Complete Swimming Pool Automation Guide


In this article, you’ll read about the complete pool automation guide that will help you understand what swimming pool automation is, what the benefits are, and how to use the pool controller system.

Taking proper care of your swimming pool can sometimes be impossible to manage, whether because of your work schedule or some other stuff that has you preoccupied, or you simply need help to finish it all in time for your late-night swim session. With the help of swimming pool automation, you’ll be able to control, maintain, and keep your swimming pool healthy and ready even when you’re not at home.

Definition Of Swimming Pool Automation

Swimming pool automation, in simple words, will help you do all the needed stuff for your pool without having to be present by yourself. It gives you remote control over your pool controller system – from running the filters and heaters to adding the chemicals to balance the water. It represents all of the automated processes you’ll do with a single push of a button or via smartphone application command.

What Can You Do With Pool Automation

Now you probably wonder what tasks can be remotely done with the help of the swimming pool automation, so here is the list of those things (the ability to do them depends on your pool setup):

Controlling The Pool Heater

Sometimes you’ll want your pool to be ready and warm the minute you enter the house, and swimming pool automation allows you to turn the pool heaters on while on the road. Also, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature, so the water feels just perfect when you dip your toes in.

Turning The Pump And Filters On And Off

Same as with the heaters, you’ll be able to get your pool running before you get home, so you don’t lose time waiting for it to get to the desired level. Simply turn the pool pump and the pool filters on and get it ready.

Managing The Pool Chemicals

Swimming pool automation allows you to test the chemical levels in your swimming pool, and if necessary to react and manage them so you don’t have to worry about safety and pool health.

Change The Lights

If you want to relax, swimming pool automation will allow you to activate and adjust the best pool lights in your swimming pool.

Covers Applying And Removal

In the end, you’ll also be able to remotely put on or remove the pool covers. Of course, you’ll have to install the automatic pool cover. Every other type will have to be removed by hand.

Pretty, Little Automatic Pool Cleaners

If done regularly, pool cleaning is not so hard and complicated, but sometimes it is quite a drag and you’d love to skip that part. All that pool cleaning that has made you feel like Cinderella will be much easier with the help of automatic pool cleaners. You won’t have to scrub and vacuum all by yourself – or at all.

Automatic pool cleaners are vacuum cleaners that work by moving around the swimming pool, covering inch by inch, and vacuuming not only the bottom but also the walls of your swimming pool. They also have scrubbing brushes included, so they’ll also scrub the surface while they move over it.

They are separated into three different groups of swimming pool cleaners – suction pool cleaners, pressure pool cleaners, and robotic pool cleaners, and more about the types of pool cleaners you could find out here.


This is a great option for beginners. Automatic timers help to keep up with the good pool circulation and maintain the water warm. They are connected to the pool system and let you trigger the pump and heaters when the temperature and time are right. Not to mention that it will save you money by letting your equipment run at the optimal amount rather than too much or too little.

Automatic Pool Sanitizers – Chlorine Generators

Automatic pool chlorine generators serve the purpose of handling sanitization by testing the water chemistry levels and adding the chlorine if needed.

What Are The Pool Automation Benefits?

The main one is you’ll get much-needed help with keeping your pool healthy and always ready for use, but some other benefits come with swimming pool automation:

  • You’ll save money. The automated swimming pool will allow you to schedule the cleaning and heating during the cheaper electricity time period – most often this is during the night time.
  • The pool heater will turn off when the desired temperature has been reached, so it won’t overheat.
  • Automated pool tests and chemical usage will help you save the chemicals and spend less money on them.
  • It will allow you to clean your pool when you’re not at home.
  • You’ll be able to monitor the water condition.
  • The swimming pool will always be ready for use.

How Does It Work?

In the beginning, you’ll need a fast and stable internet connection connected to your pool pad. The preferred speed is at least 3Mbps for both download and upload. If you’re not sure about the speed, use one of many internet speed testers online to check it out.

Most of the smart pool automation systems produced recently have the option of wireless connection so you could connect it to your home network. The older ones have to be connected through the Ethernet cable.

The main part of the swimming pool automation is the control hub. It is connected to the pool pump, heater, and smart relays used to control all the other add-ons, like lights, etc. It has a touchscreen panel so you can operate it from the pool pad in case your internet is out.

