Pool Mosquito Alert: This Is How To Keep Mosquitoes Away


Mosquitoes can be so annoying that you’re probably itching just thinking about those little creatures! Once they invade your pool area, they can turn relaxation into an uncomfortable experience for your guests and family.

Mosquito activity increases with temperature. Sometimes getting a pool mosquito net is not enough. This means you will have to try some other methods to keep mosquitoes away from pool water. Keep on reading to find out what you can do to protect yourself during summer.

Pool Mosquito Protection Methods

1. Mosquito Traps

These traps work by capturing the annoying insects. What’s great about them is the fact that they don’t use any pesticides or chemicals to solve the problem. To keep mosquitoes away from pool water, mosquito trap devices stimulate what attracts them. 

For example, some traps may use propane gas, which is then converted into CO2, stimulating our breath. This tiny amount of gas is not harmful to people and pets, so you shouldn’t worry about safety.

Other devices combine CO2 with LED or UV lights to imitate the human movement and attract the mosquitoes. Once an insect approaches the device, a vacuum or fan sucks it up, placing it into a cage or net. There, the insect dies in approximately 24 hours.

2. Maintaining the Backyard

Mosquitoes are drawn to overgrown hedges, grass, and weeds. Such conditions are perfect for sheltering them during hot summer days. To avoid pool mosquito invasion, make sure you take proper care of your backyard.

Cut the grass regularly, kill wild grass and weeds, and don’t forget to trim the edges. If doing yard work puts a lot of pressure on you, hiring a professional is a good idea. By doing this, you will reduce the chance of mosquitoes finding a good hiding place in your backyard. 

In addition to keeping the grass well-maintained, you should take care of puddles, ponds, and miniature pools. Those areas are great breeding grounds for annoying insects. Look for old tires, pool toys, birdbaths, and flower pots. Make sure you also check drainage collection areas and rain gutters, patio furniture, or equipment in the yard.

3. Screen Room

Screen rooms are semi-permanent towering structures made of fine netting and steel. They are placed around an entire swimming pool area, deck, spa, or backyard and are typically 8-14 ft. tall. Some screen rooms are incorporated into one side of the house as the fourth wall.

They help keep mosquitoes away from the pool by entirely blocking the entry to almost all bugs and insects. Screen rooms, also called Lanais, are popular in tropical climates, such as Florida as well as other Gulf Coast states. 

While this is one of the best pool mosquito invasion protection methods, it is also pricy. You will typically have to pay $5000-$12000 for a 30-foot pool. The cost depends on the installation rates, the manufacturer, and state building codes. 

4. Mesh Patio Curtains

Mesh pool curtains serve as an alternative to screen rooms. They are smaller, but you can also use them to keep mosquitoes away from the pool. However, you should keep in mind that such curtains cannot protect the whole patio and pool area. They work well with smaller areas, such as the area with lounge chairs.

The drapes can be hung from a gazebo structure, awning, columns, or roof. These virtual walls can be found in many styles and support frames and material configurations. You can easily remove as well as store the curtains when the weather cools. 

5. Bug Misting System

Special misting systems can get rid of mosquitoes very effectively. The only downside to this method is that it uses insecticide sprayers. They are placed every 10-15 feet around your backyard. You can either mount them on the ground or hand them from trees and fences.

The installation is fairly easy, so you can save some money by setting up the sprayers on your own. All you need to do is closely follow the package instructions. Besides, you should go by the guidance on how many devices your backyard needs. The larger the area, the more devices are required.

Bear in mind that if you get exposed to the toxic substances these devices use, you and your pets may experience certain health complications. Always check the warnings before buying getting a bug misting device, and make sure you are allowed to use them in your area. 

6. Pool Cover Monitoring

Mosquitoes do not need much water to start laying eggs. That’s why even the tiniest bit of stray water can become a great nesting place. If you own a pool cover made from solid material, you’re probably familiar with the fact that water easily gathers on top of it. On the other hand, water can gather if there’s a tear in the material as well. 

To prevent pool mosquito infestation, you should check the cover at least once a week. Remove any water that’s sitting on the top. Sweep it off onto the lawn or use old towels to dry it off. If there’s a large amount of water, you could use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to remove it.

7. Larvicide

Even after you remove all the objects that could collect water, there may be some other problems. Your backyard may contain different conditions, features, and objects that simply cannot be removed or drained easily. For example, you might experience stagnant water problems in your storm gutter or a huge puddle in the area behind your house.

Luckily, there are special larvicides that are used to prevent this problem. You can purchase them in various forms, such as pellets, tablets, briquettes, and granules. Just make sure the items are non-toxic to people, pets, and plants. 

8. Hire a Professional

Some backyards simply cannot be protected even if you implement all the previously mentioned mosquito prevention methods. For example, you may live next to a lot with overgrown grass. Or, you may live in a marshy area that creates pockets of water. Either way, your yard is likely to provide a great breeding place for mosquitoes.

In such cases, it is best to call a professional pest control firm. Such companies will send out technicians who will apply insecticides in critical areas such as tall trees or certain building material in your home. Besides, the technicians may provide you with more aggressive and advanced pool mosquito protection methods.



Q: How Do I Get Rid of Mosquitoes in My Pool?


If you notice that there’s a mosquito infestation in your pool, you can try some of the following methods: mosquito traps, maintain the backyard, screen rooms, mesh patio curtains, bug misting system, pool cover monitoring,  larvicides, or even professional service.

Q: Can Mosquitoes Live in Swimming Pools?


Mosquitoes breed in unattended water areas, such as ponds or neglected pools. Stagnant water provides great conditions for mosquitoes to lay eggs. They can produce up to several thousands of mosquitoes in less than a month. That is why it is important to use pool cleaners, algaecides, and pool shock.

Q: Does Chlorine Keep Mosquitoes Away?


Clean pools are not inviting to mosquitoes, so regularly adding chlorine to the pool can prevent mosquito infestation. Just make sure you add enough chlorine to help fight mosquitoes as well as bacteria. You can use a pool chlorine dispenser for even easier maintenance. 

Q: What is a Mosquito Pool?


A mosquito pool refers to a collection of mosquitoes. There are usually around 50 of any mosquito group or species. These mosquitoes are very likely to carry or transmit a dangerous virus so you need to protect yourself from them.

Q: How do I Rid My Yard of Mosquitoes?


There are several methods you can try to rid your yard of mosquitoes. For example, you can try regularly trimming the grass and getting rid of wild weeds. In addition, you can remove any objects that collect water, such as toys, bird baths, or old tires.

Q: What Can You Put in Water to Keep Mosquitoes Away?


In order to keep mosquitoes away from pool water, make sure you are regularly putting enough chlorine into your pool. If that doesn’t help, you can always use special larvicides to kill the insects. It is important to make sure that they are safe to use in the pool.

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Mosquitoes tend to be more active when the temperature is higher, which means they can ruin a relaxing day by the pool. That is why it is important to know how to get rid of them and prevent their infestation.

To do so, you can either use methods that don’t use any chemicals or opt for certain pesticides and larvicides. No matter which method you choose, it is important to check whether they are safe to use in your pool and backyard, as well as follow the instructions.

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