PHOOZY Apollo – Thermal Capsule Phone Case Review



The headline features of this product are the high amount of protection that it’s going to be able to give you. Here we will look at what those key features are as well as the other parts of what makes this an impressive product.

  • Highly compatible
  • Able to float
  • Drop protection
  • Prevents overheating
  • Cold protection
  • Elongates battery life



Size: 19.69 x 11.18 x 1.78 centimeters

Technology: Layered matrix

Temperature protection: Chromium thermal barrier shell

Drop protection: Impactor core

Water protection: Water-resistant and floats

User Experience

Protection from accidents: With this case, you are going to be able to head out to somewhere like a climbing trip, a kayaking adventure, or a snowboard session and know that your phone is going to be fully working when you come to use it.

That is helped by the fact that the phone case is going to be water-resistant and allow your valuable item to float on the surface if it finds its way into the water. In this respect, it works like a little safety life jacket, easily allowing you to retrieve your phone. Having a waterproof wallet is a great way to add additional protection.

Due to the easy to use hook and loop system that it has, the product is not going to be fully waterproof and you are going to want to get your phone out of the water as soon as you possibly can, but this is where getting a waterproof phone case might be a great idea. The protection that it does have though will allow you that time to rescue your phone.

Everyone has dropped their phone at one time or another and this phone case is also going to be able to protect you from that. It has been successfully tested from a six feet drop and that is much higher than the vast amount of phone drops are made from.

That allows you to take your phone on adventures that you might not otherwise have taken them on. Sometimes the fear of breaking your phone is too much for some people and they would rather go without them but this phone case avoids that so you can have your phone with you at all times.

Protection from the weather: While quite a few phone cases are going to be able to protect your phone from drops and splashes, the temperature protection of this phone case is the aspect that sets it apart from most products that are out there on the market.

It is going to be able to protect your phone from both the hot and the cold. If your battery is constantly at the wrong temperature then it means that it is going to be damaged all the time and you will be left with a phone that is going to die after just a few hours.

The thermal protection that it has will prevent the sunlight from heating the phone inside and causing damage to it and prevent it from shutting down. This will allow you to take it anywhere and prevent you from being paranoid about your phone.

Part of this product’s genius is that it is also going to be able to protect it from the cold too. It will insulate the phone to make sure that it doesn’t get too cold and create problems. This will enable you to protect the phone and make sure it lasts for a long time.

If you want the ultimate protection, then getting a waterproof backpack or a waterproof duffel bag would be a good idea to be able to protect all of your items when you are out there on your fun adventure.

The product’s usability: The product is a good size and it is going to be compatible with most standard phone sizes. This is going to include all but the biggest phones which probably aren’t going to be ideal to take on an adventure anyway.

It is going to be able to fit into most products and easily be stored away, allowing you to have peace of mind that you are going to have a perfectly working phone once you have taken it out of the pouch that it was in.

The hook and loop closure system is also very simple and it is going to enable you to open and close the case even when you have a glove on or your hand is cold. You will always have quick access to your phone to complete those tasks.

Overall, this is a very easy product to use. Often phone cases that have a very high level of protection can be difficult to use and don’t give you quick access to your phone. This is a product that can give you those benefits but without the disadvantages.


  • Improves battery life
  • Prevents phone shut down
  • Great drop protection
  • Able to float when dropped
  • High build quality


  • Not fully waterproof

Overall Rating


For its size and the flexible material it is made out of, on the face of it you wouldn’t think that this phone case can achieve what it sets out to achieve. The result though is a great case that is going to be a phone saver time and time again. Here we look at a few key areas and how the device rates overall.

  • Price: 95% – The price of this phone case is very reasonable given the high level of durability that it has. This is especially when compared to other products on the market that offer a similar amount of protection, but aren’t as usable and have a much higher price tag. You also have to consider the price of the potential savings that you could have with your phone. For many, it becomes a priceless item and the Phoozy Apollo is a small price to pay for being able to give that full protection.
  • Material: 95% – The material used in the Phoozy Apollo is of a very high standard and it has to be to give the qualities that it does. The chromium thermal barrier shell does a great job at being able to protect the insides from heat. The layered-matrix is going to give it a high level of durability and the space tech penetration layer is going to be able to protect it from the cold weather. All these specialized materials are out together in a way that makes an impressive product.
  • Design: 95% – The Phoozy Apollo has a fairly simple design but one that doesn’t need to be very complicated. It can achieve its aims with a very simple design but one that has a high level of effectiveness. As we have seen, it can use the highest quality materials to ensure that it performs as it should and those materials are put together in a very well-constructed design that is going to be built to last for a very long time.
  • Overall: 95% – The Phoozy Apollo doesn’t promise to make your phone indestructible but it is going to help to extend the life of your phone and prevent it from breaking. With the product wrapped around your phone, you can have confidence that it’s going to do its job.

Globo Surf Overview

The technology that is inside of our smartphones has come remarkably in such a short period of time. Unfortunately for us though, that means that we are carrying around very expensive devices in our pockets that don’t have a lot of defense from the world around it.

If you love going on an adventure then a phone case such as the Phoozy Apollo is essential in being able to allow you to enjoy whatever you are doing without being paranoid about your phone. This product is going to be able to give you a high level of protection in a small and easy to use the product.

It’s for those reasons that the Phoozy Apollo is highly recommended and is going to become an essential product that you use time and time again. Its durability and performance make it the ideal phone case.

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The PHOOZY Apollo - Thermal Capsule Phone Case Review
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