How To Quickly Fix Cracks And Scratches In A Hot Tub


Having your own personal hot tub is a source of pride and joy, especially when you think of the considerable amount of money you poured into purchasing it. This is why seeing a large gash or (worse) a crack on your hot tub can be disheartening, to say the least. For one, these can totally ruin the look and appeal of your hot tub, and two, even the smallest of cracks can grow and provide a way for water to enter the hot tub and consequently damage its internal components. This is why when you see scratches or cracks on your hot tub, you’ll want to fix them right away. Fortunately, repairing these damages doesn’t need to be that difficult and can be done with a few inexpensive hot tub crack repair or hot tub shell repair kits.

Diagnosing the Problem

Before you head to your local pool supply store and start buying your hot tub repair kits, you’ll first want to take a close look at the extent of the damage. Is it just a small surface scratch or a deep gash that extends right into the backing material? Once you’ve identified what you’re dealing with, check your hot tub’s warranty. If you’re warranty covers repairs for such damages and is still within the coverage period, it may be better to let them fix it.

Minor surface scratches are mostly cosmetic and can be repaired easily by any capable hot tub owner. However, if you find yourself dealing with a deep gash or a large crack, you may want to call in the experts to do the repairs. A certified hot tub specialist should be able to help you get things squared away in a jiffy.

Gather Your Supplies

Before you get started with repairing those minor scratches and cracks on the acrylic surface of your hot tub, you’ll want to make sure that you have everything you need at hand. It can be rather frustrating having to go to the store to purchase an item or two while you’re in the middle of repairing your hot tub. Here are some things you’ll need for this particular project.

Acrylic Repair Kit. These repair kits are generally available in the most local pool and hot tub supply stores. Some hardware stores also have these in stock. If you can’t find any in your local stores, then you may need to get them online. However, if you’re not willing to wait, you can use an automobile acrylic repair kit as a replacement.

Hot Tub Cleaner. If you’ve been a responsible hot tub owner over the past few years or months, then you probably already have this lying somewhere in your home. However, if you run out of hot tub cleaners, then you’ll want to get some now. Along that line, check your other hot tub chemicals and see what else you’re missing (you’ll need these after you’re done repairing and refilling your hot tub).

Sandpaper. You’ll want to buy some fine and coarse sandpaper from your local hardware store. Generally, you can do with only one of the two, but having both gives you more control over the repair.

Some Soft Towels or Rags. You can use any towel or rag as long as they’re soft enough not to cause any abrasions on the hot tub’s surface. If you can get some microfiber towels, then that would be better.

Repairing Minor Scratches and Cracks


Now that you have your repair kit and necessary supplies, you’re ready to begin repairing those small scratches and cracks on your hot tub. Here’s how you do it.

Before you start, you first need to drain the water out of the hot tub. You can do this by opening the drain spigot usually located underneath the hot tub. You should also disconnect the hot tub from the power source by turning the dedicated switch at the circuit breaker.

Once all the water’s out, wipe away all the remaining droplets of moisture on the hot tub’s surface. You may also want to leave the hot tub to air dry for an hour or two if you’re repairing on a warm, sunny day.

Clean the damaged area using the hot tub cleaner. After that, wipe the area with a clean damp cloth to remove any residue left by the cleaner.

If you’re dealing with really minor cracks, you’ll want to lightly go over the crack with fine sandpaper. Doing so will help the acrylic patch to stick better onto the shell’s surface. For larger cracks, you’ll want to sand inside the crack with coarse sandpaper as well. This will give some ‘room’ and base for the plaster to sit on and attach itself to. After that, clean the sanded area and wiping or blowing away any dust around and inside the crack.

Apply the acrylic patch onto the crack. Remember to read the instructions on the label as this will tell you how to properly apply the patch, how long to let it sit before it dries completely, and several other information. Just remember not to apply too much plaster, just enough to fill the crack. Make sure that you fill the crack, otherwise the water will start leaking through it. After applying the plaster, let it dry. How long that will take will depend on the plaster you used. Check the label for the exact details.

Once the plaster’s dry, you can start sanding any uneven or rough edges of the plaster. Afterward, clean the hot tub using the hot tub cleaner and remove every bit of residue left by the plaster.

The moment of truth: fill your hot tub with water and check for any leaks in the repaired area. If there’s none, then congratulations on a job well done. Otherwise, you’ll have to go back to step 1 and start all over again.

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Minor cracks in hot tubs may appear to be a purely cosmetic issue for some people, but when left unchecked for a long period of time, these minor damages can get worse, putting the electronics inside your hot tub at risk of water damage. As can be seen above, minor hot tub crack repair or hot tub shell isn’t that difficult and shouldn’t take too long. And when done properly, you’ll be able to sink into your hot tub and take that well-deserved break in no time.

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