How To Prepare Your New Dive Mask


After thoroughly doing your research on what to look for in your ideal snorkel mask, you have finally picked one. While this is an exciting buy, you still aren’t quite ready for the water yet. You will still want to prepare your new mask to make sure that you are well equipped to get the most out of your next snorkel experience.

Caring for your mask is important. Whether you are a scuba diver or prefer surface exploration with snorkeling, there is some basic maintenance to do to keep your gear working well.

Check The Fit

This is first and foremost the first thing you need to do when getting your new mask. This is incredibly easy to do but is so important. Be sure to not wait too long to do this as some companies only have a limited window of the return policy. If there is an issue with your mask you should contact the seller and return it as soon as possible. There are a few important things you should check when you first get your new mask.

To check the fit, simply tilt your head back and place the goggles over your eyes. Keeping the strap in front of your mask rather than behind your head as normal, take a breath in through your nose. Holding that breath put your head down back to its normal position. Pay close attention to how the mask stays suctioned to your face. You don’t want to feel any air coming through as this will cause leaking later. Also, check to ensure the sides of your eyes aren’t being cut off from the mask.

Inspecting Your Mask

The first thing you should do when you first get it is checking it over. Even though companies have a quality control department some get missed. You’re going to want to spend a few minutes to go over the mask, finding out when you’re on vacation will be a huge bummer.

Next, you should check that the seals are properly sealed. Fill your sink with clean water and put the mask in the water up to the gasket. Hold it there for a few minutes as you see if any water is entering the mask. You can even put a piece of paper towel on the glass to double-check that no water has entered.

Next, you should make sure that the straps are securely fastened and are not damaged. Even a small imperfection can cause the strap to fray and even fail. Look over the edges of the material. If there are any nicks you should be wary of the mask. Next, give the straps a pull like you would when putting it on. It should be a little stiff but shouldn’t creak or make noise.

Getting Your Mask Ready For Use

Having your mask set up so all you have to do is jump in the water is ideal. When you are checking the fit of your mask you can go ahead and set the straps so they fit the way you would want them to if you were diving. This will allow you to simply take them out of their case and throw them on.

Look at the lens first. The frame is sealed using a silicone compound which can leave residue on the lens. If this has happened to your mask you should clean it with a small amount of dish soap and a soft toothbrush. If you find that the residue isn’t going away you can step it up with a couple of dedicated mask cleaners.

When cleaning your mask make sure to clean the inside and outside. This will also create a barrier so that your mask won’t fog up (you will have to do this every time you dive to make the anti-fog barrier).

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Preparing your mask properly before heading to the water is important. This is something that should be done well before your next snorkel or dive holiday. This will give you a chance to seek help from a local dive shop if you are having trouble or need a film to be burned off. After you have tried your mask out, be sure to make a habit out of caring for your mask consistently after every use. This will help to protect your gear and make it last even longer.

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