Re-WALK: Recycled Plastic Dog Leash Review


The Re-WALK recycled plastic dog leash, made by the 100% women-owned company WALK, is one of those innovative products that can help you rethink some aspects of your everyday behavior and make them more compatible with the planet’s health, paving the way for a better and greener future. Giving new life to the equivalent of eight to ten single-use plastic bottles, the Re-WALK leash blends convenience, innovative design, and originality to deliver a product that stands out in every regard.

Single-use plastic bottles fill garbage bins and landfill the world over, and their use is not being reduced by any means, despite the best effort of environmental organizations. They take centuries to decompose and are some of the most polluting items of the ones we use every day, yet they can be recycled and reused, putting all that plastic to the service of something better, giving it a second chance to be useful.

The Re-WALK recycled plastic dog leash does exactly that while providing the user with an extremely well-designed product. The leash can be carried in several different ways and come with an included set of environment-friendly doggie bags. An extension, called Adda-WALK, can be rapidly clipped on if you want to bring two dogs on the walk and avoid getting tangled up in extra leashes. Built by dog-lovers for dog-lovers and respectful of the environment, the Re-WALK leash may very well be the last one you ever have to buy and is likely to inspire you to have a positive impact on the world around you.


The Re-WALK recycled plastic dog leash is 6 feet long and extremely tough, ready to help you keep even the most animated dog in check. By using a very convenient G hook, the leash can be reconfigured to meet your different needs when taking your dog for a walk. This allows you, for example, to very quickly open the handle so you can wrap it around a pole, to secure your four-legged friend if you need to take a quick break. 

Another very useful way to use this feature is to clip it further down the leash after having passed it around your waist, letting you walk your dog while keeping your hands free. This configuration is ideal for joggers or people wanting to keep an eye on their pets while they are busy doing something else and is very easy to tighten and adjust to your body size.

The handle is padded, to provide a comfortable hold regardless of the way you choose to wrap it around your hand, and a second smaller handle can be found further down the leash. This is designed to give you a tighter hold on the dog, in situations where you might want to keep them more closely under control, such as near traffic lights or when you encounter another dog and the two don’t seem to hit it off. 

The leash is connected to the dog’s collar with a swiveling carabiner, that allows complete freedom of movement for your pet without tangling up the whole leash. Just above the second, “close-call” handle, you will find the loop to attach the Adda-WALK connective leash. Thanks to this addition you can easily stroll with two dogs together, without having them twisting you around with two separate leashes.

Each of the Re-WALK recycled plastic leashes also comes with an included roll of environmentally-friendly doggie bags, which can be conveniently stored in the small net pocket attached to the leash. These are made with a cornstarch formula that is designed to break down much faster than traditional plastic bags. When a bag is full, you can clip it into one end of the G hook to save yourself from having to carry it to the nearest bin.

Several different color options are available, featuring native American patterns or even mountains, aside from more basic, solid color choices. Here is a complete list of features of the Re-WALK recycled plastic leash

  • Recycled material from the equivalent of 8 to 10 plastic bottles
  • Extremely tough, can handle up to 4kN of strength
  • Padded handle for a comfortable grip
  • Second “close-call” handle for closer control of your dog
  • Swiveling carabiner connects to the collar for complete freedom of movement
  • Includes doggie bags made with innovative cornstarch formula
  • G hook design allows for several different configurations
  • Easy and quick to transform into waist strap
  • The adda-WALK leash can be attached to walk two dogs
  • Doggie bags can be transported on G hook
  • Several colors and pattern options available



Length: 6 feet

Width: 1 inch

Leash break strength: 1000 pounds-force (4.5kN)

Carabiner break strength: 900 pounds-force (4kN)

User Experience

User_ExperienceUsability: The Re-WALK recycled plastic leash feels nice and secure in your hands, giving you a tough and effective connection to your dog, just as you would expect a good leash to do. The main cord is extremely durable and can sustain a much greater force than the one dogs can generate. 

The padding on the handle is very comfortable and your hands never get tired of holding it, while the G hook is easy to attach and detach, and soon becomes an extremely convenient feature also as a doggie bag holder. The pouch that holds the bags is placed close to the handle and readily accessible at a moment's notice, adding to the overall usability of the leash.

Design: The all recycled plastic construction is a true innovation, and the Re-WALK leash pulls it off perfectly by combining it with smart features that make it easily usable and convenient. The use of the G hook makes switching between combinations very quick and secure and the different available designs are a nice added touch to give some variety to your dog strolls. 

The swiveling connection to the dog collar is also a very well thought out detail since it leaves your four-legged friend free to jump around without twisting or tangling the cord. Installing a second handle that sits closer to the dog themselves is further proof of smart design, preventing you from having to grasps anywhere on the leash to pull it closer to yourself.


  • Uses only recycled plastic and delivers an extremely strong leash
  • A g hook is easy to reposition, letting you switch between configurations
  • Included doggie bags and doggie bag pocket


  • Limited amount of color choices

Overall Rating


Usability: 98% - The Re-WALK recycled plastic leash handles just as well if not better than the best leashes on the market. It makes you feel comfortable and secure while holding your dog, thanks to the padded handle and extremely tough construction. The comfort of the dog has also been assured thanks to the swiveling attachment to the collar, which makes the two of you more than ready to enjoy your time outdoors. The “close-call” handle is very well placed and effective in rapidly giving you better control over your dog's movements, in those moments when safety is paramount.

Design: 99% - Aside from contributing to the health of the planet and the environment, the Re-WALK leash also stands out by how well it is designed, with numerous tools being placed at your fingertips to make the walks with your dog easier and more enjoyable. The use of the G hook is especially convenient, letting you quickly adapt the shape of the leash to your specific needs, and the small pouch that holds the doggie bags is very well positioned and doesn't dangle as you run along. The whole leash feels very well thought out and makes going out for a walk that much smoother and entertaining.

Price: 98% - The Re-WALK dog leash nicely avoids the trap into which innovative and eco-friendly products often fall, by positioning themselves at a very reasonable price, in line with what you are used to seeing on the market. Knowing that without having to stretch your pockets out of your comfort zone you can acquire an excellent product that also helps the planet, make the Re-WALK recycled plastic dog leash a definitive best buy.

Overall: 99% - Making it clear that it is possible to make well-designed and useful products with recycled materials and sell them without breaking the bank, the Re-WALK recycled plastic dog leash is a stunning example of innovation, which we hope many people will follow in the future. The design brings together ease of use, reliability, and durability, doing so by taking plastic out of our landfills and away from our oceans, so we cannot help but enthusiastically recommend it to any dog owner out there and hope to see more products like this in the future. 

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The Re-WALK recycled plastic dog leash sets a new standard for what was considered possible to do with scrap materials and points us towards a new way of imagining our future, down to the most mundane objects we use. It is one of those products that does everything right, and we hope to see many more like it in the future, pushing the boundaries further and further.

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