Sidecut’s One Revolutionary Tool Review


Composed of a diamond guide and diamond disc polishing stone in one tool, Sidecut’s One Revolutionary Tool boasts superior edge sharpening and polishing abilities and is an easy to use edge tuning tool that even kids and those new to ski and snowboard edge tuning can use to sharpen ski and snowboard edges and remove burrs accurately and with ease.

It features a versatile 92-degree diamond guide that gives an 88-degree side-edge bevel and the diamond disc comes in a medium 400 grit. This makes it an all-around edge sharpener that is compatible with many skis and snowboards. The diamond disc has a more optimal sharpening and polishing efficiency and durability than a rectangular stone, as you can rotate the disc fully so that the entire diamond surface is used.

Featuring a precision-machined aluminum guide, machine-polished stainless steel glide plate, steel thumb knob, and an anodized finish, the One Revolutionary tool is hard-wearing and up to the task. The lightweight and compact design make it a convenient edge tuner to carry in your pocket or toss in your pack for quick touch-ups while on the slopes.

If you’re looking for a user-friendly edge tuner a kid or a first time user can use to tune skis or snowboard edges and remove burrs with confidence, Sidecut’s One Revolutionary tool fits the bill. Keep reading to learn more about its ease of use, effectiveness, and durability.

What Makes This Ski and Snowboard Edge Tuning Tool Stand Out?

  1. Diamond guide and diamond disc in one tool
  2. Simple and easy to use for all ages and abilities
  3. A diamond disc is more efficient and durable than a rectangular stone
  4. Versatile 92-degree guide and 400 grit diamond disc
  5. Lightweight and pocket-size, perfect for use on the go
  6. Premium and durable metal construction
  7. Attractive anodized finish with laser etched logo
  8. Free shipping to all locations in North America

Model Specs:

Diamond Guide Size: 92 Degree

Side Edge Bevel: 88 Degree

Diamond Disc: 400 Grit


Designed for learning how to sharpen and polish ski and snowboard edges, the Sidecut’s One Revolutionary tool offers a simple and safe way to sharpen edges and remove burrs accurately.

What sets it apart from other edge tuning tools on the market is that it features a diamond guide and diamond disc combined into one tool.  This makes it ready to use right out of the box and safe and easy to use for all ages and ability levels. It also features a diamond disc instead of a rectangular stone, which gives it superior polishing efficiency and durability.

Designed to be compatible with a wide range of skis and snowboards, it features a versatile guide size and medium grit making it a great all-around edge polishing and maintenance tool. True to Sidecut’s stellar reputation for quality, this tool also has top-notch quality and durability and is a lightweight and compact travel-friendly edge tuner perfect for use on the go. Here is a summary of its features:

  • 92-degree WC diamond guide and 400 grit diamond disc
  • Precision machined aluminum guide
  • Machine polished stainless steel glide plate to protect the base from scratches
  • Premium anodized finish and laser-etched logo
  • Steel thumb knob for safe and easy rotation of the diamond disc


Diamond Guide Size: 92 Degrees

Side Edge Bevel: 88 Degrees

Diamond Disc: 400 Grit

Construction: Precision Machined Aluminum, Machine Polished Stainless Steel

User Experience


Ease of Use: Ease of use is where the One Revolutionary edge tuning tool by Sidecut excels. It is designed to be the simplest and easiest edge sharpening tool and it makes it very easy to tune your edges.  Even little snow sports adventurers and those who’ve never tuned skis or snowboard before can use it and achieve accurate results.

Being a diamond guide and diamond disc in one tool, it comes ready to use. It features a stainless steel guide plate that protects the base from scratches and a steel thumb knob that makes it easy and safe to spin the diamond disc to the desired spot. It is also compact and lightweight and easy to carry for quick polishing jobs between rides while on the slopes.

Effectiveness: This edge sharpener has amazing reviews by skiers and snowboarders for its ability to get the job done. The best thing is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to achieve perfectly sharp and smooth edges.

