10 Best Ski Resorts In Scandinavia


If there is one thing that keeps Scandinavia fresh in the minds of skiers and snowboarders all around the world, it’s the fact that it has some of the best snow and runs in the northern hemisphere.

The four countries that make up Scandinavia—Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland have long runs that have been well groomed to offer the best Scandinavia skiing experience. Put on your ski jacket and those ski pants and get ready for an experience unlike any other.

These are the 10 best ski resorts in Scandinavia.

1. Trysil, Norway

You know you’ve landed on something when you choose to go skiing in Trysil. This is the largest ski resort in Norway and has a peak that is 1132 meters high. There are up to 71Km of slopes. Trysil ski resort has a base set at 415m and the 1100-meter peak gives it an elevation difference of 685 meters.

To remain safe you must know how to fall on skis. This will keep you from breaking bones and seriously injuring yourself.

You will find it easy getting from one end of the resort to the next with its 31 cable lifts. Thanks to its elevation and location, Trysil offers a long ski season with up to 185 days. As a backup, 510 snow canons serve 77% of the slopes on Trysil.

What we love about Trysil

  • Snow packed runs
  • Well-groomed pistes
  • Ideal for any level skier

2. Levi, Finland

If you are looking for a perfect family skiing in Scandinavia destination with easy blue and red runs, Levi is worth checking out. It offers up to 37.9 Km of slopes while also providing 5.8 Km of extra marked routes.

The base at Levi is set at 325 meters and the 531-meter peak offers an elevation difference of 325 meters. 24 chair lifts will get you to any part of the resort. There is 15.7 Km of easy slopes for the beginner, 19.4 Km of red runs for the intermediate, and 2.8 Km of black runs for the advanced skiers.

What we love about Levi

  • Long ski seasons
  • Many slopes and runs
  • Great quality snow for Scandinavia skiing

3. Are Duved, Sweden

Are Duved is the biggest ski resort in all of Scandinavia. There is 91 Km of slope length. It also features a huge elevation difference of 825 meters with a base at 380 meters and a mountain peak at 1274 meters.

To get you to your desired runs are 31 chairlifts. There are blue runs for the beginner that is 45 km in length and red runs for the intermediate that is 38 Km.

There is also some 8 Km of steep black runs for the advanced skier. Up to 60% of the runs are covered with snowmaking capabilities. You might wonder between buying vs renting skis. The right choice for you will depend on your individual circumstances and preference.

Why we love Are—Duved

  • There is a speed measurement course
  • The public racecourse
  • long runs

4. Hemsedal, Norway

Well-groomed pistes and easy slopes make Hemsedal a perfect place for a beginner, intermediaries as well as family skiing. If you are searching for a high ski resort that has lots of reliable snow, then Hemsedal is the place to be.

Hemsedal ski resort offers 44.1 Km of skiable runs. There is also 1.7 Km of extra marked ski routes. The ski resort has a base at 620 meters and a mountain peak at 1450 meters. This gives it an elevation difference of 820 meters. 18 cable lifts will get you to the slopes.

The 10 best ski exercises will keep you fit for tackling the long runs at Hemsedal

With 29.2 Km of blue runs and 10.8 Km of red runs, it is a great choice for beginner and intermediate runs. There is also a long ski season here that could last up to 185 days.

Why we love Hemsedal

  • Public racecourse
  • There’s the fun park
  • Night skiing

5. Hafjell, Norway

5.Levi Finland

For people who prefer Scandinavia skiing with fewer crowds, Hafjell is an excellent choice. Hafjell is about the same size as Hemsedal but there are more runs for the beginner skier. It features 33 Km of blue runs and 7 Km of intermediates runs. For the advanced skier, Hafjell offers 4Km of black runs.

The snow at Hafjell is reliable as the resort has a mountain peak at 1059 meters and a base set 195 meters. This gives the resorts an elevation difference of 864 meters.

There are 15 cable lifts to reach your favorite runs and up to 44 Km of total slope length. Just make sure you are warm with any of the best base layers for skiing.

