7 Tips How To Prepare For A Dive Holiday


You have booked your tickets and the countdown is on for your next vacation. Finally, time to relax and reboot the life back into you. The time leading up to the vacation is full of excitement and anticipation. Doing the research, planning your activities, even packing for the trip is full of fun. A diving holiday is much the same, full of adventure and excitement. Fantasizing over the reef, becoming mesmerized by all the animals you may see. When going on a diving trip, it will become much more affordable to bring along your diving gear. Opting for a scuba package may make this easier while bringing along a few accessories.

Packing For a Dive Holiday

1. Gear Checklist

When diving in foreign waters it is important to be aware that the conditions will undoubtedly be different than you are used to. Take this into account when planning on what gear to bring along. If you are used to colder waters and traveling to a tropical destination, you will need a thinner wetsuit and you may want to skip the dive hood. We recommend packing a snorkel as well so that you have the option to go snorkeling as well.

2. Medical Examination

Before you get too far with planning your trip, it is a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your planned travels. In addition to the vaccinations you may need while traveling abroad, you’re impending diving trip should also be discussed. Whether it is your first time diving or you have been diving for years, diving in different climates can affect your body in unexpected ways. This is especially true if you are not bringing your diving gear along with you and you are renting one abroad instead.

Certain medical conditions can negatively affect your ability to scuba dive even making it unsafe. Asthma and high blood pressure are two common medical conditions that should be discussed with your doctor before your trip. Many countries even mandate a necessary medical examination before you can register for a dive. This is to minimize your risk of illness and are put in place to keep you safe. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from diving, we recommend asking your doctor about whether or not snorkeling is right for you. Some simple snorkel gear and you are ready to get a great taste of all the life buzzing underwater.

3. Preparing Your Body


Despite how fun it can be to dive underwater, it will put your body under a great deal of stress. It requires both strength and stamina as you will likely experience tiered muscles following your swim. By being better prepared with a good understanding of your dive, you are less likely to experience illness or injury.

While on vacation, you will undoubtedly want to do some hiking or walking to see all your new climate has to offer. Hitting the gym will make this all a bit easier. You are bound to spend some time in your bikini. Working out a bit more will get your body looking and feeling beach ready!

4. Cardio Training

A good way to prepare for your dive is by swimming. It may sound obvious but getting fully comfortable in the water will greatly help. Cycling is another form of training that will prove incredibly beneficial for your dive. The motion of pedaling will train your leg muscles to make transitioning to swimming with fins easier. Being physically fit as well as participating in strength training will ensure that you get the most enjoyment out of your dive.

As well as for your comfort, being physically fit can increase your safety. Cardio training will allow your body to absorb oxygen more efficiently. This will allow your body the chance to get rid of nitrogen efficiently thereby reducing the chances of decompression sickness. This will also allow you to dive for longer as you will require less oxygen.

5. Strength Training

While underwater you have a feeling of being weightless despite all the additional weight that you will be carrying. Scuba tanks, weighted BCD’s, a thick wetsuit, all of this is bound to make you feel weighed down. Working on your upper body and core strength will provide you with the most benefits. Having some basic weight training behind you will make carrying this weight much easier.

6. Range Of Motion

When loaded with diving gear your flexibility will truly be tested, no matter if you are trying to reach valves behind your head or when moving around in your gear. Working to increase your flexibility through stretching or yoga will help you to do this easier. This will help to elongate your muscles and help you to recuperate following a workout faster.

7. Our Advice

You do not need to commit your life to become a pro athlete or buy a completely new set of warm water scuba gear to enjoy your dive holiday. Instead, we recommend a simple exercise routine to get you ready for your vacation. Dedicating a couple of hours per week to the gym, starting up a Zumba class, or heading out for a bike ride will do the trick. Instead of buying all new scuba gear, we recommend just ditching your warm water gear such as your scuba hood, and your thick dive boots.

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Remember that this is first and foremost a fun and relaxing vacation. As you are exploring foreign land you will have a much better time if you do your research. Know where to go, create some handy to-do lists, pack and repack. This may seem tedious but it is bound to ensure that you get a stress free vacation. Research about the best place to get scuba certified where you are going.

For a beginner course, you should be getting a pool or shallow water classes that eventually upgrade to a few open water dives. Different dive companies will take you to different areas. Also, it is worthwhile researching how these dive classes will translate back home. When properly prepared, all that is left to do is daydream about all the impressive things you are bound to come across underwater. Sit back, and enjoy!

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