The diamond disc polishing stone has excellent polishing and deburring capabilities. Since you can rotate the diamond disc infinitely so that the entire diamond surface is used to polish the edges, this tool has optimal cutting and polishing efficiency. The guide is made of high-quality aluminum and precision machined to the strictest tolerances to ensure tuning accuracy.

The 92-degree guide gives a side-edge bevel of 88 degrees, which matches most skis and snowboards on the market and the disc comes in a versatile 400 medium grit. This makes the One Revolutionary tool a great all-around edge tuner that works on all kinds of skis and snowboards.

Durability: A ski and snowboard edge tuning tool should be able to withstand the tough task it is designed for and last long. The Sidecut One Revolutionary tool has a resilient all-metal build designed to keep its accuracy for a long time. It is sturdy enough to get the job done without wobbling when you apply pressure on your ski or snowboard edge.

The guide is made of high-quality aluminum and precision machined to the strictest tolerances. The diamond guide lasts longer than a traditional rectangular stone because you can rotate it infinitely so that the entire diamond surface is used. It also features a machine polished guide plate and steel thumb knob. The anodized finish with laser logo etching is premium level quality and won’t wear off easily.


  • A diamond disc and diamond guide in one tool
  • A diamond disc is more efficient and durable than a rectangular stone
  • Versatile 92-degree guide with 88-degree side-edge bevel
  • Versatile medium 400 grit
  • Simple and very easy to use
  • Lightweight, compact, and easy to carry
  • Premium quality and durable construction
  • Attractive anodized finish


  • Price is higher however these are high-end precision-made tools

Overall Rating

Design: 90% – The diamond guide and diamond disc in one tool design is smart and innovative. Based on the ease of use, sturdiness, effectiveness and efficiency, versatility, portability, and even aesthetics, the design of this edge tuning tool is on point.

Ease of Use: 95% – This is where the One Revolutionary edge tool shines. Since it is a guide and polishing stone in one kit and has a simple design, it is very easy to use for all ages and skill levels.

Accuracy: 95% – Even when operated by someone young or new to ski or snowboard tuning, this tool gets the job done with a high level of accuracy thanks to the guide that is machined with the strictest tolerances and the versatile guide angle and 400 grit.

Durability: 95% – Sidecut has a reputation for superior quality ski and snowboard tuning tools. Premium-quality construction using precision-machined aluminum, machine-polished stainless steel, and diamond disc polishing stone ensure the One Revolutionary tool will keep your edges ultra-sharp and burr-free for a really long time. 

Price: 80% – The price is a little steep but this is a premium-level tool that does the job extremely well. The ease of use, versatility, efficiency, quality, and durability makes it a smart investment as you get a lot of bang for your money.

Overall: 91% – Sidecut’s One Revolutionary Tool is an excellent edge tuning kit. It is super easy to use, gets the edges nice and sharp with minimal effort, and is built to last many seasons. The small and lightweight design means it is also a convenient option to have on the mountain for tunings in between rides.

Globo Surf Overview

Whether you’re a skier or a snowboarder, neglected edges can ruin your experiences on the snow. Sharp and burr-free edges make a world of difference in the performance and fun you experience. An edge tuning kit is, therefore, a must-have tool for every avid snow sports enthusiast.

If you’re a recreational skier or snowboarder looking to start tuning your ski or snowboard edges yourself, Sidecut’s One Revolutionary Tool is a fantastic first edge sharpening tool. Featuring a versatile angle and medium grit, it works great on all kinds of skis and snowboards.

Since it is simple and safe to use, it is also an ideal option for teaching kids how to keep skis and boards in top-tip condition. It is also a great portable tool for quick tunings in between runs while on the mountain.

Sidecut’s One Revolutionary tool is a premium edge tuner with a premium price tag but we’re confident you will find it super easy to tune your edges and impressive in quality and performance!

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Sidecut's One Revolutionary Tool Review
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