Refurbishing Hot Tub: Easy DIY Guide For Everyone


As time goes by, it takes its toll on everything around us, and even the hot tubs are not spared. The good news is that it doesn’t take much to get it back into good shape, only a bit of effort, time, and money. In this article, we’ll show you the most important steps of hot tub refurbishing so you can fix it and enjoy your hot tub the best way possible. Of course, this is also applicable if you decide to purchase an old and used one.

How Often Should You Refurbish Your Hot Tub

Hot tub restoration is directly related to the state of your hot tub. If you keep it clean and take care of it, it will probably remain in a good shape for a longer period of time than the ones that are being neglected, but a rough estimate is that you’ll have to do a make-over every 5 years or so. Again, it all depends on the conditions, whether it is kept inside or it is located outdoors, whether it is covered or you don’t use hot tub covers, whether you maintain the chemical balance or you tend to let the water sit for a few months before you decide it is time to change it…

How To Refurbish Your Hot Tub

Refurbishing a hot tub may sound complicated, but with the help of these 7 steps, it is quite simple, as long as you follow it closely and pay attention to details.

1. Clean The Hot Tub

The first thing in hot tub restoration should be cleaning it. You’ll need a brush, as stiff and firm as possible. In a bucket take about a gallon of water and a bit of dish soap. Start slowly and scrub the whole area as much as you can. Do your best to remove any stains, scaling, or anything similar from the surface. Now it is time to let it sit for a bit. Come back after an hour and see if the water has completely drained. If no, take a hose spray nozzle or simply wipe it off with a sponge. If all the water is gone, it is time to take a break and let it dry for a whole day to make sure it is ready for the next step. You could also check out our guide on how to clean the hot tub that has been sitting.

2. Inspecting And Repairing The Hot Tub

After you’re absolutely positive all the water has gone, it is time to thoroughly inspect the hot tub. Check everything – from the outside to electronics and make sure it all is working properly. Sometimes all you’ll have to do is to change the aesthetics, while sometimes you’ll be required to make some serious repairs to make it work again. This is an ideal chance to make a complete repair that will last for a longer period of time.

3. Checking The Cabinet

Go around the cabinet and see if there is any rotten area with hollow and loose places. You’ll test it out by trying to move your finger inside. If you’re able to do it easily, it is time to change that part. Also, this is time to see if there are any loose screws, nails, or anything out of the ordinary. If you suspect that something’s wrong, you’re probably right and it is time to change it.

If there is a decaying wood, changing it is rather simple. Just cut the bad section, you can do it with a sharp knife, and replace it with a new board you’ve previously purchased from a hot tub shop. Simply place the new part at the place of the old one.

4. Electronic Repairs

With this part of your hot tub, it is better to call up the professionals. One mistake may not only lead to serious hot tub damage, but it can also be dangerous to you. Repairing electronics will lead to getting the most out of your hot tub every time you use it.

5. Staining The Hot Tub

Sometimes the color of the wood has simply started to fade away or the damage is easily spottable, the thing to do is to get a solid cover stain to cover the problems, although it may not be the best solution if your hot tub is located outside. If you do decide to try your luck and go with the paint, then make a few photos of your hot tub and hit the hardware supply store with those photos to find the closest color you could. The recommendation is to go with a slightly lighter shade of the paint compared to your cabinet. Also, to remember the brand, tear the can label off and tape it or store it somewhere where you’ll be able to check it once the time comes to purchase another can in the future.

When it comes to the staining process, the best result you’ll get with a kitchen sponge, just make sure it is clean and textured. Also, have a drop cloth and a rag nearby, and rubber gloves on your hands all the time.

Painting can also be done to get the new parts of the hot tub in the same shade as the old ones.

6. Sealing The Stained Wood

Now after you’ve finished replacing and painting all the parts, it is time to add a protective layer that will keep your restored areas in a good condition for a longer period of time. This may be done simultaneously with staining because you’ll most likely be able to find products that offer both staining and sealing at the same time.

However, if you’d prefer to go with separate products, you should look for the sealers that are good enough to keep the protection up for a longer period than 6 months. There are three options you’ll be able to choose from – matte, satin or glossy, and all of them work the same way, just the appearance is different so choose the one you like the most.

Once you’ve chosen the one, wait for your stain to dries completely, then apply the sealer using a sprayer, sponge, rag, or anything similar.

7. Inspect The Hot Tub Again

Before you start refilling the hot tub, check every inch to make sure there are no cracks or places where it could leak. A leaking hot tub may end up in a disaster thanks to lots of electronics around it, so it is better to be safe than sorry. If there are no leaks, refill it and enjoy it.

How To Keep The Spa Clean And Well

Besides refurbishing, it is important to know how to take care of your hot tub to prevent any signs of decay. Keeping it properly maintained, clean, and placed will significantly improve its lifespan. Here are some of the most important hot tub apps, tips, and tricks that will help you keep it in good shape:

  • Make sure there are no sprinklers or rain runoff from the roof that can reach the hot tub. If they can, make sure to shield it and cover it.
  • Don’t let it sit under direct sunlight for a longer period of time. If your spa is set up somewhere outdoors, you should think about covering the whole tub, not just the water.
  • Make sure there are no plants or any weed at least 6 inches away from the hot tub.
  • Ground covering the area just around the spa should be covered with mats, decking, gravel, or anything like that.
  • Water overflow is another issue that could lead to your spa decay, so avoid overfilling it or any bigger splashes.


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about refurbishing hot tubs:

Q: Can you resurface a hot tub?


Yes. Even the most decayed hot tubs can be resurfaced and brought back to life, so don’t give up upon your hot tub yet. All it takes a bit of patience, effort, and investment and you’ll have your beloved relaxing place back in its old beautiful shape in a no-time.

Q: How much does it cost to fix a hot tub?


It depends on how serious refurbishing is. If it is just about aesthetics it will most likely be cheaper compared to times when there is a need to add some additional fixes. Most often the cost of repair is from 700 to 2000 bucks, while it can rise up to 4000 if there is some serious damage to be fixed. Remember, every hot tub is a story for itself and it is better to consult professionals to get this information.

Q: How much does it cost to resurface a hot tub?


Same as with fixing, it depends on the amount of work needed and the quality of materials you want. If you decide to go with the cheapest options, it is more likely than not that you won’t be so satisfied with the final result.

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Sometimes hot tubs need simple refurbishing to get back to their old state and provide us with many fun and relaxing hours. This article will help you with some of the first refurbishing hot tub steps and ease up the hot tub restoration process so you can enjoy it again before you know it.

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