What Are The Best Colors For Plastic Worms?


Plastic worms are a popular type of bait for avid fishermen especially if they are going for bass. While there are plenty of different lures for bass out there, the reason for this is that the plastic texture feels natural and mimics their natural prey.

The fish will tend to hold onto the lure much longer which allows precious time for the hook to set itself.

One of the biggest determinants of the success of the fisherman is the color of the plastic worm. Some colors are better at attracting a certain type of fish than others.

These are the best colors for plastic worms when deciding what color worms for bass.

Best colors for plastic worms

A rule of thumb and one that you should always keep in mind is to check the type of water you are fishing in. Murky waters call for darker colored plastic worms while clear waters need lighter-colored plastic worms. Check out the detailed trick worm fishing guide.

Some expert fishermen will claim that regardless of the type of water conditions, the darker the colors the better. Some say blue, while others say black is versatile.

There are even some who claim that color doesn’t matter and indeed bass will even go for something that is out of the ordinary.

At the end of the day, it’s always good to try and experiment with what works for you. The great thing is that what color plastic worms to use are relatively cheap which means you can buy different colors, put them in your tackle box and experiment with them.

1. Pumpkin green

This type of color is also natural and can be used in any type of water from muddy to clear. Bass and other types of fish simply love the color. There are many types of worms that the fish consider the food that come in this color so you can be sure that you will have great results with this. This is how to fish for bass in muddy water.


When you are not sure about the type of color you are going to use for your plastic worm, go with black. This makes the worm look like some of the most favorite food for bass such as leeches. Most worms are also dark-colored which makes them good for attracting fish.

Even better is that you can use a black worm in any type of water and still have great results.

2. Pumpkin seed

The pumpkinseed arrived at accidentally as a manufacturer of baits mixed different colors. When one fisherman tried to use it, he experienced a lot of success with it. Indeed, some of the fish’s prey such as small lizards will come in this color so it makes sense that it will attract bass and other types of game fish.

Also, make sure you are using the best bass fishing rod.

3. Watermelon

This is yet another natural color that does wonders at attracting the fishes. Sometimes it will blend in with the surrounding watercolor but this doesn’t stop bass from finding the worm. If you are looking for what color worms for bass, then you definitely want to check out watermelon.

4. Black Grape

If you are still undecided on what color plastic worm to use, then this is a favorite color for many a fisherman. The dark purple/blue color seems to grab the attention of bass swimming by and once they spot it, they will often make a beeline straight for it. Perhaps it’s because it has a sheen to it, nobody really knows but there is no doubt that bass finds it irresistible.

5. Jane bug

Jane bug is a dark purple with green flakes. This allows it to shine in the water and is an excellent choice when fishing in clear water. If you want something that is not black and brings a little sparkle, then jane bug is a great choice.

6. Blue

A blue worm may not be what you would consider natural, but for the bass, they really don’t seem to care. In fact, this color could be considered a favorite of many fish and they will definitely want to check out a blue worm and figure out how it tastes.

Bass a curious fish and this is why fishermen will also use crankbaits for bass fishing.

Sometimes bass may become weary of the standard work colors as they associate it with danger due to fishermen regularly using a certain location. Trying out a different color is a great way to get them to come for the bait. Even better is to dip the worm in a dye that has a strong smell such as garlic. The fishes love this.

Also, consider using a laminate worm when searching for what color worms for bass. This has a certain color on one side and another different color on another. Remember the idea is to experiment with different colors and see how they affect the success rate.

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Other factors to consider


Simply choosing the color of the worm is not enough. You also want to consider the time of year as well as the foliage where the bass is hanging out.

Consider that the main item on the menu of bass in the lakes located in the southern region is crawfish especially during pre-spawn. Therefore, a brown worm will come close to the bass’s favorite food source during this time of year.

After they have spawned, the bass will eat bluegills and therefore you want to mimic this color on the type of bait that you use. Choosing a sunfish colored worm is a good idea. Check out facts and thoughts about fishing for spawning bass.

You will also want to consider the color of the bait when fishing at night and when fishing on the surface. In this case, a dark-colored lure will be easy for the bass to spot. It’s helpful to learn when to use topwater lures for bass.

Keep in mind that there are really no hard rules. These guidelines are for the beginner bass angler. As you gain more experience with fishing for bass, you will find which colors work best for you and focus on these.

Some experienced anglers will use the most unnatural looking colors and end up scoring a huge bass.

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Worms are the best bait for bass fishing and choosing well what color plastic worms to use will go a long way towards your success. If you are a beginner angler, then remember the rule of thumb is to fish with dark colors in muddy water and light colors in clear water.

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