to rent skis so you can land a pair that works for you and keeps you enjoying your skiing. Let’s get to it!

1. Price

Rental ski equipment can be cheaper compared to buying skis.  However, prices vary depending on where you are renting your equipment from, its type, and how long you plan to use it. Most ski rental packages will cost you between $25 and $50 per day.

Always negotiate for a discount, to get a better deal especially if you plan to tag your family or a group of friends. Also, ask in advance the cost of skiing so that you can budget for the expenses you will incur for hiring equipment.

2. Latest Technology

Ski hire companies usually advertise their services online and can blow your mind with the mouthwatering features that their new model of skis possess.

Renting skis allows you to sample a new collection and decide whether to discard yours for a newer model. Advanced skiers can consider ski equipment rental if they are looking for a new challenge.

3. Ski Equipment For Hire

So you just arrived at a ski resort and discovered that your youngest daughter pulled your ski goggles and helmet from your bag? Well, any equipment rental shop within the resort should have these, so don’t panic.

However, it is important to list down what you need to carry for your skiing journey to ensure that you do not regret parting with a few dollars afterward. Here are a few tips to consider when hiring ski equipment:

Ski Boots

If you do not want to go home limping and angry at the guy at the equipment rental shop, get ski boots that fit well. Well-fitting boots will allow you to have control of your skis, which is critical when skiing.

Try different pairs until you find one that your legs feel comfortable in. Your boots can mean the difference between a good and a frustrating ski day, so don’t just hop onto your skis with the first pair you pick.


The cold weather can get on your nerves especially if you are not used to it. So, get a ski helmet and one that fits your head size so you can stay warm skiing.

But remember other people have used the same helmet skiing, so ensure that you check it for faults first before firmly placing it on your head.

If it’s smell chocks you, try another one. You don’t want to be explaining to your friends why you are throwing up and ruining their holiday.


You need to be aware of the various types of skis and the ski conditions that you will be encountering. Ask for advice if you are unsure of the rental ski that will fit your experience.

Renting skis will give you a chance to swap skis according to your taste and style. It will also help you to determine the skis that can take carves on icy days and the most effective for powder skiing.

Additionally, it can allow you to swap between snowboarding and skiing, enabling you to get the most out of your snow world adventure.

Important Tip: Determine the quality and condition of the equipment before you go skiing. If you do not like what is on offer, get an alternative.  If the skis have not been maintained properly through sharpening and waxing, they might be rough on the edges, which will make it hard to make turns on snow or ice.

4. Advantages Of Renting Ski


Great For First-Time Skiers

If you are clueless about what you need for that skiing experience to be memorable, consider renting skis. Ski hire companies will offer you valuable information on what you require and help you choose the best ski for your experience level.

Flying With Skis Can Be Expensive

Skiers are needed to carry their own ski equipment when they go skiing. Sometimes, if the equipment is too heavy, they will incur extra charges on the airplane.

If your trip involves boarding a plane, always enquire from the airline whether you will be charged for bringing your ski gear.

Less Hassle

Skis are heavy and can be a real nuisance if you are carrying other luggage. You might need to carry them from the airport to the ski resort or your ski destination.

If you do not have the means for transporting your luggage, which includes the skis, then things could be a little difficult for you, as you could be too tired to even begin skiing.

5. How To Rent Skis

To rent skis, just call the skis to hire the company, make an order, and when you arrive at your ski destination, the equipment will be delivered to you.

You can also walk to a ski shop and ask for their ski packages. Alternatively, just get the equipment from the rental shops in the resort. But be aware that this can be time-consuming especially if there is a long queue.

Globo Surf Overview

Renting skis can be fun and exciting if you can meet the budget. Ski equipment rental is recommended for anyone who desires to get a new experience from a monotonous routine of using the same type of skis. It is also for people looking for a thrill with the latest technology.

Remember you can easily be intimidated if you are a first-time skier looking to hire ski equipment. So make sure to get the facts right before you decide to hire ski equipment. Also, always check the condition of the equipment before you pay for it. You don’t want to cry over a raw deal, do you?

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