Why we love Hafjell

  • Night skiing
  • Snow park
  • 80% of runs are covered with snow cannons

6. Yllas, Finland

Yllas offers a perfect combination of traditional winter holidays and great skiing. Yllas is among the larger ski resorts in Finland with 55 Km of runs. With a mountain peak of 718 meters and the base set at 200 meters, this is not the highest ski resort in Scandinavia.

However, the location of the resort and the fact that it has 36 snow cannons that cover 50% of the runs means that the snow is reliable and the ski season is long offering up to 170 days.

You can easily get from one end of Yllas ski resort to the next with any of the 26 chair lifts. It is a great place for the intermediate skier with 26 Km of red runs. There are also 21 Km of easy blue runs and 6 Km of black runs.

To keep your face well protected from the snow, consider the best helmet with visors for skiing.

Why we love Yllas ski resort

  • There is a snow park
  • Lit runs for Night skiing

7. Ruka, Finland

If you are one for early winter and spring skiing, then Ruka is the place to be. The mountain peak at Ruka is 432 meters with the base at 291 meters. There is 18.9 Km of total slope length with 9.1 Km of easy blue runs, 7 Km of intermediate red runs, and 2.8 Km of black runs.

There are 18 chairlifts to get you to the slopes. Ruka ski resort may not be the largest by Scandinavian standards but with 70 snow cannons that provide 80 percent of the slopes with snowmaking capabilities, plus a ski season that lasts up to 239 days, it is definitely worth the while to check out Ruka.

It’s crucial to make sure that you are wearing the best ski boots.

Why we love Ruka

  • Long ski season
  • Night skiing
  • Halfpipe
  • Fun park

8. Kvitjell, Norway

If you are planning your ski trip to Norway then Kvitjell should be on the list of the best ski resorts to check out. It is the second-largest in Norway with 39 Km of skiable runs. Of this 21.5Km constitute simple blue runs, 12.5Km of red runs for the intermediate skier, and 5Km of steep black runs.

Getting to the slopes is simple. These slopes are served by 11 chair lifts. 90 snow cannons cover 85% of the runs. The result is a long ski season that could last from October to May.

One of the most important skills to learn is how to get out of a tree well when skiing in Scandinavia.

Why we love Kvitjell

  • Above tree line and under tree line runs
  • Snow park
  • Long blue runs

9. Idre Fjall, Sweden

You know you are in for a treat with a resort that offers up to 188 days long ski season. This means the snow is reliable which comes as no surprise thanks to the location, the elevation of Idre Fjall ski resort as well as the fact that 90% of the runs have snowmaking capabilities.

Idre Fjall ski resort features 17 Km of blue runs, 22 Km of red runs, and 2 Km of black runs all making a total of 41 Km of runs. The mountain peak is at 809 meters and the base is set at 588 meters.

This is a great choice for the beginner and intermediate skier. It is simple to get to the best runs using any of the 22 chairlifts. Consider the best cameras for skiing. These will help you capture some amazing moments and take them home with you.

Why we love Idre Fjall

  • Long ski season
  • Free speed measurement course
  • Free public racecourse

10. Myrkdalen, Norway

Myrkdalen ski resort is the largest on the western side of Norway and offers sure snow on 30 Km of slope divided between 13 Km of blue runs, 12.5 Km of red runs, and 2.5 Km of black runs. With 30 snow cannons serving 30% of the slopes and with its high elevation, the result is ski season that lasts between mid-November to early May.

8 chairlifts will get you to the top of the runs with ease. And if you are up for a bit of night skiing, there are lit runs to take the fun right through the night.

Why we love Myrkdalen

  • Night skiing
  • Snow park

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Scandinavia skiing is one of the best winter decisions you can make. This is a winter wonderland for skiers and Snowsport enthusiasts. The great quality of snow, beautiful landscape and to top it all off are the northern lights that make for an experience unlike no other.

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