The Installation Process

The installation of swimming pool automation is not complicated, especially with the new versions, but it does require working with electricity and some elementary knowledge when it comes to software. The approximate installation time is somewhat about two hours.

To make sure it is done properly, it is recommended to let a professional do it. This way you’ll be not only safe during the installation process, but you’ll also be sure that it has been done properly so both you and your pool are safe during the usage as well. Don’t forget, electricity in combination with the water could have fatal consequences, so it is better not to risk anything.

The Other Pool Automation Settings


Besides the regular stuff it could do, like cleaning and maintaining your pool, there are some other pre-set settings, routines, or group functions – depending on your phone app – you could activate for a specific purpose. When activated, the pool will behave a certain way until it reaches what you want.

Spa Control

One of the most exciting options is the so-called “spa night”. It basically means you’ll prepare your pool attached spa for use remotely. All you’ll have to do is to open your smartphone app and select the theme that has “spa” in its name.

Let’s say it has been a busy and stressful day at the office and all you want is to get straight into the warm water and relax your whole body, without having to wait for it to warm up. Or, if you’ve been out on a date with your significant other, getting back home to the already prepared pool waiting for you is a great way to continue the fun.

Additional plus? The fact that it will also set the pool lights to set the mood. All you have to do is to seize the opportunity to create a memorable night.


Going on a vacation should be all about the fun and getting away from the everyday tasks and stuff you have to do, but this also means you’ll be leaving your pool without the needed maintenance. If you’re away for a week, it shouldn’t be a big of a problem, but if you’ll be gone for a bit longer – two weeks or a month, or even more – you’ll most likely end up with the algae and water went bad.

If you set your pool on a “vacation” mode, the automatic pool cleaner will turn on at specific time intervals, so you won’t have to take drastic measures to remove the algae and other possible problems from your pool.

This theme also allows you to turn the pump on and run it at a slower speed at a certain time to keep the water flow. It is recommended to do this while the electricity rates are low – you could check when the price is lowered with your power supplier.

Another thing you should do, if you’ll be gone during the winter, is to set the heaters within this theme to turn on if the water temperature drops below the desired value.

Getting Ready For The Party

Organizing a party by the pool sounds like a great idea, but it takes a big chunk of time, especially if you’re doing it by yourself. You’ll have to think about food, drinks, seating, music, etc., and you probably won’t have enough time to prepare all the stuff that has to be done on your pool. Luckily for you, there is a mode called “Party” that includes all the needed actions you’ll have to do for your pool to be in a good shape when the guests arrive. It will run the pump, turn the pool heater on and keep it running until it reaches the desired temperature, set up the lights… All you’ll have to do is to get into your swimsuit and the party can start!

It’s Too Expensive – Where To Start?

Not every pool owner has enough money to afford complete pool automation instantly, but even if you don’t stand so good financially, some things are not expensive which you could use to help you ease up the maintenance process.

Instead of purchasing a complete swimming pool automation control system, you could start with getting an automatic pool cleaner or a timer. They are not so expensive but are quite useful, and you’ll see the improvement almost instantly. Also, they’ll improve filter efficiency.

This is also good advice for those who like to try some stuff first before making a full-time change.

Question Of The Day – Is The Swimming Pool Automation Worth It?

The short answer is – yes. It may be a bit more expensive and it will take a few hours to install, but once you do it you’ll spare yourself most of the time you’ve used for pool maintenance. This doesn’t mean you couldn’t do it by yourself or rely completely on it, of course, but with the swimming pool automation that part, where you’ll be spending hours and hours by the pool and where you’ll have to wait for it to be ready for usage, will be history. And even if you don’t like to let the technology do your tasks, why wouldn’t you allow yourself a few hours more to relax and enjoy instead of working?

The other great benefit that will eventually pay of rather quickly is the fact that you’ll be able to oversee and control the overall condition and health of your swimming pool even if you’re on the other side of the Earth. This will help you have to deal with a cloudy or green pool and other possible water problems, so once you get back to your home you won’t have to change the water.

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The modern age allows us to use technology as a helping hand with more-less anything. But unlike much other stuff you may not prefer, swimming pool automation and the pool control system provide you the opportunity to get the absolute most out of your swimming pool and also help you keep it in a good condition by helping you take care of water. All you have to do is to control if everything works properly from time to time with the pool test kit and have fun. And why exactly you wouldn’t want that?

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