Romantic Hot Tub Evening: Plan For Sucess


Hot tubs are not only relaxing, but they can also be romantic. Whether it is Valentine’s or just a normal day when you want to be intimate, you can make date nights more special in a hot tub. Forget about fancy restaurants! Even in the comfort of your home, you can have a memorable time with your beloved.

Looking for the best romantic hot tub ideas? Keep on reading and we’ll let you know how you can transform an ordinary tub into a dreamy place.

1. Send a Unique Invite

A romantic hot tub date starts even before getting wet and soaked. The first thing you have to do is to send a romantic invite. This is one thing that you should not do through a regular phone call or a straightforward text.

Find a way to slip a note to invite your date. Aside from a note, you can also send a plush robe to give someone an idea about the surprise that is waiting! Do not mention right away that you will be spending intimate time in a hot tub!

2. Take it Outdoors

Elevate your experience in an inflatable hot tub by adding an element of romance. It all starts with your choice of location. Pick a place where you can be intimate, away from the prying eyes of your neighbors or passers-by.

To make the mood more romantic, set-up your inflatable hot tub in the garden or somewhere it is dim. It is good to have a light breeze to make the environment more intimate.

Forget about hot tub gazebos! The best setting is an open-air environment when you two can enjoy a starry night.

Make sure that the hot tub is big enough to accommodate the two of you at a time. Some hot tubs can fit only one person. That won’t be romantic!

3. Light It Up

For romantic jacuzzi ideas, lighting will play a crucial role. Adding dim lighting will help to set the mood. If it is too bright, the light can be hot, and the ambiance will not be as intimate.

The best lighting will involve the use of candles. Exert effort by setting up candles in strategic positions around the hot tub, making sure that they will be safe. You can surround the hot tub with small candles or light the path that goes straight to the hot tub. Another good place to set the candles would be in the hot tub steps, but make sure that there is still enough space where you can walk.

4. Heighten the Sense of Smell

To make it even more romantic, use scented candles. Vanilla, cinnamon, rose, strawberry, and jasmine are some of the best scents. Exotic scents like sandalwood, amber, and coconut are also great.

Many studies prove that scent is directly related to sexual attraction. However, it can be difficult to find a fragrance that suits the bill since most people will have personal preferences. As a general rule, avoid anything that smells too strong.

5. Decorate with Flowers


Whether you have Coleman hot tubs or Bestway hot tubs, they can be boring. There’s nothing romantic about them! One of the best things that you can do is to use flowers. Even the most basic hot tub designs will look better when you have flowers around.

If you are looking for the best flowers for setting up a romantic hot tub, you can never go wrong with roses. Fill the hot tub with red and white rose petals to set the mood. You can also scatter the petals on the floor or pathway leading to the bathtub.

6. Add Music

Music is linked to romantic moments, such as a sweet dance. With this, another effective way to appeal to the senses and create a romantic ambiance is by adding music. Use waterproof Bluetooth speakers or speakers with a remote so that you can change the tunes any time without leaving the hot tub!

Before the date, take the time to prepare a romantic playlist. Research the songs your partner wants. Choose slow and intimate music to make the environment more intimate. When playing the music, keep the volume low so that you can still hear each other when talking. Go for instrumental music.

7. Prepare Food and Drinks

Romantic jacuzzi ideas will be incomplete without food. You don’t need to prepare a feast fit for a king and queen. To make it suitable for the intimate environment, go for light finger food. To make it even more special, prepare the food by yourself instead of serving takeaway.

At the side of your wood-fired hot tub, place a small table with a silver tray on the top. Fill the tray with candles, flowers, and finger food. Some of the best foods to serve include oysters, which are known as aphrodisiacs. Chocolates and strawberries are also romantic. Fruits with high water content will work well with the hot water in the tub. A bottle of champagne or wine will complete the mood.

8. Use Aromatherapy

Earlier, we talked about how scent plays a crucial role when preparing a romantic hot tub. Another great way to do this is aromatherapy. A few drops of essential oils in the hot tub is sure to create a more romantic mood.

The right choice of aromatherapy oils is crucial. If you want something uplifting, lemon oil is a good choice. If you are looking for an aphrodisiac, on the other hand, clary sage and peppermint are great choices. If you want to alleviate stress, lavender oil will work. This will also make both of you more relaxed. Six to ten drops of essential oils will be more than enough.

9. Give a Massage

Take the hot tub date to the next level by giving a massage. This is not only romantic, but this is also a great way to maximize the hot tub health benefits.

If you are a noob at massages, no need to worry! You can learn basic techniques online. One of the most important is to keep the strokes light for the massage to be romantic. Focus on the key parts of the body that can arouse sensual tension, such as the neck, back, and feet.

10. Get Naughty

If you are looking for romantic jacuzzi ideas, do not be afraid to get naughty! Being a little mischievous can set the mood for romance. It makes the hot tub more sensual.

Do not be afraid to experiment with toys! Prepare some naughty games that you can play while soaking in a two-person hot tub. Add floating ducks to the hot tub with hidden naughty dares. The sky is the limit when it comes to how you can be more playful while in the hot tub.

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Looking for a special idea for an epic date night? Consider the romantic hot tub ideas mentioned above. Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s, anniversary, or even if it’s just an ordinary day, you can make the hot tub more intimate! From adding candles to playing intimate music, these things are sure to set the mood for love!

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