10 Saltwater Hot Tub Benefits


When it comes to beauty and health routines, salt is one of the most important factors. Take a look at your lotions, creams, and scrubs, and you will probably notice they contain this natural wonder. This means that there are a lot of saltwater hot tub benefits, too. These sanitation systems release salt in small amounts, thus creating a natural oxidizer. Keeping a hot tub clean is just one of the many saltwater spa benefits.

Also, saltwater has a much more luxurious and softer feeling to the skin. It acts as an exfoliant, cleaning the surface of your skin by removing the dead skin cells.

10 Saltwater Hot tub Benefits

1. Improved Wellness

Saltwater is denser, meaning that the buoyancy of the water will be higher – which makes floating a lot easier. It is known that gravity weight is reduced with the increase of buoyancy, leading to less tension in your muscles and joints.

2. Fewer Chemicals

Systems that use saltwater usually have built-in chlorine levels monitor in the water. This feature will allow you to have automatically generated chlorine in your hot tub. In other words, this means that the water will last longer due to fewer chemicals in the water.

3. Fewer Odors

You are most likely very familiar with the chlorine smell you can experience around some hot tubs and pools. Uneven dosage of chlorine is the main cause of the chemical residues in the water that lead to “chlorine smell”. These residues are eliminated since hot tubs that use saltwater can keep the levels of chlorine consistent.

4. Less Irritation

Once more, fewer chemicals will lead to fewer problems with all parts of your body – including your eyes and skin! Even if it sounds strange, saltwater will is less likely to irritate your eyes and skin than a traditional system with manually added chemicals.

5. Less Drains

If you’re familiar with hot tubs, you probably know that you need to drain the system at least 3-4 times a year to be able to clean it and change the water. The difference with saltwater hot tubs is that you only need to do this once a year. Draining and cleaning a hot tub may take you a lot of time and preparation, so having to do something only once can be a determining factor.

6.  Better at Conserving Water

Since there will be fewer drains and refills if you decide to use a saltwater hot tub, there will also be less water wasted with a saltwater system. You can do the math on your own and calculate how much water you’re going to save just by refilling the hot tub fewer times.

7. Titanium Cartridges

As mentioned above, saltwater systems automatically convert salt into chlorine, but how? Usually, these systems have titanium cartridges built-in somewhere on the surface that water has contact with.

8. Simple Cartridge Replacement

Ease of use is one of the saltwater hot tub benefits that’s important for many people. Having said that, you can be sure that replacing a titanium cartridge takes only a few seconds. All you have to do is is take the old cartridge out and put a new one in.

9. Simple Instructions

The saltwater systems usually come with a user manual that anyone can read and understand. You can also find models that will automatically notify you when you need to adjust sanitizer levels or change the cartridge. This allows you to put less focus on chemistry and more on wellness and relaxation.

10. Soft Skin

Saltwater contains a unique combination of enzymes and minerals that have a lot of benefits for your skin. These enzymes and minerals also help to maintain the natural buoyancy of the saltwater.



Q: Are saltwater hot tubs better?


Saltwater tubs can be a great alternative to conventional spas. However, they have their own flaws. Not being able to properly monitor and maintain the saltwater system can cause many problems. So, if you don’t mind taking extra care of your tubs, they can be a good option for you.

Q: Can any hot tub use salt water?


You can turn any hot tub into a salt-water tub. You just need to follow a specific guide and then take very good care of your tub. There are many saltwater spa benefits, and you can now enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

Q: How does a saltwater hot tub work?


Saltwater hot tubs rely on the use of salt cells. When you add salt to the spa water, the salt cells will start reacting with it. This, in turn, produces chlorine. You can even manage the chlorine levels by using low power.

Q: What kind of salt do you use in a hot tub?


There are different kinds of salt you can use in your tub, such as sodium bromide or regular salt. Sodium bromide will be transformed into bromine, while regular salt transforms into chlorine. If you are interested in saving money, go with regular salt.

Q: Can I convert my hot tub to salt water?


Yes, you can convert your hot tub to saltwater. You just need to choose which kind of salt you’d like to use – sodium bromide or a regular one. Next, make sure you add enough salt. Generally, it is enough to add 2 pounds of salt per 100 gallons.

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There are a few more saltwater spa benefits than is the case with traditional systems. The main reason why you would decide to go for one is chlorine maintenance. These systems usually maintain a healthy amount of chlorine automatically, allowing you to enjoy the hot tub more and worry about chemicals less. Fewer chlorine levels mean you won’t have to deal with irritation and odors. Still, it is totally up to you to decide your favorite, so think about it thoroughly when buying.

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