Sidecut’s Nanox Training Wax 300grams Review


The Sidecut Nanox Training Wax is an all-temperature and all-snow conditions glide wax designed to suit a wide range of snow types and temperatures. It is a universal wax that can be used to condition and prepare all ski and snowboard bases.

It is an uncomplicated wax that makes choosing and applying wax a simple process. You don’t have to stress about what wax to get for specific conditions and you can quickly wax your ski or snowboard right before heading to the mountains. Just clean the base, drip the wax onto the board, iron it in to spread it evenly, wait two minutes then use a scraper to remove the excess wax, and brush and polish with a nylon brush.

Made using nanotechnology, Nanox wax has superior gliding properties. Its performance in all snow types and temperature conditions is remarkable. This is because Nanoparticles adapt well to changes in temperature and humidity levels. Regular application also changes the molecular structure of the base leading to the formation of channels that improve the glide and make the skis or snowboard faster. The Nanox wax coating is hard and holds up well to the abrasive conditions on the slopes.

It is no surprise that the Sidecut Nanox training wax is one of the most popular waxes. It is used by cross country skiers, free-riders, and snowboarders. If you’re a recreational skier or snowboarder looking for a great all-temperature training wax, Nanox wax is one of the best options to consider. You can have peace of mind that it won’t harm the environment as it doesn’t contain fluorocarbons. Keep reading this review to learn more about its effects and benefits.

What Makes This Ski and Snowboard Wax Stand Out?

  1. Versatile all-snow and all-temperature training wax
  2. Universal wax for the preparation and conditioning of all bases
  3. Use of nanotechnology for maximum benefits
  4. Consistently smooth and fast glide in a wide range of conditions
  5. The simple and quick application process
  6. Fluorocarbon-free – non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  7. Hard and extremely resistant to abrasion – lasts longer on the base
  8. A large 300g block goes a long way
  9. Regular use changes the structure of the base leading to higher ground speed

Model Specs:

Type: Training/Base/Glide Wax

Size: 300g


Sidecut is a Canadian company that makes some of the best ski and snowboard tuning tools and waxes on the market. Their products are consistently top-rated for their quality, ease of use, and effect on performance. The Nanox training wax lives up to this reputation. It is a universal glide wax designed to perform well in all snow and temperature conditions and for conditioning and preparation of all ski and snowboard bases.

What makes it exceptional is its ease of application and the use of nanotechnology. It is a simple waxing system that eliminates the hassles of having to use different types of waxes for different snow types and temperature ranges.

The best thing is that the ease of use doesn’t come with compromised performance. Nanotechnology gives Nanox wax superior gliding properties and enables it to adapt well to changing temperature and humidity levels and provide a consistent glide across a broad range of snow types and temperatures.

The wax is hard and has strong bonding characteristics so it can resist abrasion and the coating lasts really long on the base. When used consistently, it leads to a change in the molecular structure of the base making it even faster and leading to the highest ground speed.

This wax has everything necessary for optimal performance in a broad range of conditions and maximum fun on the snow. Here is a summary of its features:

  • Incorporation of nanotechnology for top performance and durability
  • All temperature and all snow wax that suits all snow types and temperature ranges
  • Universal wax for conditioning and preparation of all kinds of bases
  • Simple and quick hot waxing application
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly fluorine-free formula


Type: Training/Base/Glide Wax

Size: 300 Grams

Conditions: All Snow Types, All Temperatures

User Experience


Application: One of the best things about the Nanox training wax is the simple application protocols. Although it is applied through hot waxing, the application process is easy and quick. This is because it applies easily and you don’t have to wait hours before you can scrape, brush and polish. You can apply it shortly before an expedition on the slopes.

Start by cleaning the base. Heat the waxing iron so it is warm enough to melt the wax easily but not so hot that it burns the wax. Sidecut recommends a 130° – 140°C/266° – 284°F degree iron temperature. Press the wax onto the pre-heated iron and let it drip onto the base as it melts. Iron it in to spread it evenly over the whole surface.

Wait about two minutes them remove the wax with a sharp scraper then brush it with a hard nylon brush and strong strokes applied from tip to tail. Once the base has cooled, polish it to achieve a high sheen finish and you’re ready to go.

