Ultimate Reasons Why Infrared Sauna Can Help You Fight Cancer


Having to fight cancer is one of the hardest battles person could face during their lifetime, and one of the most painful things that could happen. It may sometimes feel unbearable, but there may be quite a good way to relieve some of that pain if you own – or know someone who does – infrared sauna.

This article will show you how it may help with this fight and teach you how to properly provide the one in need with infrared sauna cancer treatment.

Sauna And Cancer

When you say ‘sauna and cancer’, probably the first thing that will go through your mind is relaxation. But not just that, some studies have shown that it may also affect the tumor size and help shrink it. Also, some research claims that heat therapy may raise the chance of recovery up to 13% when properly combined with chemotherapy and radiation.

How Does Sauna Help Fight Cancer

The main question you probably have is how does the infrared sauna treatment work? The answer lies in the temperature of the water. Tumor cells do not have the ability to adapt to the higher temperatures, so when the water reaches the temperature from 104°F to 111.2°F (40-44°C), they’ll become more vulnerable.  This, combined with the medicines against cancer and chemotherapy, should help fight and kill cancer cells.

How Can Infrared Sauna Reduce The Pain

Pain most often causes constant muscle contractions and tension, which could make them feel sore and bad. One person spends enough time inside the infrared sauna, the heat will penetrate the body a few inches deep into the skin, so those muscles will, under the influence of the heat, relax and the body will start to feel relieved, so the pain will significantly reduce.

This will also make the blood circulation better, this way spreading the oxygen along the body in bigger amounts.

Infrared Sauna Cancer Treatment Benefits

Cancer treatment can be quite painful, the patient could lose their strength, so any potential help and act that will help and bring some kind of benefit are more than welcome, and here are some of the main benefits the infrared sauna will provide:


As we’ve already mentioned, cancer cells are less adjustable to heat, so this is one of the best ways to fight them. They are weaker than other cells, receive way more damage from high temperature, so using an infrared sauna as an additional ally in the cancer fight will considerably help.

Body Toxins Removal

When in an infrared sauna, you’ll be sweating a lot, this way getting rid of harmful stuff that has gathered inside your body. Heat via sweating forces your body to remove many toxins like heavy metals or chemicals, so it becomes cleaner and healthier.

Your Circulation Will Improve

Most often than not cancer strikes areas with low circulation because there is no enough nutrition and oxygen, taking advantage of weakness. One of the main effects infrared sauna has on a person’s body is improving circulation, so any nutrients, hormones, and oxygen will reach the places they normally wouldn’t. As the cancer cells go weaker, other cells from the body will go stronger so the defense mechanism will work better.

Refreshing The Internal Organs

Most chemicals, heavy metals, or estrogenic substances have quite a bad effect on the liver, kidneys, etc. By forcing blood to move through the whole body, an infrared sauna will help it to cleanse the internal organs and help keep them in the best possible shape at the moment.

It Will Take Care Of Your Skin


Remember, the skin is the largest human organ, and it has quite a big role in removing body waste. For it to do its work, it is important to sweat. Infrared sauna will cause your body to sweat, this way forcing all the waste to go to the surface and removing them from the inside.

How Long Will It Take Before It Shows Signs Of Progress?

It is crucial to remember that all people react differently to the same things. When we speak about killing cancer cells, it may go a bit slower and it may take some time, so it is not impossible to have to repeat the infrared sauna cancer treatment at least ten to 20 times before you see some real progress.

On the other hand, when it comes to the pain relief part, it will happen almost instantly. The moment someone enters the infrared sauna and the water becomes warmer and warmer, it will start to relax the muscles, so it is a matter of minutes before a person starts to feel better and more relaxed.

Don’t Rely Solely On Infrared Sauna

While it does help in cancer treatment and it is one of the recommended actions people may take to lower the pain and feel better, it is not a stand-alone treatment and you shouldn’t rely just on it. It serves as an additional option along with chemotherapy and other cancer medicaments.

Before The First Session, Talk To The Doctor

Also, it is not recommended to do it without consulting medical professionals. Especially if the sauna user doesn’t feel good after the time spent in it. The doctors should always know the plan, because some actions may affect or require the alteration of treatment, so to avoid any possible consequences, it is better to ask professionals first.

Some Basic Sauna Rules

Although all one has to do is undress and step into a sauna, some things should be done to avoid possible problems and get the most out of the session:

  • Wait for one to two hours after the last meal before entering the sauna
  • If possible, visit it early in the morning or just before bedtime, but if not, no problem, any time of the day is good for a sauna session
  • Start slowly! Don’t rush it. A 20 minute to half an hour session is recommended once you break the sweat. When the user gets adapted to infrared heat, the average session time is between 25 to 45 minutes.
  • One session per day is recommended, two are allowed if the therapy requires it
  • Drink enough water. Good replacements are fruit juices, ice tea, green tea… Drink it before, during, and after the session. Remember, staying hydrated is essential!
  • Sometimes it may take three or four sessions before the user starts to sweat a lot, especially if they are just beginning their infrared sauna treatment.
  • Overheating may be an issue for the first few sessions, so if any of the following signs appear, stop the session – headache, nausea, serious dizziness. The same goes if the heart rate becomes higher than 30% than usual, or if the body temperature passes the 102°F mark.
  • Recommended clothing is a swimsuit, but lightweight shorts and a t-shirt are OK.
  • During the session, gentle stretching and massage may help
  • After the session, it is recommended to let the body cool off a bit, before taking a shower.
  • If there is no spa near, or it is not possible to visit it, another good option is a portable sauna.
  • For relaxation at home, think about getting a hot tub.

Globo Surf Overview

Fighting cancer is hard, stressful; it weakens both the body and the spirit, so anything that could help is more than welcome. While it may not be enough to defeat cancer itself, allowing the body to relax and relieving a big amount of pain will most definitely help by keeping the spirit high, which is, in the end, crucial when it comes to surviving things like this.

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