Ski And Snowboard Maintenance For During And After Season


When properly maintained, skis and snowboards can last for a long, long time and provide you many fun and fulfilling hours on the snow along with unforgettable memories. That’s why it is important to learn some of the most basic tips and tricks when it comes to ski maintenance and snowboard maintenance.

In this article, we’ll show you how to do both ski maintenance and snowboard maintenance during the season and after it is over, so you can enjoy them as long as possible, without having to buy a new one for every ski or snowboard trip.

Ski Care During The Season

Taking care of your skis is something that shouldn’t be ignored and left for later. By doing it as soon as possible, you’ll not only prevent any significant damage, but you’ll also save yourself lots of time, money, and effort needed to fix broken skis or buy and set up the new pair.

1. Dry The Skis Off

The first thing you should do when it comes to ski maintenance is to make sure your skis are completely dry to avoid rust from appearing or corrosion in the bindings. It doesn’t take much time, one minute at longest, and all you need to do is to wipe the water or melted snow away from your skis using a towel.

2. Smoothing Out Burrs

This is also something you shouldn’t skip after you’ve finished your day at the track. You’ll need a pocket stone to go over any area on your skis where you feel any type of scrapes or nicks, no matter how small or tiny they appear. Use pocket stone to remove any damage caused by small rocks or other hard stuff. If you ignore it and continue to use skis, you’ll significantly lower their lifespan.

3. Waxing Skis

The topic of ski waxing has many different points of view from different skiers. For example, some love to do it regularly, every few days, while others tend to wait for a bit. So, how often should you wax your skis? The simplest and easiest answer is if you think your skis need to be waxed, then they probably do.

You’ll know by looking at ski bases. If the color has become cloudy or turned to grey, it is most definitely time to wax it. Here is the guide about how to wax your skis. And here are the best ski waxes you could get.

4. And What About The Edges?

The vast majority of ski turns is done by the edges and the sharper they are, the smoother the turning will be. As you use your skis, the friction of the ground causes them to dull over time, so you’ll have to sharpen the edges. Doing it every 10 days should keep your skis in good shape, while it won’t affect their quality too fast. It is also a bit more complicated task than waxing, and if you don’t know how to do it and don’t want to risk ruining your new pair of skis, it is better to take it to professionals and let them do it.

After Season Ski Maintenance

Ski maintenance doesn’t stop with the end of the season. Before you store your skis away, there are a few things you’ll have to do to keep them in a good condition for your next ski trip.

1. Wax The Skis

By waxing the skis you’ll provide them a protective layer before storing them away. What makes this step even more desirable is the fact that you won’t have to scrape off the extra wax. Let it stay for the summer and deal with it when the time to use them again comes.

2. Storing The Skis

After waxing the skis, the time has come to store it. Although it may sound like the easiest solution, throwing them in the garage, basement or attic can have a severe effect on the quality of your skis. The best option is to place them somewhere away from the direct sunlight, but also where it will be cool enough. For instance, the closet in your home will do the trick, if you have a space in it. You can also learn how to make a DIY ski rack, while for additional information on how to store your skis during summer you can get here.

Snowboard Maintenance During The Season


Much of the ski maintenance tips are valid for snowboard maintenance, but there are also a few additional stuff you should do during the season.

1. Waxing The Snowboard

Although snowboards should be good to go directly from the store, it is recommended to wax them before you take them out for the first time. How often should you wax the snowboard? It depends on the conditions you’ll be riding in. If you’ll be going through freshly groomed tracks, then the wax can last for even 6 months if you store your board properly along with other snowboard maintenance tips, but if you plan to go off-piste or the snow has become a bit icier and rough, you may have to wax your snowboard every few days or so. Follow your gut – if you feel you should wax it, do it. You can’t spoil it or break it, so feel free to give it a go.

However, to keep your snowboard in the best possible shape recommended period of waxing is after every 5th use. If you don’t know how to wax it or you’re afraid to do it because it is a bit more complicated than waxing skis, you can always take them to a professional.

2. Sharpening The Edges

Same as with skis, snowboard edges are used for turning, so you’ll have to sharpen them when you see bumps on them. Although it is one of the basic snowboard maintenance operations, it may take a bit of time and effort to do it, and it affects the lifespan, so if you don’t know or you’re not sure, take it to a ski shop and leave it to professionals.

3. Keep Your Snowboard Clean

If you leave your snowboard dirty, it may cause the rust to appear. To avoid it, after every usage, take a cloth or a towel and wipe your board to remove any dirt, snow, or water leftovers. If needed, repeat this a few times per day to keep it clean.

Snowboard Maintenance After The Season

Snowboard maintenance doesn’t stop with the last downhill run. There are also a few things you’ll have to do when you get back home.

1. Wipe Your Board

Before you do anything else, use a dry cloth to wipe away any dirt leftovers. Make sure your board is perfectly clean.

2. Removing The Scratches

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, your board has probably gained a few scratches here and there. You could deal with them by yourself, but the best solution is to take them to a workshop and let them inspect and take care of your board and fix it if needed.

3. Waxing The Snowboard

Before you store it away, wax your snowboard, and don’t scrape any extra wax off.

4. Storing The Snowboard

 Keep your snowboard in a dry place, preferably inside of your house, away from direct sunlight.

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No matter if you prefer skiing or snowboarding, proper ski maintenance, and snowboard maintenance is the most important aspect of a successful and longlasting ski season, so you should take it seriously and pay special attention to it.

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