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In the selection of a snorkeling mask, it is important to have all the facts about what to look for. Technology has come a long way in developing a mask and the rapid progression has led to incredible quality improvements. With a market that has become so saturated, it is important to have as much knowledge as possible to ensure you are getting the best mask for you.

Before selecting your new mask there are some things you should know. Let’s review.

The Things You Should Know Before Buying a Snorkeling Mask

History of the Snorkeling Mask

Previously, the skirt of your mask was made using an inexpensive black rubber material. This material was popular at the time as it resulted in affordable masks for snorkelers and scuba divers. This material came with many negatives and resulted in masks that had much shorter life expectancies.

This rubber was prone to dry rot. It was not uncommon for it to show signs of aging very quickly. These signs included cracks and tears in the skirt which would cause your mask to leak. Their material was not very elastic, in other words, it would not form fit to your face with the same accuracy that modern masks do.

Additionally, these masks tended to have a smaller lens size which resulted in a more limited view. This tunnel vision was not as popular among people and led to less light intake.

Throughout the years there have been great advancements that work to fix these flaws. Over time, the black rubber was switched out to a more efficient silicone. This cloudy silicone allowed much more light to enter the mask which worked against the tunnel vision. This material held much more resilience and eliminated the amount of dry rot and general wear. This change in materials greatly increased the lifespan of the snorkel mask. This did come at a price as silicone is a more expensive material and did raise the prices of the masks. Over time, these masks began to dominate the market and the silicone became clearer allowing even more light through.

The Modern Snorkeling Mask

The growing trend of snorkeling and scuba diving has led to an increase in demand for a quality mask. This has led to a competitive market where manufacturers are constantly looking to develop the best gear. This has led way to our current advancements of masks being made of crystal silicon. This is the clearest silicone that has been used in a mask allowing more light and a wider range of view. This type of silicone is more flexible allowing for a more precise fit.

The demand has also led to a more saturated market where manufacturers are producing a wide variety of masks to suit different consumers. Some masks feature a cheaper PVC or polyvinyl material. This material esthetically holds the same appeal but the functionality is not as high as the more expensive crystal silicone. These materials are functional in warm water but do not transfer into cold water as seamlessly and affect the flexibility of your mask.

Before you can select the right one for you, it is important to understand your mask. This knowledge will allow you to understand that a mask intended for scuba diving will also work for snorkeling but the reverse is not always true. This leads way to the use of tempered glass lenses. This stronger mask is of the highest quality as it can withstand the pressure changes of descending deeper into the ocean.

Tips for Finding the Right Mask

Having the right fit is crucial and will work to prevent your mask from leaking. This is probably the most important key fact to consider when selecting the best mask for you. When looking for the ideal mask for you first consider your use (ie. snorkel or scuba), price point, and the type of water you plan to use it in whether warm or cold.

Those with visual imparities are in luck as the technology has advanced to accommodate this. You can either chose to safely wear contact lenses or enhance your existing mask to incorporate your prescription. This is done by chemically bonding your prescription lenses to virtually any mask you have. It is important to note that water does magnify things by 25% which makes it so that those with only minor vision corrections do not require any correction.

Be sure to pay attention to the strap that your mask comes with. This should not make or break your decision as replacement straps are affordable and easy to install.

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Knowing how to care for your mask is important and will work to ensure that you can take advantage of the full lifespan. This knowledge will also help to keep your mask from fogging up. The growing advancements being made in the scuba and snorkel gear world make this one of the best times to take up the sport.

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