Effects: Thanks to nanotechnology, this training wax has significantly better gliding properties than standard waxes. It creates a slick surface that glides smoothly and is up to 5% faster than conventional all-temperature training waxes.

When you’re looking for an all-temperature ski wax, a major concern is how well it performs in different snow and temperature conditions. Nanotechnology also enables it to adapt well to extreme changes in temperature and humidity. It gives bases a consistent glide in a wide range of snow types and temperatures ranging from dry snow to wet snow.

When used regularly, the Nanox wax also changes the structure of the board. It creates channels where water can run off more effectively making your skis or snowboard even faster. Sidecut refers to this effect as `higher ground speed’.

Durability: Thanks to the use of advanced ski wax technology, this wax has excellent bonding characteristics and the wax coating lasts long before wearing out. It adheres really well to the base leaving a hard coating that resists abrasion really well and protects the base from damage ensuring your skis or snowboard lasts long in good condition. One application will keep your skis or snowboard gliding smooth and fast for a long time. Your skis or board will stay waxed even if you will be training in the snow all day long.


  • All-temperature and all-snow wax
  • Universal wax for skis and snowboards
  • The easy and fast application process
  • Highly abrasive resistant and has long-lasting effects
  • A large 300g block goes a long way
  • The use of nanotechnology gives it amazing glide and durability
  • Constant use leads to higher ground speed
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly fluorine-free wax


  • Price is higher for this premium high-end performance wax. However, they have over 10 years of experience producing Nano-technology wax.

Overall Rating

Ease of Use: 95% – Nanox has one of the easiest and fastest waxing application processes. The best thing is that you don’t have to wait long for the wax to cool and dry. You can apply Nanox moments before you venture into the mountains. Sidecut also offers easy to understand waxing and tuning videos on their website.

Effects: 90% – The Nanox training wax by Sidecut has impressive gliding properties and manages to perform consistently well in a wide range of snow conditions and temperature ranges.

Durability: 90% – This is a hard training wax that forms a highly abrasion-resistant coating that protects the base and increases the longevity of your skis and snowboards. The coating also doesn’t deteriorate quickly and skis and snowboards stay waxed for a really long time.

Price: 80% – Nanox is a premium wax made using nanotechnology and the price reflects this. Even though it comes at a higher cost, it is a cost-effective option as you don’t have to purchase different waxes for different conditions.

One 300g block also goes a long way and is easily enough wax to keep the family’s boards tuned for a handful of seasons. One block can wax 30-35 pairs of adult skis or 40-45 pairs of kids size skis or 25-30 snowboards.

Overall: 88% – Nanox Wax is one of the best all-around ski and snowboard waxes on the market. It is a simple and hassle-free waxing system with amazing effects and benefits. It makes choosing and applying wax a simple process, provides a smooth and fast glide across a wide range of conditions and its effects are long-lasting.

Thanks to the use of innovative technology, universal versatility, and good performance, it is one of the most used ski and snowboard waxes in the world and a top-rated all-temperature wax for its performance and durability.

Globo Surf Overview

Waxing is essential to get the best performance out of your skis or snowboard. A properly waxed base glides faster, is easier to turn, and lasts longer than a bare base. It can make the difference between flying down the mountain and getting stuck in flat areas and having to one foot and unstrap.

The Sidecut Nanox training wax makes choosing and applying wax a simple process. It is a universal ski and snowboard glide wax for training and base preparation. It is perfect if you’re just getting started waxing your equipment. It is also a great training wax for kids’ skis and snowboards and works great as travel wax.

Since it is an all-temperature and all-snow wax, it is perfect for the rapidly changing temperature and humidity conditions in the mountains. It eliminates the headache of having to figure out what type of wax to use for what condition or temperature range and ensures you won’t find yourself regretting your choice of wax no matter the conditions you encounter on the slopes.

If you are a recreational skier or snowboarder looking for a hassle-free wax that delivers good performance no matter the snow type or temperature, the Sidecut Nanox wax is one of the most impressive all-conditions wax we’ve come across. Nanotechnology enables it to adapt well to different conditions and maintain a smooth and fast glide in a wide range of conditions.

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Sidecut's Nanox Training Wax 300grams Review
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