DIY Repair Patio Umbrella Guide


To complete the look of your outdoor patio furniture, an umbrella is a must-have. Whether it is sunny or rainy, it provides protection. However, it can be frustrating when it breaks. Luckily, repairing the umbrella is not a complicated task. 

With little time and effort to spare, you can repair the patio umbrella by yourself. Keep on reading and we’ll let you know how to do it like a pro.  

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fix Broken Patio Umbrella 

Do not let a broken umbrella ruin the form and function of patio chairs and tables. Here, we’ll talk about some of the most common problems and easy steps on how to repair the patio umbrella. 

Repairing Patio Umbrella Ribs 

Strong winds could topple patio umbrellas. As a result, one of the parts that easily get damaged is the rib. This is the metallic or wooden rod that holds the umbrella so that it can stand above the table. 

When the rib breaks, it isn’t time to buy a new one. Try what you can to salvage the umbrella. Here’s a quick guide on how to fix the broken patio umbrella rib. 

  1. Hold the broken or cracked pieces of the umbrella rib and put them next to each other. Bond the pieces using glue or weld depending on the material of the umbrella arm. Let it dry. 
  2. Once the bond is dry, wrap the area with waterproof duct tape. This will create a stronger bond between the broken pieces. 
  3. Position a hose clamp on the top of the tape directly over the break. Wrap with duct tape. If you are bothered by the appearance of the tape, you can also paint it so that it will match the appearance of the rest of the rib of the patio umbrella.  

Repairing a Torn Patio Umbrella 

Another common problem with a patio umbrella is a tear in the surface. This can start small and grow larger when not immediately addressed. Without proper action, this might make the umbrella useless in no time. 

The steps are similar to how to repair a tent with rips and tears. However, there can be differences depending on the materials that are used. To repair a patio umbrella with a tear, here’s what you should do. 

  1. Remove the umbrella from the table. Disassemble the top part from the skeleton if possible. Otherwise, look for a large and open area where you can work easily. 
  2. Look for the tear. Clean the damaged area. Use scissors to cut any frays or loose threads on the edges. 
  3. If the tear is small, bring the edges together and apply glue at one side and place the other side on the top. Once the glue is set, stitch to have a reinforcement. 
  4. If the tear is large to the point that there is already a hole, you can set a patch at the bottom and settle it with pins. Now that it is in place, glue the patch and sew the edges. 

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Repairing the Cord of a Patio Umbrella 

The cord or the string is one of the most fragile parts of the patio umbrella. It can easily snap. There are also instances when you pull with a stronger force than necessary, which can cause the cord to break. 

Re-stringing the patio umbrella is the easiest solution. Here are the steps to do this: 

  1. Remove the umbrella from the pole and get rid of anything that you can take off until only the skeleton remains. 
  2. Unscrew the bolts to remove the crank casing of the umbrella. 
  3. With needle nose pliers, pull the cotter pin and remove the nut. Remove all other parts but make sure that you keep them together in one place so that re-assembly will be easy. 
  4. Remove the crank handle. You might need to exert a bit of force to do this. 
  5. Look for the umbrella hub and remove the cover. Be careful to avoid the umbrella ribs from falling off. Now, you will have access to the broken cord. Remove it. 
  6. Once the broken cord is off, replace it with a new one. Feed the cord through the hole and tie a knot at the bottom so that the cord will not go all the way through the hole as you pull it. 
  7. Reassemble all the parts that you earlier took off. 



If you have more questions about how to fix a broken patio umbrella, we’ll try to answer some of them below. 

Q: How do I repair a tear in my patio umbrella?


To repair a tear in a patio umbrella, stitching is the easiest solution if it is just minimal. On the other hand, if the damage is large, you might need to work on a patch. This does not only cover the tear but will also prevent the tear from getting larger.

Q: How do you fix a tear in an awning?


Fixing a tear in an awning requires using tape to act as a patch. The tape should be strong enough so that it will stick on whatever material the awning is made of. If the tape can’t do it, you might need to stitch the awning.

Q: How do you repair Sunbrella fabric?


To repair a Sunbrella fabric, use a fabric adhesive. Tear Mender is a good brand, which is known to work effectively in Sunbrella fabric because of its strong grip. Clean the surrounding area around the tear before putting the adhesive.

Q: How do you repair a tear in a canvas?


To repair a tear in a canvas made of natural fiber, seal off the torn edges with the use of a lighter if it is made a synthetic material. If the canvas is a natural fiber, cover the natural edges with clear nail polish. Then, pin a canvas behind the tear and stitch to secure the cover in its position. 

Globo Surf Overview 

Knowing how to repair a patio umbrella can help you save money! From torn fabrics to broken ribs, keep in mind the steps mentioned above. It requires minimal effort and a little time to save your patio umbrella and make it useful again.

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