Recycling Hot Tub Water Guide


Over time, the hot tub water becomes choked with contaminants, minerals, and solids that may overwhelm the hot tub sanitizer and filter. This leads to cloudy and dull spa water that may be unhealthy. To ensure that the hot tub water is healthy enough, most spa owners will replace the water every 90 to 120 days.

Recycling hot tub water is an ideal way of ensuring that the water you drain from the hot tub does not go to waste. In this article, we will show you how to reuse hot tub water.

10 Ways for Recycling Hot Tub Water

1. Water Your Lawn

As long as you open the hot tub cover and allow the bromine or chlorine level to drop to approximately 1 ppm, hot tub water should be ideal for your lawn. While the amount of chlorine or bromine in the water should not be zero, it should also not be above 3 ppm. Levels higher than 3 ppm can affect some grasses negatively – some grasses may start to turn yellow after just a few days.

Before using the hot tub water on your lawn, you should ensure that the water is well-balanced – at least, the hot tub water pH should be below 7.8, with a pH of 7.0 to 7.2 being more preferable. When you decide to reuse hot tub water by using it on your lawn, be sure to move the hose around every 30 minutes to avoid oversaturating one location.

2. Water Your Bushes and Trees

Hot tub water can also be used to water trees and bushes. Again, you need to ensure that the chlorine and bromine levels are below 3 ppm, or even better, between 1 and 2 ppm, before recycling hot tub water by watering trees and bushes. Running the jets and opening the cover is an ideal way of lowering the levels of bromine and chlorine.

If your hot tub uses a saltwater spa system, you will need to be cautious. Ensure that your bushes and trees can tolerate salt before using the hot tub water for irrigation.

3. Water the Home Foundation

If your home is in a dry place, you have probably heard that home foundations often crack as a result of the ground becoming too dry. Also, new concrete walkways or driveways may settle if the ground beneath them dries and ends up shrinking too much.

In times of drought, when rainfall is too scarce, you can reuse hot tub water by soaking the ground near the concrete placement or around your home. Whenever you need to drain and clean the hot tub, simply direct the water to your home foundation – the water will soak into the dry soil, expanding it and hence boosting its support for heavy steel and concrete structures.

4. Pump the Water to Your Pool

Unless the water is super funky or dark green, recycling hot tub water by pumping it into the swimming pool is a good idea. Simply run the hose over the swimming pool and reuse hot tub water by turning it into the pool water.

5. Pump the Water into Your Dog Pool

Dogs usually like to take a dip in the hotter parts of the summer. If you have invested in a dog pool to keep your furry friends from going into your main pool, you can repurpose the hot tub water by filling the dog pool.

Every time you need to do a hot tub water change, simply run the hose over the dog pool and allow it to fill. If you still have water in your 2-person hot tub after filling the dog pool, you can use it for the other purposes mentioned in this article.

6. Wash Your Car

For this option to work for you, you may need to invest in a submersible pump and a long garden hose that reaches your driveway. Simply put the hose on the lawn while you are scrubbing the car and grab it when you need to use the water. This will allow you to easily kill 2 birds with a single stone – you get to wash your car while watering your lawn at the same time.

7. Use the Water to Flush the Toilet

You can use water from your hot tub or jacuzzi to flush your toilet. All you will have to do is pour the water directly into your toilet bowl rather than the tank.

8. Wash Your Patio Furniture

Patio furniture deserves a thorough wash every once in a while. The water from your Bestway hot tub is ideal for making your outdoor furniture shine. To remove grime, simply use a mild oil-based soap mixed with warm hot tub water.

9. Wash Out the Garbage Cans

Although you use the garbage cans to store waste materials, washing them can improve the condition of your compound. Instead of using clean water, consider making use of the water you drain from your hot tub. A combination of the hot tub water, a long-handled nylon bristle brush (for scrubbing), and a disinfectant of your choice will help you remove the bad smell and get rid of bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms.

10. Store the Water for Later Use

If you do not have use of the hot tub water currently, you do not have to drain it into the sewer. Instead, drain the water into a storage tank and allow it to stay there. Whenever your trees/lawn needs watering or you need to raise the water level in your swimming pool, you can use the stored water.



Q: Will Hot Tub Water Kill Trees?


If you ensure that the hot tub water has the right pH and the bromine or chlorine level is not off the chart, hot tub water will not kill your trees. The ideal chlorine or bromine level is 1 to 2 ppm while the ideal pH should be below 7.8, or even better, between 7.0 and 7.2.

Q: Can I Drain Hot Tub Water on My Lawn?


As long as the hot tub water has an ideal pH and the right bromine/chlorine level, you can use the water on your lawn – the pH and chlorine/bromine levels mentioned in the answer above will also apply for lawns. If you use a saltwater hot tub system, ensure that your plants can tolerate the high salt level before using the spa water on your lawn.

Q: Do You Have to Change the Water in A Hot Tub?


Changing water in the hot tub is extremely important. It helps keep the spar healthy enough for its users. Also, changing the hot tub water helps avoid overwhelming the hot tub sanitizer and filter.

Q: How Often Should You Change Hot Tub Water?


On average, you should change the spa water every 90 to 120 days. This is equivalent to 3 to 4 months.

Q: Where Do You Drain Hot Tub Water?


The answer to this question will vary depending on where you live and whether you intend to reuse hot tub water. If you do not intend to reuse the spa water, you can drain it in the sewer. Alternatively, you can drain the water on your lawn, in your pool, or use it for other household purposes like cleaning your car.

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Whenever you decide to change your hot tub water, you should not allow the water you remove from the Intex hot tub to go to waste. This article gives ideas for recycling hot tub water. If watering trees or your lawn with the hot tub water appeals to you, ensure that the hot tub water has an ideal chlorine/bromine level and the right pH – this will help you avoid damaging your plants.

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