The Best Pool Party for Kids – No-Fail Parents Guide


When the temperatures start rising, the oh-so-cool pools are the most ideal way to beat the summer heat. While adults do love a great afternoon swim, the kids also deserve a nice time in the in-ground or above ground pool.

Coming up with ideas for a pool party for kids can be confusing. If you are not sure how to make your kid’s pool party the best on the block, you can use our pool birthday party ideas. With the ideas below, you should be able to take the pool party for kids from just another simple get-together to an all-out bash.

Planning the Best Pool Party for Kids


With the right décor, you should be able to set the mood and also let your young party-goers know how big of a splash they are in for. Festive accents and bright colors work the best. From pool noodles to beach balls, this is how you make the next pool party for kids picture-perfect.

1. Tissue Paper Pineapple Poufs

Helping you add a pop of color to the décor; is one of the best pool birthday party ideas. You simply need to transform yellow poufs into cute pineapples – this should give your party an island-inspired, tropical vibe.

2. Beach Ball Garland

You can either buy some beach balls or make your beach balls from scratch. If you decide to make the beach balls for this simple, but stellar garland, you will need styrofoam balls, a string, and a little paint.

3. Jellyfish Lanterns

If you have gone scuba diving, you probably understand that having the sea vibes at your party can make things interesting. With these whimsical sea creatures, creating an under-the-sea look should be easy. To make the Jellyfish Lanterns from scratch, you will need colorful paper lanterns, crepe party streams, and some matching ribbons.

4. Balloons

One of the most fun and affordable pool birthday party ideas, balloons can make your swimming pool extra fun and colorful for your kids. Before your kids grab their swimming goggles and get in the pool, consider throwing some balloons in the water. This will have the kids rushing for more water play.

5. Mermaid Table Setting

If you notice that your kids seem to love spending additional time in the water than on the dry land, you can easily bring the sea tableside with mermaid décor. With glitter and seashells gazing at them, your kids won’t mind coming out of the water to eat.

6. Inflatables

From donuts to flamingoes, pool floats (or inflatables) can come in all sizes and shapes. These will help you add a splash of color to your pool.

While your kids should know how to swim before you prepare a pool party for them, the inflatables can also help boost water safety. The smaller ones can also serve as whimsical table décor or even DIY ice chests.


To keep your guests energized, you will need to offer plenty of treats and snacks. Below, we will show you all the clever and cute ways to keep your kids fueled up.

1. On-the-Go Desserts

A party with various store-bought goodies will still be one of the best parties. From chocolate waffles to dairy-free offerings, you can easily run the gamut from totally classic to unique featuring a healthy twist – this will, however, depend on your party theme.

2. Watermelon Shark

A cute edible idea, the watermelon shark makes it possible for you to make your kids eat some fruit on their special day. It will look amazing as the center of the party and your kids will surely gobble up all the fruit. The watermelon shark is easier to pull off than you may expect – actually, any parent who knows how to use a pocket knife (or a normal knife) can pull it off.

3. Pool Noodles

In addition to being great for water play, pool noodles are also delicious – this makes them one of the best pool birthday party ideas. You can easily give the party guppies a sweet treat with this idea for pool noodle licorice.

4. Snow Cone Cupcakes

Finding it hard to decide whether to serve ice cream or cake? Adorable snow cone cupcakes should solve your problem – they are an ideal compromise. Looking refreshingly delicious, the cupcakes eliminate the need to worry about them melting in the summer heat

5. Snack Table

Once the kids put their swimming caps on, grab their swimming gloves, and getting in the water, you should prepare a snack bar filled with healthy choices to ensure that their energy stays up. Let the young ones load up on a dose of fruit, wafer, and fibrous celery snacks. You can even consider decorating your fruit platter to look more like a beach ball.

6. Raspberry Crush Punch

Your kids need to enjoy a good drink while in the pool. Nothing achieves this goal better than a refreshing raspberry crush punch. Simply add pineapple juice, cran-raspberry juice concentrate, and some additional ingredients so that the kids can have something to drink all afternoon.


There is more to a pool party for kids than swimming laps and splashing. Whether the kids like to float in the shallow end or swim in the deep end, you can use the fun games below to make things more exciting.

1. Ocean Animal Race

Race your kids in your wading pool by squirting them with a water gun or a hose. The kids should have a blast, cheering on other kids. For a real Olympic race, you can use strings to make lanes.

2. Water Balloon Pinata

You can skip the candy and allow the party pinata to sprinkle the kids with water instead. Hang some overfilled water balloons above the swimming pools – in a play structure or a tree – and stand back while the kids take turns to swing a paper tube or plastic bat to see how many balloons they can burst.

3. Classic Pool Party Games

You don’t need to spend too much money and time to plan awesome pool activities for the kids. You can easily keep the kids entertained with a good old-fashioned Marco Polo game or a cannonball competition.

4. Spray Bottles

For some reason, kids always seem to be obsessed with squirt bottles. There is no better time to allow them to play with the spray bottles than when they are wearing their swimsuits and floating in the water. In addition to being a fun activity, spray bottles will help cool your kids down in the summer heat.

Important: Ensure the Kids are Wearing Sun Protection

While it may be impossible to wear sun-protective clothing pieces when having a pool party, you can still ensure that your kids have ideal sun protection. All you will need to do is apply sunscreen correctly. You can use SPF 50 sunscreen for the face. Ensure that you are using sunscreen designed for watersports – the best sunscreen should be waterproof.



Q: How Do You Plan A Pool Party for Kids?


When planning a pool party for the kids, the first thing you will need to do is decide on a theme. Selecting a theme makes planning easier and also makes the party more fun. Next, make fun invitations that are in line with the party theme.

Plan food and drinks – as long as these are fun, the kids will not mind. Once the food and drinks are ready, come up with water-related activities to ensure that the kids are having a good time. Be sure to keep extra swim towels on hand, apply sunscreen, and monitor the kids to ensure their safety.

Q: How Do You Make A Pool Party Fun?


The best way to make a pool party fun is to plan good water activities. These should keep your kids entertained. Also, ensure that your kids have energy throughout the pool party session by having food and drinks close to the pool at all times.

Q: What Is A Good Theme for A Pool Party?


For a kid’s pool party, the beach pool party theme is ideal. To pull this theme off, you can encourage the attending kids to create some fancy flip flops, have a sun umbrella theme by making use of funny/cool umbrella, and have a beach towel. You can have some beach-themed games and some beach-themed food like tropical drinks and tropical fruits.

Q: What Time Should A Pool Party Start?


Kids pool parties are held in the daytime when the sun is out. As long as the kids have plenty of water, food, and sunscreen, they should have enough energy for the party at this time. If, however, you are planning a party for adults, afternoon or evening should be the ideal time.

Q: What Should Kids Wear to A Pool Party?


Something casual works best. For male kids, shorts and a t-shirt or a polo shirt should be ideal. Girls can still wear a t-shirt and shorts or a sundress. Kids can wear sunglasses and sandals as well.

Globo Surf Overview

Contrary to what most parents think, planning a pool party for kids is not that complicated. As long as you have the right decorations, tasty drinks and food, an ideal theme, and the right pool activities to keep the kids entertained, the kids should be able to have a nice pool party.

This article gives you the best pool birthday party ideas. Keep in mind that our list of ideas is not definitive. You should feel free to add anything that can make the party better for your kids.

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