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This article is a step by step guide about how to change a swimming pool light bulb, one of the most spread questions among the pool owners. It doesn’t matter if your swimming pool is outside, or you simply have the pool light installed, sooner or later you’ll have to face a burned light bulb, which could make you skip the best time for swimming and your workout. Pool light replacement may seem complicated at first, but it is not as hard as it may sound. And it can be one of the maintenance things you’ll learn to do by yourself to save money. This article will lead you through the process of learning how to change the pool light. So simply follow this step by step instruction and your light will be on in a no-time. Don’t worry; you won’t have to empty your pool for this!

1. Turn The Electricity Off

The first thing you’ll have to do is to remove the pool light fixture, so you don’t have to lower the water level to change the light bulb. Start by switching the pool power off. You’ll have to do it from your home’s circuit breaker box. Simply find the breaker that says “pool” and turn it into the “off” position. It will shut the electricity off of your pool and allow you to continue. If your breaker box doesn’t have a “pool” breaker, then you should look around your pool and see if it has its own box.

2. Check To Make Sure The Electricity Is Off

Before you continue, make sure the electricity is off. The easiest way to learn this is to turn the light pool on. However, if this option is not available because you only have one poo light, then turn the pool pump on. Without power, it won’t start, so you’ll know it is definitely off.

3. Removing The Screw

When you’re absolutely positive that the power is off, take your screwdriver and remove the screw at the top of the fixture. This is the so-called “screw-lock” and it is the only thing that is holding it. You’ll most likely need a Phillips screwdriver.

Also, be ready to wet your hands, because you’ll have to go under the water’s surface to remove it. And, ultimately, if it is unreachable from the surface, be prepared for the possibility of going fully in. Once you’ve removed the screw, place it somewhere where it won’t get lost.

4. Loosen The Niche Box

You’ll need a flat-head screwdriver for this one. At the bottom of the light fixture, you’ll find a tab that will allow you to pull it out of the wall. Place the screwdriver’s head between the tab and the wall and move it until it becomes loose. When it does, simply remove it from the wall.

5. Take It Out

Bring the pool lighting fixture up to the pool decking. The length of the cords should be more than enough to allow you to do that.  Don’t rush, slowly but steadily bring it up until you reach the concrete and place it there. If the cord stops, feel free to hive it with two or three firm tugs.

6. Removing The Lens

Now here comes the fun part. First, remove the cover, and then remove the lens. Some older models will require screws to be removed before you pull out the lens, while the new ones will have tabs you’ll have to pry loose. When you remove the lens, make sure you’ve placed it somewhere safe, and follow the same pattern with the rubber gasket. Be extra careful not to let any water get inside of the fixture. If you have to, use a dry cloth to clean it.

7. Make Sure Your New Light Bulb Fits


When buying the light bulb, make sure it is identical to the previous one. If you’re not sure about the type, it should be located in your pool’s manual. When you find out the type, visit your local pool store and get it. Check the brand, size, and the other entire stuff match, so you should bring the old one with you. If your local store doesn’t have it, you can order it online.

This is a great chance to replace the rubber gasket if you’re worried it could leak so you seal the fixture and stop any water from reaching the inside of your fixture.

8. Replacing The Light Bulb

After you’ve removed the lens and the rubber gasket, the light bulb will be within hand reach. Using a towel, twist the broken one counter-clockwise to unscrew it and pull it out. Then, once removed, take the new one, again using the towel, place it in the center of the fixture and turn it clockwise.

Avoid touching the light bulb directly with your fingers, because the oils could damage it and reduce its lifetime. Then, when the new one is safely screwed inside of the fixture, throw the old one into a trash can. Also, be careful not to overtighten it.

9. Testing The Light Bulb

The most annoying thing that could happen is to go through all of this effort just to end up with a light bulb that doesn’t work. To avoid this from happening and save yourself some nerves, it is recommended to test it out, but you’ll have to be careful while doing it.

Go back to the circuit breaker and turn the pool power back on. If the light turns on, switch it off immediately. If you leave it on for longer than a few seconds, the light bulb could burn out. Remember, the pool light bulbs are made of halogen and they become extremely hot when working, so the water from your pool serves as a coolant. If left to burn outside, they will overheat easily and burn out, so you’ll have to get a new one. It is recommended to have someone with you to help you with this.

You may also check if there are any leaks by placing it in the water – any bucket big enough to contain it will do.

10. Replacing The Lens And The Gasket

Now it is time to slowly put all the other stuff back in its place. Start with the rubber gasket, and then follow with placing the lance to cover the lightbulb. While you’re doing it, you’ll also have to dry any water that may have dripped during the process. Also, this is an ideal chance to replace any part that has to be replaced.

11. Reapplying The Screws And Tabs

Now, take all those screws and screw them back to their places and lock any tabs to close the fixture. It is not difficult, you’ll just have to be careful not to lose any screws, and put them back. Tighten them up enough to keep the gasket pressed flat between the lens and the cover of the fixture.

In case your model doesn’t have screws but it has tabs, check every one of them to make sure they sit well in their position, otherwise, the fixture won’t be shut properly.

12. Setting The Fixture Back Into The Niche

Time to get wet for the second time! Take the fixture into your hand and reach the niche that is located under the surface. When placed back, use that Philips head screwdriver to tighten the screw-lock screw into its position.

If you had to pull the cable out at the beginning, you may ease the process of getting it back in by wrapping the cord a few times around the base part of the fixture before you place it back.

13. Turning The Power Back On

Head to the circuit breaker box and switch the breaker to “on”. Just to be sure everything is alright, turn the light on again. If it works, you’ve done it. If it is still off, then you may have made some mistakes along the way, but the other possibility is that there is a bit more serious problem, and calling professionals to come and check the situation is highly recommended.

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Swimming during the night is fun, but the burnt light bulb could damage our plans. This article will help you restore your swimming pool light as fast and as easily as possible, so you may return to your favorite activity as soon as possible.

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