Overcome Rock Climbing Fear Of Height In 5 Easy Steps


Acrophobia or fear of heights is one thing that makes many people hesitant in trying rock climbing. It causes discomfort and anxiety once you are suspended high above the ground. It’s all in the mind and you can easily overcome this fear! 

Looking for the best ways to overcome the rock climbing fear of heights? Keep on reading and we’ll share some tips on how you can finally be brave enough to get on a climbing rope and enjoy the adrenaline rush! 

5 Steps on How to Overcome Fear of Falling 

Being afraid of heights is a result of confusion. You become disoriented and anxious because you are unaware of how your body can respond to imminent danger. To overcome this fear, here are some of the most important things to do. 

1. Take it Slowly 

Do not rush the process. Getting over rock climbing fear of heights is not one thing that happens overnight. Avoid pressuring yourself to become calmer sooner. Taking baby steps is an effective way to gradually be acquainted with the rigors of the sport. 

As a part of taking it slowly, you need to distinguish real versus perceived danger. Fear is often about perceptions. Start with an assessment of the climb and your skills. As you become familiar with the hazards that are involved, it is also crucial that you learn rock climbing health benefits. It will be easier to become less scared. 

2. Trust Yourself 

Another important step on how to overcome falling fears to learn how to trust yourself. It is often hard for newbies to trust themselves because of their lack of experience and knowledge. To trust yourself, a good first step is to brush up on the know-hows of climbing. 

Before getting on a climbing harness, take a deep breath. Talk to yourself. Let yourself know that you can do it and that you are bigger than your fears. This will get you pumped, and before you know it, you are enjoying the climb instead of getting afraid that you will fall at one point. 

3. Use the Right Gear 

Now that you trust yourself, the next thing to do is to trust your gear. You will be more confident about your climbing capabilities if you know that you have the right equipment to help you complete the climb.

Start by dressing for the task. Make sure that you are wearing comfortable climbing shoes and climbing pants. Secure yourself in a high-quality harness and use a good rope. To keep your hands dry and have a better grip, you will also need climbing chalks. Whether you are using your gear or renting, always make sure that the quality is top-notch to let go of your fears. A climbing helmet is also a must-have to make sure that you are protected. 

4. Do it With a Buddy 

Learning how to overcome the fear of falling is also easier if you climb with a buddy. Don’t just do it with a random stranger. Instead, go with someone you trust. Even better, do it with someone who is experienced in rock climbing. 

Belaying is one of the most effective ways to make climbing less scary. With the use of belay devices and by having a belayer, you will have someone to guide you through the climb. This can also be an excellent source of motivation. 

5. Keep on Practicing 

Practice makes perfect. This is true even when it comes to rock climbing. If you want to get over your fear, one of the most important is to practice often. It is best to start your practice in an indoor gym. Try bouldering or climbing low walls. 

During your practice, one more thing that can help is to use a bouldering crash pad. You can overcome your fear of falling if you know that there is a cushion on the ground, minimizing the impact in case things go south.  



If you have some questions about rock climbing and fear of heights, we’ll try to answer some of them below. 

Q: How do I get over my fear of heights climbing?


Admitting that you are afraid is one of the best ways to get over your fear of heights climbing. From here, you can work towards addressing this fear. Starting small will help. You will also benefit from climbing with a buddy you trust, which will make you feel safer and more confident.

Q: What is exposure in rock climbing?


Exposure is a rock climbing term that refers to the space below the climber. It is a psychological sense of distance that incites fear of falling. It is the perceived risk of an injury as a result of climbing steep terrains.

Q: How high are the walls at Brooklyn Boulders?


The walls of Brooklyn Boulders is as high as 50 feet. This will depend on the specific location of the facility. Brooklyn Boulders is an indoor lifestyle facility with rock climbing walls, which is a great way to get started in climbing and overcoming your fear of heights.

Q: Is indoor rock climbing scary?


Yes, rock climbing is scary, but this will depend on the person’s level of fear. Compared to outdoor climbing, indoor rock climbing is less scary because the environment is more controlled. 

Q: How do I overcome my fear of falling?


Learning how to trust yourself and your gear is one of the best ways of overcoming your fear of falling. Investing in your knowledge will also help, which is possible by watching climbing movies or reading climbing books. You will be familiar with the problems and you will know how to act accordingly.

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It is normal to be scared of heights! Even professional climbers can have this fear. If you want to overcome your rock climbing fear of heights, consider the tips mentioned above. From doing the climb with a buddy to working with the right equipment, there are many ways to get over your fear!

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