Sell Used Hot Tub In 3 Easy Steps


If the time has come to change your hot tub, it is good to have some idea where to start. In this article, we’ll show you 3 easy steps that will help you sell used hot tub. With these tricks and tips, selling a used hot tub shouldn’t be much of a problem so you’ll be able to relax in a new hot tub much sooner than before.

1. Hot Tub Make-Up

The first step of selling a used hot tub should be getting it prepared. To prepare a hot tub for selling, here is what you’ll have to do:

Take Full Hot Tub Pictures

Start by taking pictures of your full hot tub. For this, you’ll have to make sure your water is blue. If the water has started turning green, read our manual that will help you make it blue again.

Drain the Hot Tub

Now it is time to remove the water from your hot tub. Once your hot tub is empty, inspect it. Go through every part, and make sure there is no physical damage. If something is broken, fix it. If you plan to get the most value from your hot tub, you’ll have to replace broken parts.

Clean The Hot Tub

Now it is time to clean the hot tub. Most of the time, hot tub cleaners should be more than enough. Here are our top 10 hot tub cleaner suggestions, and here is a guide that will lead you through the hot tub cleaning process, step by step. If you’re still uncertain, you may also call a professional.

Take Empty Hot Tub Photos

Now your hot tub should be all nice and shiny, so it is a perfect time to make a few more photos to show how it looks without the water in it. This will also show a potential buyer that it is in good condition, without any damage.

Find The Manual And The Receipt

Before you put your hot tub up for sale, make sure you have all the original papers. Receipt and other documents will prove you’ve purchased it, manufacturer manual will help you make sure everything is working and help potential buyers check it on the spot, while its specifications will give you all the needed data, like the capacity, how much electricity it uses, etc.

2. Hot Tub Advertisement

If you plan to sell a used hot tub, now it is time to put those pictures and specs to good use. Finding the best websites for selling a used hot tub to advertise should be your top priority. Here is how to find one:

  • Google it out. Use Google to look for the best hot tub selling websites in your area. Then, simply add all the needed technical information with, if you’re inspired, catchy hot tub description that will catch someone’s eye, and that’s all.
  • Call the manufacturer or the local hot tub shop. Many of these will provide you with the best suggestions for your local area. Remember, most people call them and ask them for advice, so they’ll tell you where to look based on their experience.
  • Search up the forums. You can check out your local forums and see if there are any suggestions
  • Craigslist, eBay, Amazon… All of these can be used to sell the hot tub. Just make sure to be as precise as possible with a description. Also, make sure your buyer is someone trustful, to avoid any unwanted outcomes. Avoid people with bad ratings or without any feedback.
  • Check the local newspapers and take placing the ads in them into consideration.
  • Specialized magazines. If in your area a specialized magazine about hot tubs, pools, or similar topics exists, then it is a good idea to place an ad in it.

3. Trading Your Hot Tub For The New One


While selling used hot tub is probably the simplest way, you should consider a simple exchange. The best way for this is to contact your local hot tub shops and ask if there is an option to give your old one and get the new hot tub at a lower price.

If you want to simply get rid of your hot tub, you may also suggest trade and list all the things you’re willing to accept in exchange.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding how to sell used hot tub:

Q: Do hot tubs hold their value?


No, hot tubs don’t hold their value. If your hot tub is in good shape, then you could expect between 50-70% of the price you’ve paid, if you’re lucky. Most of the hot tubs have their values reduced by more than 50%. There are a few factors that affect the value:

  • How old the hot tub is
  • Were there any major breakdowns or issues
  • The lack of warranty
  • The delivery – the new hot tubs are being delivered by the manufacturers, while for the used one the buyer will most of the time have to organize the transport.

Q: How much does it cost to get rid of a hot tub?


It depends on how easy it will be to remove the hot tub. The lowest price is most often about $150, but it can be higher if it is heavy or there is a lot of work to be done to remove it. If you want to make the cost as low as possible, try to do everything you can to make it as easy as possible.

Q: Can you trade in hot tubs?


Probably yes. To make sure it is possible, contact the local hot tub shop or hot tub dealer and ask them. They’ll probably want to check the condition and the model, but many dealers will give you an offer, so you’ll most likely get some value back from your old hot tub, if nothing else, then at least in lowering the price for your new one.

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These 3 steps will help you sell a used hot tub as easy as it is possible, just make sure you do your best to keep it in a condition as good as possible during the time you use it, so you get the most out of its original value when the time to sell it comes.

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