Sauna Repair And Maintenance Guide


So, you’ve finally gotten that awesome sauna that you’ve been wanting for the longest time and you are now enjoying the warmth and all the health benefits of sauna. To make sure that you keep making the most of your time in the sauna and that it keeps operating at maximum efficiency, it’s important to perform regular maintenance and repair.

The great thing is that it is simple to do sauna maintenance and sauna repair thanks to the fact that they have very few parts. Below are a few tips to help you repair and maintain your sauna in the best condition.

1. Cleaning

The basic and simplest way to perform sauna repair and sauna maintenance is to make sure that it remains clean. Take a broom and sweep off all the dust particles from the walls and the floor of the sauna. Take them all to a single corner and use a vacuum to collect all that dust.

Next, with some water and a light detergent that will not cause damage to the wood, wash the walls and the floor of the sauna. Lastly, take a towel and wipe off all the wet surfaces. This should keep the sauna looking clean and fresh for the next time that you want to use it.

Ensure that the walls and floor of the wood don’t have varnish or other types of finishes. Remember that the wood needs to be able to absorb the heat and release it as well. The fumes that might come off the finishes may be unhealthy when inhaled.

2. Interior parts

There are parts inside every sauna that could break and require replacement. An example is the bulbs. ensure you get the best quality parts that you can obtain as these will not break down often. For the bulbs get the correct size. Since the bulbs in a sauna will not last as long as bulbs in other parts of the house, you must obtain high quality and durable bulbs.

Other parts include radio, speakers, amplifiers as well as towel racks, rails, and backrest. Always perform regular inspections of these to make sure they are in the best shape and if not to replace them as quickly as possible.

3. The door

Remember what we said about applying finish to the wooden walls of your sauna? Well, when it comes to the door handles, or the floorboards, feel free to apply some polyurethane finish or wood sealant. These can get dirty quite easily and the finish or sealant will make cleaning them easier.

Depending on the weather conditions, the sauna doors may expand or contract. Always ensure you install a friction door catch which you can adjust accordingly.

4. Airing the sauna


Once you are done with your sauna session and have made sure to clean the room, open up the doors to let air in. Even while having turned off the heat, the rocks will still provide enough heat to dry out the sauna before they get cold.

5. Sanding

After regular use, you may notice that the benches have scratches and stains. To take them back to their original condition, simply sand any parts and clean off the dust with warm water. Mold might develop in the benches or walls due to the moisture. In such a case use warm water and bleach to clean the walls.

6. Heater maintenance

There are many advantages and disadvantages of a sauna. One of the benefits of the more traditional types of saunas, however, is that maintaining the heater should be simple as all you will need to do is clean the outer walls of the stove with a cleaner.

They have very few parts. Another thing that will need to be replaced is the stones in the sauna. The good thing is that they are highly durable and even after repeated use will only need to be changed every 5 to 10 years.

What’s more, if you can get access to granite rocks, these will last upwards of 10 years.

Always make sure that you do not take the heater apart and enlist the help of a professional if you notice it is not working properly.

7. Accessories

Saunas do not come with many accessories and perhaps the main one is going to be the wooden bucket. Store this upside down to drain out any water when not in use. Remember to ensure that the only bucket that you are using is a wooden bucket.

8. The woodwork

You need to always keep an eye on the interior woodwork of the sauna to make sure it remains in top form. Sometimes you may notice that the grove board is sprung or seems to fail. All you will need to do in such a case is to press it back into position.

Other times the wood may have cracks and in need of replacing. Search for dry wood and use galvanized nails to fix the wood into position.

If your sauna is made from spruce, you might notice resin seeping from the knots especially during the early stages of using the sauna. When conducting your sauna repair, use a chisel to scrape the resin off the wood while the sauna is hot.

However, you need to be careful so that the resin doesn’t touch your skin as it can be extremely hot. Check for splinters in the wood and if you notice them, use sandpaper to scrape them off ensuring a soft and smooth surface.

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If you have been considering installing a home sauna but have been wondering about repair and maintenance then the great thing with the more traditional types is that they are simple to repair. You will only need to seek the services of a professional with the more technical parts of the sauna such as the stove.

You can perform good sauna repair by ensuring that it is clean, the rocks don’t have cracks in them and there are no splinters or cracks in the walls of the sauna, you can extend the lifespan and continue to reap the benefits for a long time to come. Ensure that you do not use chemicals to clean the wood as this could cause it to lose condition.

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